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How to Let Your Roulette Fantasy Come True

In the beginning, roulette can only be played at land based casinos. Nevertheless, it still is very popular among casino goers. It has definitely proven its popularity with the number of players who have tried playing it before and those who are playing it at present. Now that roulette is also available in online casinos, millions of people can now put their roulette fantasy into a reality by playing it at the convenience of their own homes.

Free Games Available

While you cannot see free roulette games being offered in land based casinos, it is something that you would often see in online casinos. The purpose of which is to become a ground of practicing the game. Here, players can play or practice without the need for putting any real money bets.

Same Amount of Excitement

While you can play online roulette wherever you are, it would be interesting to ask if one would feel the same amount of excitement a player gets when he plays in  a land based casino. Considering that this roulette fantasy allows you to play at home, but still under the same roulette mechanics and rules, then it definitely feels the same.

The only difference with online roulette and roulette in land based casinos is the fact that you do not need to worry about what dress to wear when you go to the casino. You do not even have to take a shower and make sure you look good to be able to play online roulette. You also do not need to wait to arrive at a casino before you can play, as you only need to sit down in front of your computer and sign up to an online casino to start playing immediately.

Knowing When to Stop

Similar to when you are playing in casino establishments, you also need to have the right gaming attitude when playing online. The most important thing you need to learn is knowing the right time to stop playing or when to continue playing. You do this by setting a limit on your budget. Being a game of luck, you will not know if you would be able to take home some winnings or end up several dollars poorer. Your maximum budget must only be the amount of money that you can afford to lose. This means that you must not use the money that you have allocated for paying utilities or your credit card bills.

In order for you to fully enjoy this roulette fantasy, some websites have actually given options for personalization of background music and some animation on your character for playing. Before you do that however, always make sure that you are only playing with an authentic website. Doing so will protect you from getting scammed of your winnings and also give you a more pleasurable gaming experience.

Casino Games and Variants of Roulette Games

People would always have separate opinions regarding casino games. There are both good and bad feedbacks, but in general, casino games are just another type of leisure activity. Why do online or actual casino games hold a special charm?

Where and when did it all start? Playing for stakes in the hope of winning a valuable prize has started since ancient civilization. Anyone can freely speculate that modern games of chance trace back to the early Egyptian or Chinese periods. The sport of laying odds has traveled throughout history for ages that it’s no longer a novel gaming idea.

It’s amusing to think how certain pastimes and hobbies came about from unusual origins. Most casino games have vague histories, while others have clear yet likewise bizarre roots. Roulette is only one of the many casino games, which have interesting histories.

Origins of the Casino Game Roulette

A famous mathematician who went by the name of Pascal created the Roulette wheel. This now gaming device was supposed to be a perpetual motion device. Instead of a machine that creates energy for homes, it ended as a device to generate cash, fun, and enjoyment. Even if the original roulette wheel served its official purpose and actually sustained motion, it can also generate money. It wouldn’t churn out results as instantly compared to when there’s betting involved though.

European and American roulette are widely used in land based casinos. Online, however, there are different variants of roulette games. The other common forms of roulette found online include French, racetrack, and mini roulette.

European Roulette

Some major differences divide the European and American versions of roulette. The contrast between the two exceeds dress style and mere glamour on the casino floor. Many perceive European roulette to be more leisurely than the American counterpart does. European roulette has a single green ‘0’ on the table. The trademark of American roulette is having both a single zero and double zero values.

Although the difference is subtle, the effect on the odds of winning is huge. European roulette rules are very easy to understand, and the betting grid has a simple layout. The presence of only one ’0′ number means that European roulette offers some of the best odds to the player out of all of the roulette variants.

American Roulette

Many casino game players view American Roulette as less popular than the European version just because of an extra pocket. This extra pocket contains the extra double zero number thrown in to create an added house advantage. Despite the bonus change to the well-developed wheel, the table layout is the same for both American and European roulette games. Roulette players soon changed their perception of American roulette when they realized that the house edge doesn’t affect the betting success. Once American roulette gained popularity, the means of accessing casino games expanded as well. Casino and American roulette games were able to reach the online community together with the advent of technology.

French Roulette

French roulette stood out as the ancestor of European and even American roulette games. Although French roulette is also known as European roulette, they are not entirely the same game. French roulette has its distinct details from the European roulette table. The numbers on the French roulette table are set straight through the center of the grid. There are two split sides for outside bets on the table where the red, black, even, odd bets or outside betting section run along the sides of the table. This type of set up is available for players who prefer the French roulette table to the European one.

Racetrack Roulette

This roulette variant has similar names such as ‘Roulette Pro,’ ‘Roulette Gold’ or other names online casinos allot it. Racetrack roulette has the same basic game rules and mechanics used in both French and European Roulette. Although there’s an additional betting area or racetrack above the main grid where known there are number combinations. That’s what sets Racetrack roulette apart. The odds for winning are the same but the racetrack makes betting for a set of numbers easier like a neighbor’s bet where numbers appear adjacent on the wheel.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is not exactly a common roulette variant since it’s relatively new. It’s a smaller version of roulette that’s mostly available in online casinos. The differences between the other roulette games lie in the wheel size and the number of slots. Since it’s a scaled down roulette variant, there are fewer betting types and number combinations available to bet on or try out. This type of roulette game also has a bigger house edge compared to the other more common versions.

Even with the different variety of games that you can play on roulette, only one fact remains. The game is just so inviting that it attracts a lot of gamblers whether in online or land based casinos.

How to Choose a Free Online Casino Roulette Site

Finding free online casino roulette sites is easy as clicking search. What you have to look out for is ending up playing roulette on a site that does not give you an authentic roulette experience. Even though you are playing roulette online, that does not mean you have to cut back on standards. Roulette is a game of luck, but choosing a gambling site does not have to rely on chance. When you find the roulette site that offers the full roulette experience, it is as if you have just won real money on a free play.

Choose Roulette Sites With The Best Bonuses

It is difficult to scroll past a free online casino roulette site that offers the best bonuses. One thing that takes the fun out of bonuses is the limited time offer. Although it is only fair for online casinos to impose restrictions on great deals, it would be better if big bonuses were available year round. Some amateur roulette players who have only played on land-based casinos might feel skeptical about online roulette at first. That would no longer be the case after understanding that they cannot possibly lose in roulette with generous bonuses.

Select Sites That Offer Plenty of Roulette Games

Online roulette has an edge and that is the different twists added on the traditional game of chance. You can play European or French Roulette. You can even check out French Roulette Gold, which has better features than traditional table roulette.

There is also mini roulette, which only has half the numbers of a regular roulette wheel. It is important to find casinos that offer different types of roulette to make your time online worth it. If you are going to play roulette, you might as well play the other games not normally found in a land casino.

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Fast and Secure Payouts

This is by far the most important consideration in choosing a roulette site. After using the instant play option, you just might sign up with the casino. If the online roulette site you sign up with does not process quick or instant payout, then you can say goodbye to the no deposit or welcome bonus. You will not get to enjoy playing roulette if you are on the fence about getting cash out on time.

Even if a casino guarantees faster payouts, you would have to worry about security. When the online casino assures you that they have fast and secure payouts, expect some hidden limit, issues, or condition. Find online casinos that do not just offer fast and secure same day casino payouts, but also back up what they claim.

User Experience

Read reviews and drop by free online casino roulette forums. There is no guarantee that you will find unbiased opinions in those online hubs, but it does not hurt to do some light reading to get a general idea. You can also learn about an online roulette site’s user experience by asking friends or other online roulette players.

Roulette Patterns for Winning at Roulette

Roulette can be a very addicting game because of the excitement it offers to its players. This is the main reason why there are millions and millions of people worldwide who are either playing or interested in playing the game. Apart from the excitement it brings, roulette players can also enjoy taking home some cash once they discover some effective roulette patterns that will help them win.

One quick note, players must make sure that they completely understand the mechanics of the game before they even think about trying out roulette strategies. Also, they must always set out a specific budget before they even think of playing. It will help them determine the amount they are willing to spend when trying out these strategies. This way, they avoid going out of their budget and risk spending any amount of money that they are supposed to spend in paying their bills.

How A Pattern Works

Getting more wins and avoiding losing bets is the aim of every roulette player. This is why most of them look for roulette patterns which will enhance their chances of winning. To ensure that these patterns can work for you, a complete familiarity with the game is needed. By knowing the rules, types of betting that you can use, you have an edge over the other players on the roulette table.

Players can also take advantage of the availability free online roulette games to practice their betting skills in the game. First time players can use it to practice playing the game, while veteran players can sharpen their skills in playing. If you know all the aspects about roulette, you can more or less feel you have control over the game and not let the game take control over you.

What Are These Patterns

Patterns are roulette strategies. There are various roulette strategies that players can use and it has already existed even before online roulette existed. They were not created to give all players a hundred percent sure win, but improve their chances of winning roulette games. While roulette is a game of luck, and we know that it is difficult to beat luck, it is still much better if a player has a game plan.

Some strategies that you can try are the Martingale system, D’Alembert system, Fibonacci system, Paroli system and Laboucher system. You may find some information on how to use these different systems by reading some materials online.

Players have to realize that if you are searching for roulette patterns that will give you a guaranteed higher chance at winning, you will never find one. However, there are really some systems that can help minimize your losses, especially if you fully understand how the system works and how it can affect your chances of winning.

Why There Is No Such Thing as a Secret Roulette System

If you see a blog or video that promises to reveal a secret roulette system, resist clicking on it. A roulette system cannot be secret if someone decides to share or publish it online. Online and traditional roulette both share the same features. The house edge is constant and the same rules apply save for different online variations. Reputable casinos do not rig roulette games and there might be biases they cannot sometimes detect, but above all, it has nothing to reveal. If it has, someone will probably anticipate keeping the info concealed.

Secret System Videos for Roulette

A common form of the secret roulette system found online is in the form of a video. Two videos on different video sharing sites are currently available. They are by different authors and feature different strategies.

Another Martingale System

One of the roulette systems suggests a type of betting method that resembles the Martingale. The author claimed to win 100 dollars after a few minutes. What the roulette player in the video seemed to do is double the units on an outside bet, which is black in this case.

Gambler’s Fallacy System

Another video suggests the idea of a gambler’s fallacy. The one who made the video instructs other players to track past spins and use the history of roulette outcomes to come up with a winning strategy. He explains that the past spins in the video features numbers that belonged to the first and third dozen sections, but not the one in the middle. He uses that basis to place a bet on the section that is yet to come up. This is gambler’s fallacy since it suggests that players should believe that a result is due because of past results.

The roulette wheel and the ball has no memory of past spins. The ball will not suddenly land on black just because it is tired of landing on red numbers. The chances of a number coming up is still constant just as betting on both red and black on the outside makes you end up with the same number of units you placed on the table.

Roulette Systems that are Truly Secret

If a roulette system were truly secret, it would be one of those that do not sound like the Martingale or any offshoot of known systems. It has to be original and guarantee at least a 95% success rate. Most system sellers claim their betting method have success rates higher than that. What you find yourself looking at in the end is a slightly different type of progressive betting system.

Another point to consider about looking for a secret roulette system is the author or system seller’s purpose. If they can use the secret system they discovered to win millions on roulette, why would they share it? The answer is that it does not really work and the only way they can make money off a system is by selling it to people. Slapping on words such as secret and best roulette system comes easily.

Learning How to Play Roulette and Win

First time casino players will most likely play games like the slot machine, blackjack or roulette. These are three of the easiest games to play in a casino. A new player can easily learn how to play roulette and win. While new players find it very easy to learn how to play the game, but the majority have problems getting a win. If you are a new roulette player and interested in learning how to play and win at the same time, read on.

Learning the Basics of the Game

It is very important for a player to know the basics of roulette before even playing his first game. There are two types of roulette games that a player can play. There is the American roulette and the European or French version of roulette. The difference between these two versions are the number of slots on the wheel. There are38 numbers for the American roulette wheel (consisting of a double zero, zero and the numbers 1 to 36). The European roulette wheel only has 37 numbers (consisting of a zero and the numbers 1 to 36). Depending on what wheel you are playing on, the house edge can go up or down.

Learning Where to Place Your Bets

When you start playing roulette, you need to learn how to play roulette and win. The moment the dealer at the roulette table starts spinning the wheel, you need to be quick in deciding where to place your next bet, together with the other players on the table. There are different types of bets that a player can choose from. A straight up bet is when a player bets on a single number . There are also the combination bets where players will place their chips on several numbers that are situated next to each other on the table. Players can also do a column, red/black, odd/even, thirds and halves. The type of bet that a player uses also has a corresponding payout. Straight up bets are more difficult to win and have a higher payout as compared to combination bets.

Finding the Secret to Win at Roulette

Although we see a lot of roulette strategies being advertised and offered online for roulette players to take advantage of while playing, we need to keep in mind that this is a game of chance. A game of chance will not have a guaranteed way to win. If there was an existing strategy that players could use to always guarantee a win at roulette, then casinos will have to simply eliminate this game. These establishments exist to make money and not to give out money to players.

Roulette players need to condition their minds that roulette was created for the purpose of fun and pleasure. As they play the game, they need to know that they will be taking a lot of risks. Losing is part of the game and they must not get mad when they do. While it is best to keep on trying until you win at roulette, getting yourself the right information and learning how to play roulette and win will be your best bet.

Simple Roulette Random Number Generator vs. Free Online Roulette Machine Games

With a standoff between roulette in bookies and roulette in the casino, free online roulette machine games might be the clear winner to some. You can choose from French, European, and American roulette online, but roulette machine games present another variety you can enjoy playing. Playing roulette random number generator, on one hand, means expecting little to no surprises. Still, some people prefer the lack of variety in that type of roulette. The disadvantages and advantages can differ between casino and bookies roulette even though both are completely random.

Advantages of Playing Roulette Machine Games

1. You Can Plan Your Strategy Better

When you play free online roulette machine games, it is as if you are playing in a betting shop even though you are just playing roulette in your computer at home. With this setup, you can focus on the game and not feel distracted by other roulette players. When you play roulette games at home, you get to make better decisions.

2. You Have the Chance to Play Two or More Games of Chance at the Same Time

Playing roulette online means you can choose from familiar variations of the game such as European and American roulette. When you play roulette machine games, it means choosing a newer type of roulette such as roulette slots. It is the perfect game for frequent casino goers since roulette and slots are two of the most popular games in casinos and betting shops.

3. You Will Get to Know Different Roulette Systems

Some roulette systems work against European roulette while others work against American roulette. When you can choose from the variety of roulette games, you can also choose and discover new methods that work against it. You might even be able to create your own roulette system that works against traditional roulette.


1. It Can Be Difficult to Understand New Roulette Games

Since you will most likely run into a roulette game combined with another game of chance, expect the rules to be different. The added bonuses and twists are not something you see in traditional roulette. Some players are bound to find the new instructions difficult to follow.

2. Too Much Lights and Sounds Can Distract You.

Many online gambling sites will offer you roulette machine games free of charge and promise you exciting visual and sound effects. A game of roulette slots can be visually straining for some players. If you are used to playing traditional roulette online at a steady pace, then it is better to stick to a roulette random number generator.

Advantages of Playing Casino Roulette Online

1. You Can Play Roulette Even Without a Strategy

In traditional roulette, you already know the odds of winning when making a certain bet. With roulette games played in bookies, the odds are trickier to calculate. Even if you do not pay up for the roulette game, you still will not get to enjoy if you cannot see yourself win.

2. You Can Use Roulette Software

You can use roulette software to help you track spins, make smart bets, and control the bankroll. You cannot use roulette software against online roulette machine games. When you play traditional roulette online, you can also use roulette systems that can help you win some profit easily.

3. It is Possible to Find a Pattern with a Random Number Generator

Random number generators create the results for slots, roulette machines, and online roulette. There are roulette systems that use this randomness to predict where the ball will land. There are not a lot of roulette systems that can exploit that randomness and predict roulette machine games. Although it is risky to hack roulette online or in bookies, the former is easier to carry out.


1. The Game Can Be Boring

A free roulette game that runs like a roulette simulator can be boring. With roulette machine games, you often get to face challenges. You will also encounter spin-offs of the original game that will force you to think out of the box.

2. Your Odds of Winning are Still the Same

Although free online roulette machine games entertain with flashy effects and novelty, your odds of winning will still be the same. It may seem as if roulette random number generator is easier. However, both games are completely random and follow the principles of traditional roulette.

Understanding the Roulette Payout System

There are many folks who gamble simply for the sake of winning. They’d enjoy the thrills and excitement inherent in every single game of chance, but the ultimate goal is always profit. Fun therefore is merely a bonus. A win in any gambling game can be large for quite a small capital, assuming that the bettor wins upon his or her first bet.

Gamblers Seek Profit from Roulette

This holds true to the players of roulette, a very popular game of chance known for its complete randomness. The game attracts its players with its very simplistic design, and keeps them at the table with its perceived winnability. Roulette can give as much as 47.2% chances of winning, and many roulette systems and strategies were created to “exploit” it. These odds and the methods made to exploit it are more than enough to mesmerize many profit-seeking gamblers.

Many gamblers understand such odds and the rules of roulette. Even first timers should be able to learn which betting space on the easily comprehensible roulette betting layout is the most profitable and which is not. This hinges not only in the understanding of roulette’s underlying probabilities but also on the knowledge of roulette’s payouts.

Explaining the Roulette Payout

For the benefit of those who do not know, what is a roulette payout? To make it simple, a roulette payout is the monetary reward a player receives after his or her bet successfully comes up in a spin. Like in any other gambling sport, roulette’s payout is first handed out in the form of valued chips, which can be exchanged into real cash whenever the bettor wishes.

Knowing the table layout is necessary to further understand the roulette payout system. The spaces in the table can be categorically divided into two: the outside and inside bets. Inside bets are the numbers “inside” the table. That is, it is surrounded by the outside bets, the wheel, and the dealer. There are 36 spaces for the inside bets, but each number only pays 35 units to one thanks to roulette’s house advantage. This decreases as more spaces are covered by the bet. To be more specific, covering two spaces can yield 17 times the amount wagered, three covered spaces can yield 11, four spaces can give you eight, and six spaces can make one win five times his or her bet.

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Outside bets meanwhile are those located near the edge of the table, next to the players’ seats. These bets are known to have the highest frequency of winning and the lowest winning odds. We can divide these into two types: even money and dozens. Even money bets – red, black, even, odd, low numbers, and high numbers – have almost fifty-fifty winning odds, and pays out the same amount as that of the bet placed on any of them. Dozens meanwhile denote the sets of bet of the same name and columns. These pay twice the bet placed, but have winning odds of around 30%.

Despite its apparent complexity, the roulette payout system can be very easy to understand. Having knowledge in this is essential if you wish to make profit in roulette, as you’ll be able to know where you should bet to maximize the money you can make.