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A Review of the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy

There are a lot of roulette strategies that roulette players can find online if they are really serious about beating this game. Most of them give a slight assurance of winning. There is a new strategy however, that claims to provide  97.75% chance of winning and it is called the maximum advantage roulette strategy.

Roulette players look for strategies that will surely be a moneymaker. This new strategy is said to have been tested and proven to work. Not one that they would use to for gambling,then either come home a loser or a winner.

What it Claims

As mentioned earlier, it is claiming that it has been tested 100% to work. Aside from that, it also claims to let you earn an average of 30% of your total bets in an hour. It is also said, that earnings are  doubled  if the system is used in an online casino, where the game is done faster.

How it Works

The advantage roulette strategy is said to be a completely unique system. This means it is not a new method that is just taken out of old methods like the Martingale strategy. All you need is one bet at a time. There is no need to double your bet after a loss or raise your wager after a win.

A controlled risk betting strategy is used in this type of roulette strategy. This of course controls the risk of losing more money. If two players were to play at the same time and start at $5 bets, then eventually end up losing consecutively up to 8 bets, the player that uses advantage roulette only loses $120, while the player who is using martingale ends up losing $1275 already.

This strategy makes use of a unique method for determining where a player must place a bet which is most likely to get a win. This is called the Adaptive Pattern Betting Method. This method is said to be a proven way to place a bet with a very high level of confidence.

Why it is Better than Martingale

With the Martingale system, you are trying to recuperate your losses by doubling your bet, but it can work to your disadvantage if you have a continuous losing streak and you can no longer double your bet because of the house limit. With this system, you only hit it once then you leave the table, simply because you already got what you came for.

Can we now say that this is the dream system players have been waiting for? Well, it is not 100% guaranteed. Unless it is 100% guaranteed to make you win, we could not really say you will get what you want from the roulette table, which is to win. There is still a chance that you might still end up losing. It is still a game of chance and you can use advantage roulette to help you possibly get a win the first time you place a bet on a number that makes you really feel confident to win.

Roulette Ball: Some Strategies To Use for Winning Roulette

When you want to play with a roulette ball, there is no need to worry if you know how to play roulette. If you are new to the game, there are also ways to learn it online. It is really not that difficult to understand this game, that is why more and more people are now playing this game. The moment you learn the basics of the game and its mechanics, then you can also begin looking at various strategies that can help you get more wins as you play it.

How to Play Roulette

Just like in all the other casino games, your familiarity with the rules of playing the roulette ball can help improve your chances of winning more games. This is why you will often read some tips about the need of familiarizing yourself with the basic rules for playing before you start learning about the various roulette strategies that you can use for playing.

You need to know that you have the option of either playing the American roulette game or European roulette game. While you know that any type of game of luck will only give you a 50-50 chance of winning, choosing the right type of game to play gives you a better edge over the house.

Aside from choosing the game you want to play, you also need to learn the two types of betting systems when making your bets. Choosing what betting system to use can either increase or lower your chances of winning. Take note that when you are playing roulette, you will need to correctly guess what color or number on the wheel the ball will land when it stops spinning. If you select the right game to play and use the right betting system, you will definitely have more chances of winning.

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Common Roulette Strategies to Use

The moment you feel that you know the game inside and out, then you can start looking for roulette strategies that you can use. There are really a lot of them that you can find online. However, the most popular is the Martingale roulette strategy. The main idea used in this strategy is to increase a bet after every loss. This means you will have to double the amount of your previously lost bet so you can easily regain the amount you lost.

Meanwhile, there is also another strategy called the Anti-Martingale strategy, which is the complete opposite of the Martingale. With this strategy, you will increase your bet after a win. Other strategies that you may want to try are the Labouchere and D’Alembert roulette strategy.

While the movement of the roulette ball on the wheel is completely uncontrollable, we know that there are factors that will help players get more chances at winning. Every roulette player would definitely prefer enjoying the game while they play, while getting some wins at the same time. This would want them to play the game more and do it more often.

Roulette Wheel Diagram: Discovering the Best Way to Bet on Roulette

Players who are interested to learn the best way to bet on roulette and get a win must first have a complete and full understanding of the mechanics of the game. While it has been said that roulette is a very simple game with very simple rules, it must never be a reason to be too complacent. It is important to learn every bit and detail about the game to increase our chance of winning at the game. With a roulette wheel diagram, players can carefully select which game can give them an edge as they start putting in their bets.

Over the years, players of roulette have continuously sought for ways to constantly win at roulette. They have also seen a variety of roulette strategies that were developed with an aim to give the players what they need, know the best ways to put their bets on the roulette table. It does not end there, in the future, we still expect to see more new strategies developing.

Can Roulette Players Really Beat Roulette?

Now that we have become more advanced technologically, roulette players cannot help but hope that one day they will finally discover something that can get them more wins at the roulette table. From the time it was invented, nothing much has really changed in the game. Except for the fact that players can now easily access the game online if they have their own computer and Internet connection at home.

That being said, roulette players will have to go back to the basics and examine the same tips and techniques used by seasoned roulette players in the past. Even before joining a roulette table, a player already needs to know that he or she has the choice to play either the American or the European version of the game. While there is not really a very noticeable difference between the two, it is that one number that makes a huge impact in determining what your odds are at winning. When your odds are higher, you have a higher chance to beat the game.

Careful Examination of the Roulette Wheel Diagram

The difference between the two variations of roulette lies in the wheel. If you examine it carefully, you will see that both wheels have the numbers 1 to 36 and zero (0). A closer look at the American roulette wheel, however, will show you that there is an additional slot is on that wheel and this is where the double zero (00) is.

The original variation of the game uses the European roulette wheel, and while this type of wheel already provides the house with an advantage over the roulette players, the American roulette wheel was created to deliberately increase the house edge. From a 2.7% house edge with the European version of the game, the double zero added to the American version puts the house edge at 5.26%. Looking at these facts, a player can definitely conclude that the best way to bet on roulette is to place their bets on a European roulette wheel.

Do Not Take Roulette Strategies for Granted

It has already been mentioned that several strategies for playing roulette have been developed over the years. Nevertheless, not all of them are equally good to use while playing the game. As a player, it is your obligation to research and read about these strategies, and find one that would best help you in getting more wins.

It would be better if you try to examine various roulette strategies that have been around for quite some time now. Roulette strategies like the Martingale, Fibonacci, Paroli, Labouchere and D’ Alembert are examples of strategies that you can try to examine and research about.

It would also not hurt if you give time to take a look at these new strategies that have been developed recently by new roulette players. We are talking about the roulette assault, roulette sniper, roulette bot pro and the roulette killer.

While it still remains impossible to beat the game, it does help for players to know the best way to bet on roulette. With the help of a roulette wheel diagram, they are able to make better choices, which in turn increases their odds of winning the game.

Why You Should Play Royal Roulette

Royal Roulette is another variation of roulette that looks nothing like the traditional game found in casinos. This version of the game adds the playing aspect of the cards to roulette. Instead of numbers, you will bet on aces, clubs, hearts, and spades. The wheel and table layout is different, but the presence of the ball is unchanged. Instead of the usual roulette odds of 36 or 37 to one, this roulette offers odds of 47 to one. Other than the facts, great reasons can convince you to play this new roulette game.

It is Easy to Learn

If you enjoy playing card games more, a table game like Royal Roulette should provide the necessary change of pace in your gaming experience. You already count in card sequence so understanding a game of roulette that uses faces and numerals should require little effort. Roulette is also an easy game so it is does not take long to learn the ropes. It is a different matter if you want to learn the different type of bets by heart for convenience. The table layout is also not that difficult to understand. You can place your bet almost anywhere.

You Can Choose to Play Online or in a Real Casino

This variation of roulette is available in land-based casinos and online as well. If you need to choose between the two most popular types of roulette, you can now pick a third option. The odds of winning are reasonable and its suitable availability justifies the probability.

Some online casinos offer a fourth variation called no zero roulette where the house edge does not exist. The setback is that it is only available online. Maximum betting is limited and most roulette strategies tap out quickly.

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A New Roulette Calls For a New Strategies and Software

With a completely different table layout and set of odds, Royal Roulette calls for new systems and strategies to go up against it. The player has more betting options with this type of roulette. The possibilities of using a strategy that exploits the features of the game are also vast. It spurs on even new roulette software or devices that can give players the upper hand.

It is a New and Fun Game

The combination of roulette and cards can only result in a new and fun casino game. If you are an experienced roulette player, this can definitely provide the challenge needed from playing traditional roulette offline or online. It definitely introduces an interesting twist to the game especially if you do not have experience with casino card games.

Why It Is Popular

There is something about Poker and Blackjack that always seem to attract a large number of players. Royal Roulette is a hit since cards are always appealing casino games. The new variation not only attracts roulette and card players, but also slot machine players as well. That certain appeal combined with the excitement offered by roulette makes for a revolutionary game you should watch out for and try playing. Those who have played this game claim it has more personality than the regular roulette so it is definitely worth checking out.

Where to Get Free Roulette Strategy

You can get free roulette strategy anywhere if you are patient enough to go through countless materials. A setback you will soon deal with is sorting through a selection of claims from a variety of sources. Instead of testing each strategy you find, look for reliable sources you can use to play roulette instead.

Keep in mind that most casino knowledge found online are tactics provided by different roulette players. If you are going to test other people’s strategy, you have to study it well. You also have to decide if it suits your playing style. With plenty of educational materials on roulette, you can take your pick and your time in finding the ideal strategy.


You do not have to buy books. You can always try the eBook version. The roulette strategies found in books will still be free of charge, but you need to spend time on it. There are many good eBooks online compiled by different casinos. If you are easy to persuade to play at a certain casino just because you have read their book, then you should explore other sources.

Blog Posts

Online articles or blogs are popular search results when you look up a free roulette strategy. These sources are also the most biased. You will find more biased opinion on these sources than a biased wheel in most casinos. Do not be afraid to post a comment or question on the blog if you found an interesting strategy. Asking is one way to make sure that the information you stumbled into has rational game logic behind it.

Professional Players

Forget the chameleon strategy; just ask professional players what makes them successful with their game play. There is no way you can lose except if you do not make the first move. Roulette is a game where you compete with other people, but it should not be a reason to avoid making new connections. If you want a free game strategy that works, nothing, except pride, should stop you from asking for their suggestions. If you already know a pro roulette player, then do not hesitate to ask for advice.


If you are not that excited about the idea of reading long and boring materials like books or blog posts, watch strategies online instead. Observing a strategy unfold rather than imagining it in your head is a better approach for those who learn by application. When you are also in a hurry to see how a system works on a real roulette table, then you can find many videos that provide roulette tactic demonstration.

Finding and learning a free roulette strategy is easy. The difficult part is reading about it to understand what it requires of you and what conditions it needs to work. Do not limit your reading material to internet search results. Try finding a good eBook or talk to professional roulette players. You can also enhance your understanding by learning from video tutorials. Choosing a strategy that works well with your playing style is something you need to decide for later.

How to Win on Roulette Machines More Often as Possible

One very famous form of recreation is gambling. People really enjoy it not only because it brings them a lot of excitement, but they can also possibly earn money if they are lucky enough.  Roulette is perhaps among the most famous games you can find in casinos and its players scramble to discover ways how to win on roulette machines.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned roulette player, you will encounter various roulette strategies along the way. However, you have to remember that sometimes it does not matter what roulette strategy you decide to use, your odds of winning will always be affected by luck. The strategies exist to help players approach the game systematically.

What to Focus on

One way to figure out how to win on roulette machines is to focus on the roulette wheel and ball. Mainly because the winning number is determined on which number or color on the wheel the ball will drop the moment it stops spinning. Indeed roulette is never a complicated game, but your decisions on where to place your bets, counts a lot.

The aim of every player who wants to enjoy playing roulette is to minimize the number of losses. To achieve this, one needs to get as much information a possible on how to play roulette. Before even playing, a player needs to make a very critical choice of choosing whether to play European or American roulette.  An American roulette wheel comes with an additional double zero on the wheel. This gives a higher house advantage. The European roulette wheel on the other hand, only has a single zero, thus giving it a lower house edge when compared to the American roulette wheel.

Placing Your Bets

After choosing which type of roulette wheel to play on, the next thing a player needs to focus on is where to place the bet. There is a thing called inside or outside betting. Inside betting provides a higher payout, but the chances of winning are smaller. Outside betting on the other hand, gives a smaller payout, but has a higher chance of winning. For most players, it is important that they get regular winnings, so the outside betting is more popular than inside betting.

Practice Makes Perfect

With the availability of online roulette, players now have the option to play online instead of going to land based casinos. Aside from that, these online casinos also offer free games of roulette which players can access for free. Practicing your betting strategy through these free games can help a lot before you take your bets and play with real money in a land based casino.

Indeed knowing what you are getting into will be the best way to know how to win on roulette machine. Knowing what roulette table to choose, what type of bet to use and practicing not only when you have the time to, but whenever you have the chance to. While roulette may just be a form of recreation for some, others have used it in the hope of getting extra funds for their household.

Live Roulette System: A Roulette Formula for the Biggest Roulette Win

They say that a roulette player who has found the roulette formula to win at roulette is one lucky person. While some people may find it a little difficult to find the formula for winning in this game, it is something that is not impossible to find. Players do need to exert a little effort to search online for some roulette tips and tricks. It cannot be denied that every roulette player has but one single aim when playing, and that is to grab the biggest roulette win. It is also because of this, that we are now seeing a lot of roulette strategies or a live roulette system created by most fans of the game.

Even if players know that achieving this type of goal is not an easy thing to achieve, it should not prevent them from trying to obtain it. They simply need to follow a proven formula for winning.

Put on the Right Attitude

Just like any other form of gambling, the house will always have the advantage. Any player who wants to play roulette must keep this in mind, that there is no way they can always win when playing the game. As a player, you need to have the right attitude before you even play the game, when playing the game and after you are done playing.

This simply means that you need to be able to set your personal limit, stick to it, and remain humble if you go home a winner or be patient in case you lost. It does not only let you win more games, but also allows for most players to enjoy playing the game.

Figure a Goal for Profit and Set a Stop Loss

Your aim for this game is not just about getting the biggest roulette win, but also to have fun as you are playing it. You need to prepare yourself for either winning or losing at the end of every session, since you really have a fifty-fifty chance to win or lose. It is vital to figure a goal for profit and setting a stop loss. This way, you know when to call it a day.

The goal for profit is the amount that biggest roulette win that you should aim for a particular session of roulette. Meanwhile, the stop loss is the amount that you can afford to lose. Win or lose, you must know when to stand up and stop playing. Even if you are winning, and you continue to play because you feel you are lucky, you might end up eventually losing if you do not stop and run out of luck.

Never Forget the Importance of Practice

Just like other games, practice is a roulette formula beneficial for every roulette player. Practice is not only important for newbies, but for seasoned players as well. There is no need to spend when practicing, as there are free games that one can avail of online.

With a lot of practice, one becomes a lot more familiar with the rules of the game. Also, this can be a good time to try out some roulette strategies or plan for the next game session. One must never stop at learning more tips and tricks to execute in roulette.

Make Use of Free Roulette Games

With the availability of roulette online, players also benefit from having access to free roulette games. This can be used by players for practicing or trying out a live roulette system or roulette strategies. These are usually available in both online casinos and online gaming websites.

These free roulette games are really beneficial for players who want to practice, since there is no risk of losing money while practicing. It not only helps them to understand the mechanics of roulette better, but also allows them to test out roulette strategies and some new roulette software.

Roulette is indeed very exciting and addicting, especially for players who at the end of a playing session, are able to get their biggest roulette win. Following the roulette formula shared above will not only help players learn how to strategize their game properly with a live roulette system, but also allow them to enjoy every time they play roulette in their favorite casinos.

Roulette Sets for Sale: Practicing Your Skills at Playing Roulette

People who are successful in the things that they do always say they have perfected their craft with constant practice. There is an old cliché that says “Practice Makes Perfect”. When we practice, difficult things become a lot easier. The same thing is true for roulette. As you get to practice more, you eventually become better at playing it. You can either do it online with free roulette games, or in your own home with roulette sets for sale.

Where to Purchase

Finding a good set for sale would not be a difficult thing to do these days, considering that we can now purchase various stuff online. You just have to look online for either brand new or slightly used sets that are for sale. In order to get the best deal, it would be good to look around first to compare prices. After finding a set with the cheapest price, but with a good quality, it is time to decide if you would must have it delivered or you can just pick it up in store if it is just near your place. When buying online, just make sure it is from a genuine seller, and that the roulette sets for sale are still in good condition. To help you in distinguishing a good seller, try doing a little online research and read some reviews about the online seller. Ebay and Amazon are two online shopping sites that you can trust which has a good protection for buyers against scams.

Advantages of Having Your Own Roulette Set

When you have your own roulette set at home, you can use it all you want for practicing. It can be used for trying out new strategies or plans for betting before you actually spend money and put it into play in a real game. Players who are aiming to earn money in a roulette game would usually benefit from practicing with these sets, as it allows them to plan and strategize their games better.

Aside from using it for practice, a roulette set may also be utilized to entertain guests during casual gatherings. This will also allow you to practice your roulette skills with your family and friends during casual or special occasions. You can either play it with real money or just play for fun. When playing with real money, you more or less get an idea how much you will be spending the next time you go to a real casino to play.

These roulette sets for sale is considered a very good investment for serious roulette players. With all the fun and advantages it can bring for a roulette player, it is without a doubt the most important tool a roulette player must invest on.

Online Roulette Systems in a Nutshell

Gambling is a risky business. It’s basically playing with chance, putting some money at stake, and just hope for a good win. As just about every single game of chance is being unpredictable, no bet can be said as safe or is guaranteed to make a profit. As such, gambling is an activity that indiscriminately makes people rich as much as it throws unlucky gamblers down the drain. Despite this, many individuals simply feel lucky and got hooked to gambling.

Gamblers often gather to sprawling casinos to take care of their gambling needs. These casinos have various games that cater to different preferences, ranging from simple slot machines to card games like Blackjack. Of course there are games that appeal to the general gambling demographic. One of these is no other than the highly popular roulette.

The Popularity of Online Roulette

Roulette used to be found solely in land-based casinos. Nowadays however, gamblers are no longer expected to come all the way to a physical gambling establishment in order to play the game. They simply have to turn on their computer, run their online roulette client, and then play the game over the Internet.

Online roulette is definitely the new fad in the gambling scene. In a short span of time, it has attracted a continuously growing number of players. Its popularity hinges on the fact that it is so accessible and can be played in one’s comfort zone. For many of its players, it’s just the same roulette game minus the physical roulette table.

Given Internet roulette’s popularity, it’s not surprising that many of its players seriously aim to beat it. These players employ various means that can purportedly tip the odds in their favor. One such method is the use of online roulette systems.

What are Online Roulette Systems?

You’ve probably heard of roulette strategies, which are guides on how you can put a better structure to your game and get better hopes of making profit in roulette. Well, online roulette systems are normally based on at least one existing strategy. These systems are programs that are meant to predict which color should come up in the next spin, then bet on it in accordance with a built-in roulette strategy.

How these strategies predict the winning bet varies. The most common method these strategies employ is to look for a certain uninterrupted series of wins. The system would then assume that after a certain number of wins in the streak, the opposite color will come up next. However, systems that make use of this approach are nothing more than the Gambler’s fallacy in 1s and 0s, and are thus inaccurate in their predictions. This fallacy is based on the belief that the roulette wheel has a pattern in producing results and is not random.

Not all roulette systems work that way however. There are some that do not even try to guess the next winning bet but instead works more like the classic roulette strategy while there are those programs that exploit the algorithms of certain online roulette casinos.

In any case, we can all agree that roulette is fun. With or without a system, the game remains enjoyable simply for the thrill it gives its players during every spin, and not just the profit one can possibly get in roulette.

Using Free Online European Roulette to Try Out Roulette Strategies that Work

If you are a roulette player searching roulette strategies that work, you must know why these strategies were made in the first place. Stop looking for strategies that will always give you a sure win. Most roulette players end up frustrated, because they still continue to hope that they would eventually find one. These roulette strategies were basically created to help in guiding roulette players as they make their bets. It then helps to minimize losses and helps players get more wins. If you want to try out a particular strategy, you can avail of a free online European roulette game.

The Popularity of Online Roulette Games

From the time online roulette games were launched by online casinos, it has continued to gain a lot of followers. This can be attributed to the fact that roulette players have realized how largely convenient playing online is, compared to a live roulette game in a casino. Aside from this, a lot of online casinos also offer free games for roulette players to enjoy. The most commonly played of course is the free online European roulette.

For newbies who are reading this and who may be wondering why players prefer to play European roulette online, compared to its American counterpart, there definitely is logic behind it. When players play the European roulette game, they have a much better advantage over the house, as compared to an American roulette game. This is practically useful, especially if you want to try out roulette strategies that work.

Does a Martingale Roulette Strategy Work?

The Martingale roulette strategy is known as the oldest strategy used on roulette. Some sources even claim that it is as old as roulette. Hence, it is a time tested strategy. The Martingale makes use of a progressive betting system. When a roulette player encounters a loss, he or she will need to increase the amount of the next bet by doubling the amount of the first bet. The progressive betting is continued, until a win is achieved. In this case, the player will need to go back to the initial bet.

The Martingale is actually considered as one of those strategies in roulette that work because it is so easy to understand the way it works. Nevertheless, players who attempt to use it for their gameplay must exercise caution. This strategy can cost them a lot of money, and they definitely need to set a stop loss if they start using this. A stop loss is important, as players are able to set an amount of money that they are can afford to lose. This is necessary so they do not lose an amount that is more than what they can afford, in case they experience consecutive losses.

The Martingale When Used in Online European Roulette

When you are using the Martingale in an online European roulette game, you are using two of the most powerful tools for playing roulette. With the European roulette, you are playing a game where the house advantage is lower, and a little in favor to the roulette player. Use the Martingale with it, to make sure that you are able to immediately recover any amount you lose.

The Martingale and European roulette is not enough though, as you must also know, that there are certain bets in roulette where you will have more chances of winning. The bets in roulette are classified into outside bets and inside bets. The inside bets are the type of bets where the odds of winning are lower, but provide a higher payout. On the other hand, the outside bets are the type of bets where the odds of winning are higher, but with a lower payout. Most players would prefer winning constantly and getting smaller payouts, than winning rarely and getting bigger payouts.

When you make use of roulette strategies that work, like the Martingales, and focus on outside bets, as well as play it on the European version of the game, then you are on the right path of winning more games in roulette. If you are still uncertain about this, try to experiment with free online European roulette games. The results will certainly delight you, that you would want to immediately try in on a real paid game soon.