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How Roulette Spins Affect the Chaos Theory

Roulette spins are independent of each other. The Chaos Theory challenges that premise and offers a radical take on roulette strategies. If the next spin is independent of the previous, then the other past spins just might bear some effect on the outcome. This theory operates on the vague principle that nothing is coincidence and what might seem like a random event has a purpose that may not reveal itself at present. Finding that purpose, or pattern in roulette, is where the theory can form into a likely strategy. Some scientists have tested it and you will find out just how much of a difference one spin can make.

How It Works

Testing the theory is not difficult. Since the Chaos strategy calls for a strong foundation of physics and math, you will have to secure roulette values. If you are playing in a brick and mortar casino, acquiring constants could prove somewhat challenging. Monitoring systems present on every corner of the room can be a setback.

Playing at home with a roulette simulation or practicing online with tracking software is easier to pull off. Determine the starting conditions of roulette such as speed of the spin and velocity of the ball. Once you secure the values legally and test it online and in a real wheel, you can exploit that knowledge to improve your odds.

Another way this theory works is through observing roulette spins. A simulator can help determine the number of times the ball lands on the same number. For example, you bet on one number straight up. If you play European roulette, your odds are 37 to 1. The Chaos theory finds a working principle on the ball landing in any number a couple of times. Using this theory, you can keep track of previous numbers that the ball favors. You will be able to somewhat predict where the ball lands next. It is probability theory at its best in roulette.

Does It Work?

A couple of scientists, more precisely, theorists have tested this process against the house and won. The theory worked. It was able to predict where the ball will land with an almost 60 percent accuracy rate. The test did not happen in a real casino considering the security restrictions. However, there is now a way for the average Joe with superior skills of observation to obtain the winning values. If you can note down the time that the ball passes a certain distance in the wheel, you can establish the velocity and significantly raise your odds by 20 percent.

Pros and Cons

Similar to every other theory or roulette system found online, the chaos theory also has its disadvantages and limits. Even if you manage to find the values from the roulette spins and the ball, you will still need a hefty bankroll to win the big fortune. The theory also calls for natural talent and a quick eye to catch the necessary values to win. One advantage is that it is still a theory at this point if you do not test it for yourself. If you are content with short-term winnings, other roulette betting systems should do fine.


Maximizing Your Roulette Spins with a Limited Bankroll

Roulette is a very enjoyable game. Every spin is just so thrilling, definitely a few minutes packing with fun and excitement. For this, one can give credit to roulette’s simplistic and fast-paced gameplay, as well as the fact that it can be very easy to make profits in the game. The adrenaline rush generated by all this can’t just help but make someone forget that time flows in the casino, betting shop or in the PC desk.

Another thing that many gamblers seem to forget when playing roulette is the fact that their funds is just another form of limited resources. They simply don’t remember that their bankroll is not infinite and is bound to run out any time soon if they keep on playing non-stop. Some people avoid this by betting systematically, a method with which they are able to keep track of their bets.

4 Tips to Extend Your Bankroll

Keeping track of one’s bankroll is not enough to optimize the enjoyment one can get from roulette though. Having fun with this game is directly proportional to the length of time your bet can last. Here are a few tips that can help you maximize the number of roulette spins you can make with no more than your limited standard bankroll:

1. Bring as much bankroll as possible.
This is a sure way to make your game time in roulette last long enough for you to enjoy the game to the fullest and possibly make a profit. Do bring a large bankroll, but make sure that you bring only your extra money, and not essentials such as those you’d use to pay for your bills or shop for your groceries.

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2. Start your game with a small bet.
When you use a roulette system, which you definitely should, start your game using a small bet. Systems use progressive betting, wherein your bet is multiplied in a certain manner during the course of your roulette game. Making large bets early on is very disadvantageous, as it will make you reach the table’s bet limit and exhaust your funds a lot quicker.

3. Wager on even money bets.
Even money bets like red and black provide a very high chance of winning that can be as high as 47.2%. These bets allow you to win rather frequently, letting you recover whatever losses you make from time to time, and also making the prospect of making a profit a whole lot more visible.

4. Use roulette strategies with safe progressions.
As previously mentioned, you ought to make use of a roulette system or strategy in order to manage your bankroll better. These guides you on how to bet based on the results of the previous roulette spins. Strategies vary in progression, or how the bets are augmented or decreased. Choose safe ones like the D’Alembert or Fibonacci. “Safe” strategies typically employ positive progression, where the bet is increased after every win.

Extending your bankroll is the key to maximizing the fun you can get from roulette. It does not only lengthen your game time so you can enjoy the game more, but also opens doors to the possibility of making profit in the long run.