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How to Find the Best Online Roulette Casino to Avoid an Online Casino Roulette Scam

The majority of us enjoy doing things online nowadays. Whether it involves online shopping, paying bills, or even playing roulette, things are done much easier with the Internet. Playing roulette online is much more convenient for players as compared to playing in a brick and mortar casino. While it may be convenient to play online, players are sometimes wary of becoming victims of an online casino roulette scam. The experiences of scam victims must not hinder you from playing your favorite game online. Just remember, that when you want to play online, you need to know how to find the best online roulette casino. Below are some useful tips on how to find the best casino to play online roulette.

Do Your Own Online Research

The Internet has really been a great help for people who need information. With a simple search, we are able to find answers to our questions. Roulette players can take advantage of this in trying to find the best online roulette casino. All they need to do is use their favorite search engine, do a little search and wait for it to give them a number of results. Once they already have a list of casinos, they need to examine their websites carefully.

When examining the website of these online casinos, it is important to check for certificates. These websites make use of a software to regulate their games, but patrons of these websites are protected from an online casino roulette scam because the software they use are checked and verified by the online gaming and gambling boards. Hence, players will have to look for this certificate within the website of the online casino, to verify their authenticity. A legit casino would proudly display this certificate within the front page of their website.

Join Roulette Forum Discussions

When you join roulette forums online, you can get tips from expert roulette players. They may also recommend online casino websites that they trust. These forums can also provide you with a list of websites that you must stay away from so you won’t get scammed. Joining a forum is easy and free. Try to be friendly and make friends with other forum members.

Through these forums, you also get valuable tips from the experts, that you can apply in your game play. These professional roulette players would also gladly share some techniques that you can use so you can win more games.

Look for User Feedbacks

To find the best casino website to play roulette, you will also need to read some feedbacks that users might have written about these websites. Although some websites may have a dedicated page where you can see feedbacks from people who claim to be members and players, there is no way to verify if these are real feedbacks or fabricated ones to lure players to their website.

The best place to find a reliable feedback about these online casinos is through neutral sites. Try to examine their systems for payment and payout, website design and the availability of their customer support. A reliable casino must have several options available for players as they do monetary transactions. The entire website must also be very easy to navigate for users who want to register to access the features of the website. The customer support must also respond in a reasonable amount of time.

We just have to remember that every time we do online transactions, there is a big chance for us to encounter a scam. When we are doubly vigilant, our chances of falling prey to these scammers are extremely low. The idea that you might get scammed must not hinder you from registering at an online casino. An online casino roulette scam is something that players can avoid if they do not immediately jump into just any casino they see online. It would not really take much of your time to follow the tips given here. In the end, if you get to find the best online roulette casino through careful research, you get a chance to play and enjoy your favorite game without any worries.


Acquiring Important Game Tips From a Roulette Forum

Roulette has really gone a long way. It started as one of the French inventor Blaise Pascal’s attempt at making a perpetual motion machine. The gambling culture later on incorporated its design and created a game specifically for it, thus giving us the irresistible casino game everybody seems to love. At present, roulette has caught up with the wonders of modern technology – it can now be played on the Internet via online casinos, as with so many other gambling sports like slots, poker and blackjack. The local casino no longer holds a monopoly of the game, as it can now be played at one’s most comfortable niche, provided that he/she has access to the World Wide Web.

Ups and Downs of Online Roulette

Playing roulette online can be advantageous, especially to the casual gambler who is more content playing cards with a few good friends or coworkers, than going to bright and bustling land-based casinos. Anyone who wanted to play roulette doesn’t have to travel a long way to go and play the addictive game in a gambling establishment. As such, gamblers are no longer compliant to rules like dressing up in fine garb and don’t have to contend with the casino’s usual discomforts – crowds, noise, annoying individuals and the like – as well. Full privacy is also guaranteed, so online gamblers can play roulette to their hearts’ content wherever they want and in whatever way they wish.

On the down side, online roulette players have limited interaction with other individuals who play the game. This somehow impedes enjoyment for more social players and newbies who are in need of guidance and game advice. The fact that some aren’t really interested in chatting while playing or are probably no more than automated roulette programs doesn’t really help make casual communication a bit easier.

Socialize in Roulette Message Boards

Thankfully, there are plenty of websites that offer visitors access to a roulette forum. These simple message boards are a great place for roulette enthusiasts to hang out, exchange game advices, brag about that latest winning streak or even discuss random things unrelated to gambling like politics, philosophy, art or science, provided they are posted in appropriate sections. There is virtually no limit to the topics and the discussion, so long as the forum’s rules are followed and not a single verbal offense is made. Indeed, these sort of forums can be a very fun and interesting place.

Finding and Joining a Forum to Get Roulette Tips

It’s not really difficult to find forums where you can talk about online roulette. A simple Google search yields at least six million results, with the most active forums dominating the first few pages. These message boards house hundreds of members including roulette veterans who are willing to give precious gambling advice and even freely share tips, tricks and strategies some websites will never offer for free.

Joining a roulette forum is a rather easy task. Typically, all you have to do is to sign up by agreeing to their terms and conditions, followed by a simple account creation process where you have to fill up a short form with necessary information like your username, e-mail address and password. Once these two steps are done, all you have to do is check your e-mail for an account confirmation message where you click a provided unique link to activate the account you’ve just created and finalize your forum membership.

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A Few Reminders Before You Socialize and Ask for Roulette Game Advice

Before you start posting, first review or at least familiarize yourself of Internet etiquette and the forum’s rules – both are important if you don’t want to get in trouble with the administrators and moderator staff.

  1. For starters, always keep an eye on your language. Try your best not to swear even if the forum allows it.
  2. Avoid spamming as well, and by this we don’t mean just those posts meant to advertise something, but also near-empty one-liners (ex. “I agree.”) and posts that were just there for the sake of posting.
  3. Also, never sidetrack forum threads. If the topic is about European roulette, stick to it and don’t insert unrelated posts like one about Hitler and the Nazis.
  4. Lastly, do your best to avoid trouble with fellow members. Settle disputes diplomatically and if you think you are being deliberately trolled, ignore that member and don’t hesitate to report him/her to the moderators.

Always keep in mind that a roulette forum is a place to unwind after experiencing all the excitement or disappointing losses you got from online roulette. Keep it fun, clean and interesting, because you know you’ll be the one to benefit from it in the end.

The 5 Types of Roulette Systems Forum Members

A roulette systems forum is more than just an online discussion dedicated to all types of roulette strategy or betting software. Although some roulette players want to avoid forums as much as possible, it is still a way to exchange information between peers. A forum is the best place to find answers about common roulette questions and concerns.

The answers can range from relevant to plain double talk. Others start a thread to promote personal interests such as their own roulette systems. With each person having a different agenda, you will meet different types of forum members. Which type of roulette player are you?

The Novice

Even though amateur roulette players ask questions often, they are more than just curious. The novice is a forum member who feels that the only way to win roulette despite a lack of experience is by waiting around in a roulette systems forum. Without doubt, this player is already familiar with well-known systems such as the Martingale and other progressive or flat betting systems. Spotting the novice in a forum is difficult, since some members can sound like an amateur roulette player at certain times. You cannot rely on checking the date a member joined since it can barely speak for experience.

The One Liner

This type of forum member gives out answers that do not exceed one sentence or a few words. They are a prevailing presence in almost any type of forum. They often give straightforward solutions that leave the roulette player who started the thread unsatisfied. Forum members that answer with simple one-liners can either leave an impression of being cheeky or simply unhelpful.

The Subtle Publicist

Every forum that features roulette has a good number of publicists, or to put it simply, system sellers. They are undetectable just like the novice, especially if they want to pass off as one. Their objective is to make people aware of a roulette expert, system, blog, software, casino, and merchandise.

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Publicists post the link of an online casino or a website and as a result, boost the click-through rate. It is somewhat difficult to spot a publicist because they provide detailed answers unlike the one-liner. Even though their answers sound skeptical, the tone of their posts is positive and helpful. That is why some members easily trust them.

The Mathematical Expert

This forum member uses math, physics, and statistics to explain why a system just will not work. Many find their posts impressive because some roulette players are not that good in calculating probabilities. Some of them only know how to work out the odds of certain bets and the resulting profit after winning a certain amount. Mathematical experts provide overly detailed answers, but their posts sometimes take up the whole thread.


The veterans are long-standing members of a roulette systems forum. With their broad roulette experience, they can give you a straightforward answer just like those that post one-liners. The difference is that they include a decent explanation. Veterans are responsible for supplying helpful answers that roulette players look for in a forum.

Roulette Robot: Are There Programs That Can Win at Roulette

These days, it cannot be denied that roulette is the most popular game in both online and land based casinos. To win the game, a roulette player needs to correctly guess on what color or number of the wheel the ball will eventually land on as soon as the wheel stops rotating. While this is a game of luck, players do have a 50-50 chance of winning and there are roulette programs like the roulette robot which players can use to win at roulette.

Why Players Need to Be Familiar With Roulette First

With the large number of players already playing roulette and more still interested to learn and eventually start playing it, the Internet has become a go to place for reading materials related to roulette. Different resource materials can be found online, which makes it easy for anybody interested to learn about roulette.  Veteran players can also search for ideas and strategies that can help them get more wins.

Players must first know that they need to give priority on knowing all the important facts about the game before they must begin looking around for roulette programs. Among the facts that they need to know are the two types of roulette games that they can play and the type of betting systems that they can do. Knowing these facts will help players make very important decisions when they play the game. Decisions that can make them win more games.

Choosing a Program To Use

It cannot be denied that there are roulette programs that has helped roulette players get more wins in roulette. The moment they get full knowledge about the game, it is easier to choose what technique they can use for beating roulette. The roulette robot is an automated program that will help players create their own customized betting system. It helps in gathering data like the results and bets history. Data that players can use in helping them with future bets. This software can be easily downloaded and tried for free.

This software is just one of the many available programs that roulette players can use. There are other programs that players can choose to help them with their game. However, no matter what the makers of this program may claim, it is still best to do your own research and investigation if it can indeed help.

Look for reviews or join roulette forum discussions and talk to fellow roulette players who might have tried the roulette robot program. However, you have to keep in mind, that no matter what type of program you may decide to eventually use, the best thing to do is to determine your budget when playing this game and sticking to it. This simply means that you will still enjoy playing the game with or without using a program, because you will surely not go over your budget.