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Everything You Need to Know About No Zero Roulette

No zero roulette is a variation of roulette that does not have the zero value on the wheel and table layout. This means the house edge does not exist. Some online casino operators thought up this offbeat form of the game.

It may seem like a radical version to some, since the presence of the zero is what helps casinos earn from roulette. Without it, they have no payout, or so it seems at first. The zero house advantage is the reason why this type of roulette never quite made it offline. If you want to see what this game of roulette is about, you might not find many casinos that offer it.

The Rules

The roulette without a zero uses the same rules in European or American roulette. With the exception of bets including zero or double zero combinations, you can place your bets on numbers inside or outside the table layout. Click spin and wait for the outcome. If your bet loses, then you place another bet, as most online casinos will clear out the losing bet. You can use any roulette system although some casinos do not allow it and would refund you upon detection.


1.    Zero house edge

No zero roulette is player friendly since it goes against the house edge. Many are in search of casinos that offer this type of roulette. It is the ideal form of roulette after all, with no house edge so you do not have to fear any zero values.

2.    Roulette Systems are More Effective

Although some online casinos advise against using roulette systems, others do not impose such limits. You just have to be patient to find some online casinos that offer roulette without a zero house edge. When you do, you can use any type of double progression system that suits you.

3.    The Chances of Winning are Certain

With a zero house edge and permitted use of systems, winning is definite. Whether you play for small profits or a large win, it is not difficult to achieve both. If you play this type of roulette, you can be confident about profits.

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1.    Other Ways to Make Money for The Casino

If you are a casino operator, you need other means to make money out of this type of roulette. It depends on what you hope to gain from a game without a house edge. It works if your goal is to bring focus to other games and attract more visitors. Other than that, you need to have a practical backup such as a limited maximum bet.

2.    Setback of Systems

Although factors limiting roulette systems are no longer in play, you still have to consider a setback. Your bankroll would have to match that of the house. If it does not then you might break even in the end or lose.

3.    The Risk of Ruin

This concept is the worst-case scenario you have to be wary of especially if you cannot quit while you are ahead. When you bet with a large amount on no zero roulette, the chances of depleting your bankroll can run high. The house would end up winning.