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Roulette Winning Tactics You Can Use in Bookies Roulette

Bookies roulette is a more challenging type of roulette compared to the one you play online or in upscale casinos. Finding a way to get the advantage against roulette in the bookies means you have to deal with a few setbacks. One is finding a way to beat advanced roulette gaming software. The other is the fact that no other software can beat roulette machines in the bookies since it is not stored on any drive. Despite a few curbs, some roulette winning tactics can help you win a fair profit even though it seems impossible to beat the bookies.

Consider the Betting Shop

The first tactic has something to do with your favorite bookies roulette shop. The reason for this is that you can never really win at roulette if you play at a betting shop that bears a questionable reputation or negative feedback. Most critics of popular betting shops are often disappointed that roulette players have yet to receive decent compensation for all those hours logged in placing bets. It is up to you to give a certain betting shop the once over and prove whether they rig roulette terminals to harvest money only and not pay out.

Give the Roulette Machine a Look-see

One of the roulette winning tactics that you need to act on when you arrive in the bookies is to check the machine. The reason for this is that some roulette cheats work only for some terminals. Most betting shops use their own roulette terminals, but the rest get their machines from other manufacturers. The more popular bookies have roulette machines that use the same software while others have different programmers. That is why it is easier to find available cheats for machines in branded bookies compared to roulette game terminals from not so famous local shops.

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Focus on Other Games

You would be surprised to know that some of the roulette cheats do not focus solely on beating the game, but rather the machine itself. If you are a regular player at one of the big three bookmakers, you know about demo play cards. These cards are the secret to earning instant cash from betting terminals. All you have to do is to acquire one of those cards and load it up for demo play only.

The catch is you have to use it on games that are not so random or ones you can estimate is about to pay out. You have to keep playing until you reach a certain number of free demo credits. Once you do, the machine would have gone through a thousand units’ worth of play and you can win huge profits easily after exhausting the demo feature.

Spot the Line and Do Not Cross It

Roulette winning tactics can only help you win against betting terminals to a certain degree. The above roulette cheat is not even available anymore and other tactics are most likely illegal. You can find helpful cheats to bookies roulette all you want, but you lose more if you try something foolhardy such as resetting the machine by pulling the plug.

How to Beat a Roulette Machine with Gadgets

If you can learn how to beat a roulette machine with another machine, you would not have to rely on strategies alone. When it comes to legality, authorities still ban the use of gadgets, though they almost deregulated gambling laws 8 years ago. If a roulette player uses an electronic device to manipulate or predict roulette outcomes, the standard casino penalty still applies. The casino reserves the right to kick you out, ban you from the terminals, or throw you in jail. It still helps to know what your options are even if it stands on the other side of the law.

Google Glass

Google glass is a wearable gadget that provides an excellent way on how to beat a roulette machine. It can control devices and furniture within range. It can broadcast anything from your hand in poker to automatically finding a bias in the roulette wheel. What can Google glass not do?

Once this device reaches widespread use, people will wear it all the time. As it stands today, security staff asks players who signed up for the explorer program to take off Google glass before stepping on the casino floor. Even though there is no legislation regarding this device yet, it can give roulette players a strong advantage when the time comes.

The advantage is everything. You can use Google glass to beat the house edge of not just roulette, but other casino games as well. There are 2 disadvantages. One is the dorky look, but Google plans to work with the biggest eyeglass company in the world to correct that. The other is using it will not be so subtle. It is easy to tell when someone takes a picture, record videos, and uses other functions with glass.

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Roulette App for Android

Google glasses will not be available until early next year, but that does not mean roulette players cannot make use of the apps. Thanks to the same company that will launch the glasses, roulette strategy apps make things easier. The player has to download the app in their mobile. The next step is to head on to a favorite online casino where the app can act as your bankroll manager and overall strategist.

The user of the app just needs to put in parameters based on their chosen strategy. Options range from systems that are low risk and high risk to low gain and high gain. It also analyzes the results and advises the user what to do according to those odds. This app installed on gadgets is ideal for amateurs rather than experienced roulette players.

Roulette Cheating Machine

A roulette-cheating machine refers to the first wearable gadget that answered the call to how to beat a roulette machine. This gadget has a concealed computer, hidden earpiece, and a digital time recorder to measure velocity. Another variation is a clicker that determines the speed of the ball and the wheel when it slows down. An mp3 player or mobile device conceals the computer running the gadget. It also comes with an earpiece to instruct the player what to do.

Roulette Revolution VS. Roulette Software Free: Which One Should You Trust?

Roulette is a game that provides an advantage to the casinos, or the so called house. For a roulette player, this is really an unfair reality. This is also the reason why players came up with systems like the roulette revolution or look for a roulette software free of charge. Not so long ago, freebies were something that roulette players were unfamiliar with. However, when online casinos started operating on the world wide web, players became beneficiaries of several freebies.

Amongst the several freebies available online, it is a free roulette software that usually catches the attention of most players. They usually want to try it out, to check if the free software can effectively help them with their bets. For purposes of discussion, let us compare a paid roulette system and a free software for roulette.

The Roulette Revolution Unveiled

According to some sources online, this was a brainchild of a certain John Norman, a senior college student from New Jersey. Apparently, the system that he invented was able to beat the roulette machine. It made him win $15,000 per night. There are some videos online that talks about this system and tells players not to be greedy when using it, as casinos continuously monitors big winners, suspecting that they are doing something illegal.

A careful examination of this roulette system, however, raises a few questions. In fact, this has led for some players to conclude that this is just one of the numerous roulette scams that exist online. This was brought about by some clear disparities on the claims of the creator of this system. One claim that the author makes is that he has apparently sold 10,000 copies of the eBook. Looking at his account, however, it will show you that there are only 40 copies sold. Another questionable fact about this system is the price that it is being sold for.

Critics are also wondering why a million dollar roulette system would be sold for a very cheap price of $5. With all these facts at hand, interested roulette players must do a more comprehensive research before deciding to purchase the system.

An Examination of a Free Roulette Software

A roulette software is very useful for a roulette player. It is capable of automatically playing the game. A simple programming of a player’s preference is all that is needed for the software to function properly. Another benefit a player can get is being guided on how to make bets with a roulette software. Free as it may be offered, it can certainly help players in acquiring some important data to help them as they make use of other roulette strategies.

Without a doubt, a software for roulette can give a lot of benefits for a player. Although you can seldom find it for free, a free version is still available online. A little persistence and patience is all you would need to find one.

The free and paid software does have almost the same features. The advantage of using a free software is that a player can test if a roulette software can indeed work well when they play the game, so they can evaluate it carefully before deciding to purchase it. There are a number of free software available online. It just depends on how you properly input your search keyword in the search engines.

A roulette website is the best place to look for a good software that you can use for free. You can identify it with the help of search engines, discussion boards, forums, chats, or blogs related to roulette. If after all your efforts, you still fail to obtain a free roulette software, try to ask for help from online roulette players. Most of them are willing to lend a hand to their fellow players.

Now that you know between the roulette revolution and a roulette software, you will most likely realize that you have to think twice about buying the system. Not only does it require you to pay for a fee to be able to use a system, the capability of the system to help with the game is also questionable. On the other hand, there is no problem using a free roulette software. Free software does not require you to spend a single centavo just to be able to use it, but still helps with your game.

Play Betting Shop Roulette Machines or Play Online Roulette for Fun

Playing a game of chance by using betting shop roulette machines is the first, sometimes the only, choice for some. Betting shops are the next best thing to casinos because it is convenient and practical in its own way. Most of the betting shops even offer fast ways to win that is why many roulette players prefer it. Still, some players choose to play online roulette for fun and to win money. Having many advantages, online roulette can go up against whatever offer roulette machines have. A few pointers can help you decide which of the two is better when playing roulette for fun or otherwise.

Easier to Beat

Betting shop roulette machines offer the same roulette available in online casinos. It has a strong advantage, however, and it is the so-called cheats. Any diligent player can find roulette cheats for betting shops and use it to win. The roulette machines are the better choice at this point. Average roulette players stand a real chance of winning big if they learn the principle of slot machine payout, which is one of the cheats.

To play online roulette for fun and for money pales in comparison because of one important factor that works against most strategies: the random number generator. Online roulette wheels, with the exception of live dealer roulette, follow an algorithm that comes up with random outcomes. It is unique to each online roulette casino, but some scientists and mathematicians claim it is not so random. However, only those with a practical understanding of this theory to beat online roulette can effectively use it as a strategy for now.

Software- friendly

Since online roulette is more random and more difficult to predict than roulette in land- based casinos, many roulette experts offer betting software. Roulette software can help you bet using a system made specifically for online roulette. You can find many snags to downloading betting software in order to gain reasonable profit. The cost and fraud versions would have to be one of those disadvantages.

However, it is not that difficult to work with or avoid. If you were using a roulette system that also works for land-based casinos, it could be handy to have software that can track past spins. By playing roulette online using automated betting software, you do not have to rely on cheats that wait on certain numbers or glitches of a betting shop machine.


The ultimate factor to consider is convenience and in this case, the location where you can play roulette. Roulette is already a game of chance with a discouraging house edge. Betting shop roulette machines regularly win and you still have to walk some miles in order to play the game.

When you play online roulette for fun or for real money, you do not have to do much, but turn on the computer. You can even download roulette apps on your phone or tab and play online. In the end, you can play roulette either way since the most important thing is you enjoy the game.

Roulette Device Types You Should Know About

A roulette device is a small, wearable gadget that can predict where the ball will fall on the wheel. Casinos ban the use of such devices since using it falls under gadgets designed to cheat the house. The earliest account of this device was in the fifties, which was also the dawn of wearable computer.

The First Roulette Machine

Claude Shannon and Edward Thorp designed the device for the special purpose of winning against roulette. The device was able to predict which quadrant the ball would fall into after passing two marks. It gave off musical tones that signaled which quarter to place the bet. The inventors wore the homemade device by strapping it to the waist and controlled it with the tap of a shoe.

Both Thorp and Shannon consider the invention as a success despite casinos banning the use of their gadget. They have previously tested the device and discovered the 44% edge it grants to the players of roulette. Were it not for the technical problems that surfaced, they could have made some serious money when they tested it in a real casino.

Roulette Computer

The roulette computer trend bore a negative overtone because of a fraudulent deal promoted by self-proclaimed ‘king of roulette computers,’ Mark Howe. He received backlash from his competitors and the people who fell victim to his scheme. Other companies that also sell this roulette device claim that had it not been for Howe’s actions, people would get to enjoy a great product.

A roulette computer is supposed to be a miniature gadget that you can wear or hide in your pocket or sleeve. Its purpose is to gather physical values made by the ball and the wheel. If such a device were to work successfully, it should measure the velocity of the ball, which will then determine where the ball lands. An effective computer that will beat roulette should also calculate the speed of the wheel. Despite securing these exact values, you also have to consider the margin of error a computer can incur before you make a bet based on prediction.

Casino players who have tried using a roulette computer claim that it works accurately. However, the fact stands that you cannot use it freely in a casino. If a device falls under the category of banned gadgets for casino gaming, in theory, it works. Still, there is no guarantee that it will provide efficient and accurate results.

Roulette Clicker

A roulette clicker is another device made to beat roulette. It works by recording the speed of both the wheel and the ball. It times the deceleration values of both objects in motion and transfers the data to a computer. The computer then predicts where the ball will fall into after securing and calculating the values.

The predictions made by the computer travel through transmission into an audio earpiece. You can store this roulette device inside a pen, shoe, jewelry, or any items that can effectively conceal it. The same goes for hiding the computer. Casino players who have tried using the device claim that it works on biased roulette wheels where the ball favors falling into certain areas.

Can You Use The Best Roulette System As A Roulette Machine Strategy?

The short answer is yes. However, since you can play roulette both in land-based casinos and online, the best roulette system varies for each player. This is because you have at least three choices in playing roulette: on machines in betting shops, with real dealers in casinos, and online. The more realistic answer to the question is ‘not always’. Different classes of roulette systems are just one of the things to consider when you choose a roulette machine strategy. Here are a few more you should take into account.

Roulette Cheats

Another reason you cannot rely on most roulette betting methods, no matter how good they seem, are the roulette cheats. Specialized cheats counter the advantage roulette machines in the bookies have over unwary roulette players. It works by exploiting the weaknesses of the betting terminals.

A roulette machine strategy does not always cash in because of the unique software bookmakers use. Other cheats apply to nearly all betting terminals, but are mostly illegal by now. If you find a roulette cheat that can get you thrown out of a betting shop, use a good old-fashioned roulette system instead.

Not Machine Ready

Searching for the best roulette system can give you betting software tools, which work more efficiently in online casinos. You might find the best roulette software, but if you cannot use it in a betting terminal then it is futile. Make sure the system you choose includes a detailed explanation of how it works along with easy to understand instructions. Stick to progressive roulette betting systems rather than those that use sequences, so it is easier to track your bets.

Potential Costs

Most roulette systems that fall under the best category have a price. You can expect to run across some type of fee or installment before you can get your hands on a strategy made specifically for roulette machines. It can be a great deal, especially if it is not roulette software. However, you still have to pay some cash up front to access the complete list of instructions that can help you win even if it is against roulette in the bookies.

You need to consider whether the roulette system is worth the price of admission. The catch is that you can never really tell if it is worth the risk unless you purchase the roulette system. You can go as far as you look for reviews, but they are as useful and reliable as the roulette system claims.

Why You Play Roulette

The best roulette system you find and pay for can have the success rate of over 90%. If it does not meet your purpose in playing roulette, however, then it is like betting the farm on a single number. Some roulette systems claim to target long-term winnings while others promise to help you win if you play it smart in the short run. Depending on why you use a roulette machine strategy, any betting system can be the best one all along. Roulette systems that flexibly work online, in the bookies, or in casinos can be the best and smart choice.


Why Knowing How to Beat the Roulette Machine is Important

Though there are enough cases to prove that strategies against roulette do not always work, people still look for information on how to beat the roulette machine. Tricks and tips are available and anyone can use them to become a better player. By using a strategy, you won’t exactly end up with a dramatic win, but you will have a system of approaching the game. Even casual roulette players who know better than to rely on tactics, unconsciously follow a scheme. The reasons go deeper than just winning.

It is Not Enough to Follow the Rules

To play a board game, you need to know the rules. The reason you learn the rules is so that you can manipulate them to your advantage. You can formulate special moves based on what you can and cannot do.

Knowing how to beat the roulette machine comes from the same logic. You explore methods that do not violate house rules. For most players, they not only need to keep in line with playing the game, but they also need to play it smartly.

To Prove Something

People play roulette for the risk, but more than that, they play to prove they can overcome it. It could also be to test their luck. The only way to check your dormant fortune is to play roulette, a game of pure chance and luck.

Something else you can prove is the capability of a betting strategy. The only way to prove a system works is to put it to the test by betting on an online roulette game. If the results do not follow through with expected calculation, then you can take it a step further in a real casino setting with betting real money.

Expectations that Do not Involve Fun

If you have realistic expectations every time you play a game of roulette such as not winning much, then you just might be in it for fun. When you plan to earn more than what is realistically possible using a slew of betting systems, then you might be playing for something else. It could be because gambling is your day job. Another likely reason is that you truly believe that you will hit pay dirt soon. You know it is going to be today since just the other day you came so close to a winning streak.

Looking for Ways to Defeat the Machine is a Habit

Even though you swore it is better to play roulette without a game plan, you would go against your resolve if looking for ways to beat the house is a constant in your life. You can’t just waltz in a casino or go online to play roulette without some kind of system. If playing roulette is addicting, looking for ways in beating it can also become habitual.

Knowing how to beat the roulette machine is important for some since they can’t rely on luck alone. Strategies and tips are all they have against a constant house edge so you can’t blame them for trying. Even though they know that most of these strategies don’t always work, they still use betting systems. For them, it is the only way to get the best out of the game.

Roulette Machine Cheats and The Associated Risks

Roulette comes in forms other than the one you’d find in land-based gambling establishments. The game is not only diverse in terms of physical design and gameplay, but also the medium on which it is played. What gets the most attention these days is roulette played in digital media.

Live Roulette Alternatives: Online Roulette and Roulette FOBTs

Online roulette is the most popular alternative. As its moniker suggests, it is played over the Internet and not in a physical casino. It has become well-known for bringing roulette to the online masses, specifically to those roulette enthusiasts who cannot afford to play the game in the casinos.

Another alternative to live casino roulette are roulette fixed odds betting terminals, or roulette FOBTs. These are roulette betting machines that can be found in betting shops run by bookmakers. This form of roulette is not legal in many countries around the world due to the fact that it has odds fixed in such a way that the bookie takes more benefit. Nevertheless, roulette machines enjoy steady popularity in the UK, as well as in many other countries where bookies can legally operate.

In any case, roulette never ceased to be known as a game that can be won when played “correctly”. People eager to win money in roulette made use of strategies and systems that can possibly help them beat the game if luck allows it. Others do away with what’s legal and decide to do what works best: cheating. Indeed, it’s the only effective way to win roulette, as everything else depends on luck. This is especially true in the case of heavily-rigged roulette machines.

2 Roulette Machine Cheats

There are but a few roulette machine cheats. These all hinge on the fact that roulette played on FOBTs are software and that these machines have rigged odds, and thus predictable patterns. The most prevalent tactic used by roulette FOBT cheaters however, is the use of hidden hacking tools.

These hacking tools are basically small computers that are connected to the betting terminal. They are connected to the hardware in whatever way possible. These computers then find their way into the roulette software’s programming, altering the odds in favor of the cheating bettor. These hacking tools are hard to come by in the market, as legit developers tend to put them to their own personal use only.

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Another popular cheating method is prediction systems. The ones considered as cheats are those developed around the same algorithm as the FOBT’s roulette software. Most of these come off as questionable however, both in terms of legitimacy and effectiveness.

Cheating a roulette machine is very risky, as the penalties of being caught cheating the FOBT always involves imprisonment and permanent ban to all bookies and casinos. Fines are also taken from the swindler, and this varies according to local gambling laws. In addition, bookies tend to file lawsuits however much the amount was stolen from them, adding up to the cheater’s financial burden.

Now the lesson here is that it is entirely possible to cheat a roulette machine. However, that illegal practice should never be acted out as the consequences can be financially straining. Staying on at the good side of the law may not earn you quick money, but at least you won’t risk going down the poverty pit fast.