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Top 3 Dangerous Roulette Tricks to Win

Using roulette tricks to win can mean two things: the honest ways to win at roulette and the opposite of that. Roulette players that use underhanded ways to secure a win are not that sly. Most do not have bad intentions. Sometimes the passion of beating the game takes over. It could also be a case of mad genius waiting to strike. Roulette presents that opportunity among other things.

The Use of Weighted Balls

You would most likely need an accomplice for this to work. Roulette players are not the only one that use roulette tricks to win. Some ingenious ideas came from the casino too. This may seem shocking to some, but a few establishments use weighted balls if business is slow. Then again, roulette is already a game of chance with a house advantage that makes cheating needless.

Reputable casinos do not resort to tactics at present because the game can be one-sided. The player, on one hand, would need an inside man to pull something like this. Upon meeting that condition, the weighted ball should do its job of landing on a certain section of the wheel. This trick is easy to pull off in less famous casinos rather than 4 or 5 star hotel casinos.

Betting Late

Out of the many underhanded stunts to beat the house, this is by far the most amusing. The dealer would no doubt realize what the player is up to after a couple of times betting late on purpose. This type of trick just might work in a few rounds, but not always.

The player will not really need much of anything to pull this off. This simple technique would only require keen observation when the ball slows down. It also calls for impeccable timing and nerves of steel to go against the dealer.

The player would then bet 4 or 3 numbers close to the winning outcome. A roulette player who cares little about appearing cool and smart is the perfect candidate for such a trick. They would not have to worry when the dealer catches them and literally slaps their hand away seconds before the gaming surveillance throws them out.

Sleight of Hand

This trick goes by many names. One of them is the old switching of the chip trick or the drunken man stunt. The drunken act is optional, but you will need to have magician hands. It is a skill easily learned. Drinking, however, is not a pleasant sight in roulette tables and you can resort to other means of deception.

Pulling off this trick requires two chips. One should have low units, while the other a whopping amount. The first one is a chip that the dealer sees and the second is the trump card. If you lose a bet, pull out the chip underneath and prepare for people to gawk because that is taboo. When someone protests, feign ignorance common to amateurs. If you win, pull out the one on top. Out of the three roulette tricks to win, this is one of the trickiest.

Six Ways Roulette Mathematics Can Help You with Tips for Playing Roulette

Roulette physics can help you understand predictive betting strategies. On one hand, roulette mathematics can help you with simpler ways to gain profit. The bankroll, betting method, and payouts are just some of the factors in roulette that math affects. However, it does not mean that you have to be a math genius to gain an upper hand. Some players might be geniuses or have developed skills, but they still choose the wrong tips for playing roulette. You need to be street smart to get the best roulette experience.

Math Can Help You Understand Probability in Roulette

Many roulette tips often mention the word ‘probability’ countless times. New players especially need to consult a probability chart or use a calculator. It seems easy enough to understand, but calculating the odds of winning against roulette is not as easy as it sounds. Though you can easily check a roulette chart to know what the odds of certain bets are, the values will not mean anything. It will not help you win, if you do not understand concepts such as ratios of payouts.

Even Money Wagers and Math is the Roulette Formula for Profit

Roulette players are familiar with the tip of betting on even money wagers. That is because sticking to outside bets is more than just a tip. It is an ideal strategy used by many experienced players.

If you are a new player who supposes that math has little to do with roulette, you will not understand the reason behind this tip. As a result, you might avoid it. You might even risk a straight up bet since roulette is, after all, a game of chance. Not understanding roulette mathematics is a sure way to waste your bankroll.

Math Will Help You Understand the Examples in Roulette Tips

To illustrate roulette tips, examples of bets and payouts are common. It is easy to get lost in the explanation if it involves amounts, progressive betting, and calculating profit. You will find a calculator handy if you want to keep up or do your own calculations. It can be a bit frustrating when all you want are quick tips. You can make it convenient by learning to add numbers in your head while reading tips for playing roulette.

You Can Better Control Your Bankroll

Planning the bankroll does not only involve budget. The task also points you to choosing a type of casino perfect for your skill level and bet size. If you need to win marginal profit, you need more than just tips on playing roulette.

You need basic math to keep track of the bankroll. That way, you can guarantee winning a few before your funds run out. Other things you have to consider when you choose the bankroll are the type of system you plan to use, the table limit, and minimum bets. If you want to use your bankroll sensibly, you have to choose a roulette system that suits your playing style.

Choose and Use Strategies With the Help of Math

If you want to walk away from the roulette tables a winner, then consider the tip where you use a betting method. Many players use progressive betting systems since it lowers the risk of wiping out the bankroll quickly. However, the only way to know if such systems suit your playing style and bankroll is to test it yourself. Why not give negative progression and flat betting systems a try while you are at it.

Testing strategies and planning the bankroll requires some basic addition and multiplication. It will also require calculating probability. The laws of probability influence most betting methods that can help you determine what to expect in the long term.

Mathematics Can Help You With Predicting Expectations

The movement of the roulette wheel and ball are unpredictable without an electronic device. However, you can use roulette mathematics to determine the expected value. This value will help you figure out how well a particular bet fares when you make that bet frequently.

It can even help you know how well you do in roulette overall. That is why some tips for playing roulette would sometimes remind you of your goal in playing the game. Other casino games have better odds than roulette. You can prove it by doing the math.


Four Reasons It Is Hard to Beat Online Roulette

Can you beat an automated system with another system fixed by mere players of the game? The differences between live roulette and the online version are also the reasons why it is more difficult to beat online roulette. If you think that it is easier to acquire values since you are not in a casino, think again. Though playing online allows you to act a bit more freely, online roulette is a tougher code to crack compared to its offline counterpart. Here are things you need to consider.

The Croupier is More Precise

The dealer could be a robot or a real person spinning the ball. Either way, online roulette can push your competitive side. When players grow more attached to a game, the more they play, and the more willing they are to raise the stakes. When people double the stakes, that is when the house seizes the chance to rip them off. With online roulette, the chances of the house winning are subtly higher.

If you purchase software that can provide you with a foolproof system, then you just might beat online roulette. No one can tell which software can make you rich in a matter of weeks. It does not mean, however, that you should close your mind to the idea of using a roulette software. Processors are not what they used to be 10 years ago.

Luck Vs. Generator

Most online roulette tables use a random number generator to determine where the ball will land. If a generator seems cold hearted than Lady Luck that is only because it is. If you bring charms in a live roulette table, there is the off chance those trinkets could work. When playing against programming, it is more difficult to pull off.

You cannot also bring science to the table. The expected value does not rely on the speed of the ball or any wheel patterns. It will be tricky to observe a trend in the number of times a number appears.

Roulette Wheels Don’t Slant

Aside from immunity to software or human calculated systems using statistical principles, the online roulette wheel is almost too perfect. It is impervious to mechanical flaws. You cannot use gravity to your advantage. The ball tipping at one side of the wheel is unlikely to happen when playing online.

Strategies Against Online Roulette Don’t Exist

Offline strategies just might have a slim chance of working, but tactics against online roulette are not reliable. You can find tips and tricks by searching for information online, but roulette is essentially a game of chance. Using software to predict online roulette could also help you out a bit. Advanced software can calculate patterns, if there are any in online roulette, faster than manual efforts.

You can play for fun and come up with your own system to beat online roulette. As long as no money is at stake, knock yourself out in experimenting and formulating tactics. Although roulette won’t be twice as fun since you are not earning money, you can at least learn from the experience. If you are serious about cracking the online roulette code, keep in mind the above reasons why it is difficult to carry out such feat.

How to Win Against an Online Roulette Wheel

A biased roulette wheel can help you win if you find one that is easy to monitor on a land-based casino. An online roulette wheel would be more difficult to beat. Roulette is still a game of chance whatever platform it takes on. Whether you are playing auto roulette or with a live dealer, you can still increase your chances of winning. Just like there are tips and strategies you can use offline, there are also tips for online roulette that guarantees some profit. Surefire ways to earn from roulette are yet to turn up, but the following tactics should improve your game play and land you a few wins.

Consider The Random Number Generator

Always keep in mind that if you choose to play auto roulette, a random number generator decides the outcome. This means that the next spin is unrelated to the previous spin. If you are using a strategy that relies on hot streaks or sleepers, it is ideal to change your approach. With roulette, especially the type that employs an online roulette wheel, the chances of the ball landing between two numbers is the same. Even if the ball landed on a particular number several times in a row, it does not mean that it will not land in another pocket in the next spin.

Choose European Roulette

If you play online, you already have the advantage of choosing between American and European roulette. Always choose to play the European variation of the game since it increases your advantage against the house. You can even choose to play the No Zero or French roulette, which have an even lower house edge. Before you can choose other types of roulette, however, practice your strategies with a European roulette wheel first.

Use Roulette Bonuses

You can still win over the casino and not just in roulette tables if you use roulette bonuses. If you are a longtime player, you can collect loyalty points or the VIP bonus. If you are a new player, you can pick online casinos that offer welcome, sign up, or no deposit bonuses.

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Do not blow all the bonus money on one bet. Stick to making wagers that pay even money. By betting on the outside, you will raise your chances of winning and even withdrawing the bonus.

Choose Reliable Online Casinos

Trustworthy casinos are rare, but you can find them online. If you stumble on a casino with great bonuses and positive reviews, you can get the better end of the deal. If you do not know how to find a good online casino, keep an eye out for sites that declare their payout percentages constantly. Check forums for feedback to know what other players think of a certain casino.

These are just a few tips you can use when playing against an online roulette wheel. Using a type of system or software might also help, but these options also have their own setbacks. The most important thing to remember is that roulette is mostly random offline or online. It would be a smart move to cash out your winnings while the online table is hot.

Five Good Reasons to Buy Roulette Tables for Sale

If you consider yourself a true fan of roulette, purchasing roulette tables for sale can turn out to be a great investment. More than just design purposes, a table with a roulette layout and diagram can serve other uses. You can construct your own table, but it can be expensive. If you are not sure of the standard measurements used to make a table for roulette, then you do not have to worry about that if you are to purchase online. You can also save more by finding great deals in shopping websites.

For Your Exclusive Use

Elbowing your way through a busy casino on the weekends can be discouraging. If you are simply looking to enjoy a game of roulette with close friends, going to a casino is not worth it sometimes. You can go online, but that will not be as fun as sharing the table with roulette players in one room. If you purchase roulette tables for sale, you can host dinner and have fun afterwards without the hassle of jostling through crowds.

It Would Make an Interesting Dining Table

You do not have to use the table for roulette alone. You can put the wheel away and use the table for dining. Although it is not ideal to play with your food, you can choose to play roulette on your own table during lunch or supper. Casinos frown upon bringing snacks that might require clean up. You can break this rule if you have your own table for roulette. No one can tell you what you can or cannot do.

You Can Do Away with Casino Etiquette

You can play drunk and you can choose not to tip if you are the dealer anyway. Having your own game den complete with casino tables does not only offer convenience. It also takes out the effort to put forward courtesy when visiting a particular venue.

Playing With Friends is More Fun

Casino tables can be sometimes full and if you plan to play with your friends, it most likely will not happen. If you have your own table for roulette, you can play with people you like. You can even act as rowdy as you want without having to worry about the other customers.

You Can Practice Systems on Your Own Roulette Table

If you want to practice playing roulette free of charge just like in the casinos, having your own table would be a definite advantage. You can practice different types of bets as much as you would like so that when you do go to a real casino or even play online, you will not look like a new player. The table will also help you become a pro roulette player in no time.

You do not have to buy roulette tables for sale, but it is a good investment especially if you have good reasons for the purchase. If you feel that buying your own table for roulette only serves indulgence, try giving it another thought. You can entertain your friends with it and even use it as a dining table among other things.

The Difference Between European and French Roulette Tables

Contrary to popular belief, not all casinos host the same roulette game. You see, roulette has been with us for long and has evolved into a completely different game than it used to be more than two hundred years ago. That said, it has spawned many varieties that are nothing more than the same roulette games, but with minor variations that made them distinct from each other.

European and French Roulette Are Not the Same

The single zero European roulette is the most popular roulette variety, thanks to its winning odds and house edge that are far better than that of the double zero American variety, the other popular version of roulette. Now European roulette has one big issue – it often gets confused with French roulette. For non-gamblers, this may be understandable. French roulette is played in Monaco and France and is thus perceived as European. For people who have played both games however, the differences are highly noticeable.

This difference can’t be found in the gameplay as both European and French roulette share certain rules. French roulette’s La Partage and En Prison rules for instance, may be present in European roulette tables in certain casinos; both European and French varieties of roulette also has similar odds and house edge due to the presence of just one green zero slot.

Rather, the difference is physical. These are nothing more than superficial traits that has little effect on how the game is played, but are way too noticeable no less. No, it’s not the wheel as both European and French versions use the same single zero variety. It’s as simple as how the table was set up.

How European and French Roulette Tables Differ

If you’ve actually seen both European and French roulette tables, you can easily list down plenty of variations between the two. The first one is the wheel’s location. In European roulette, the wheel can be seen at one end of the table, whereas in French roulette, the spinning device is located in the middle of the table.

Did the French or whoever designed this setup divide the betting layout to pull this off then? No, they didn’t. The French roulette table has two layouts, and this is another characteristic that sets it apart from European roulette. The purpose of this is likely to allow for more participants in a single table.

The last major difference is in the language used. The labels in a European roulette table are usually in English. It can also be in any other language where the game is played. In French roulette however, the names for the bets and other wordings on the table is strictly in French. This is often be perceived as something that will give non-French speakers a hard time. However, anyone who knows how to play roulette will find it easy, especially since the layout is often similar to the ones used in European roulette tables.

When looking at the surface, European and French roulette look like two different beasts. However, both versions’ gameplay is are very similar that you’ll be led to think that they are the same game if not for the cosmetic differences.