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Online Roulette Gambling – A Great Alternative to Live Roulette

Gambling used to be an activity that was limited to the living room and the casino. The Internet has changed all that. This new medium of communication has seen increasingly widespread usage during the past decade. Casinos and gambling entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this, creating online casinos that have extended the reaches of roulette and furthered its fame.

Online gambling has built up a massive audience from all over the World Wide Web. This is because online gambling establishments have introduced to the Internet the most popular games in land-based casinos. Among these is roulette, a game of chance that has established an imposing presence and amassed a very large following throughout its two hundred years of existence.

Many love roulette, yet not all roulette enthusiasts can regularly have fun with the game, due to the relative scarcity of casinos. This is no longer the case when online gambling establishments made the game accessible to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. Now this is a win-win situation for both gamblers and online casino proprietors. Gamblers away from a gambling establishment can now play roulette regularly while the entrepreneurs behind online casinos quickly received an audience from this.

The Roulette Client: The Table in 1s and 0s

Unlike live roulette, online roulette is played on a downloadable online client. This client is a desktop application that emulates the way roulette is played in a physical casino table. An online roulette client can be downloaded in any online gambling establishment or file sharing sites. They may either come for free or may only be accessed after the user has fully registered in the online roulette site.

Typically, it has a graphical roulette wheel and betting layout, both commonly displayed in isometric view so as to give the feel of an actual table. It is also clad in menus and relevant figures such as the amount of time played and number of credits on hand. These may break what miniscule immersion the game can provide but they’re very useful tools in keeping track of the player’s activity.

How is Online Roulette Played?

Online roulette gambling is basically the same as playing the game in live casinos. The player makes a bet, the wheel is spun, and the ball is rolled in order to determine whether or not the player’s bet wins. However, the game lacks a dealer, and as it is, the player has plenty of control on the game. The gambler can bet in whatever way he or she want, with as much time allocated to the betting process as possible. However, the player remains incapable of influencing the outcome, which is a product of the system’s random number generation program instead of the laws of physics.

Payouts after an online roulette gambling session is often sent directly to the player’s credit card or medium he or she uses to transact money online. This is possible because most online casinos ask for credit card information and the like upon registration.

As you can see, online roulette gambling is no different to playing live casino roulette. They may look strikingly different but it’s all on the surface, making the former a good alternative to roulette enthusiasts who have no access to a land-based casino.

How to Find a Safe Online Roulette Download

People once have no choice but go to a casino in order to fully enjoy roulette. However, time passed and the rapidly advancing Internet technology has brought roulette to a new level. Online casinos sprung into existence as the Internet becomes a mainstream medium of information exchange. These casinos brought many popular casino games with them, among which is roulette.

What is Online Roulette?

Online roulette is now just as popular as its counterpart in land-based casinos. There are of course, many reasons for its popularity. One of these is the fact that it carried over the classic casino game’s simplicity and fast-paced gameplay online, enabling players to intuitively play it despite its many menus and features. Another is the good possibilities of earning money from the game, which is simply natural to roulette. Last, and perhaps the best thing about online roulette is that it made the game a lot more accessible than it used to.

Apart from a free version, online roulette can’t usually be played in an online casino website. They all have to be played on a desktop application called a roulette client. This is to ensure secure transactions and untampered play as it basically detaches itself from its parent website which can always be exploited by someone with adequate hacking skills.

Things to Consider Before Downloading an Online Roulette Client

Thus, online roulette clients have to be downloaded from the gambling website or an online file sharing service. While many of these roulette downloads are perfectly legitimate and safe, there are even more that can come off as questionable and potentially dangerous to your computer. Here are a few considerations for you to find out whether an online roulette download is safe or otherwise:

1. Check the website design.
The first thing you always have to look up is the design of the website from which you download the client. If it looks like it hasn’t updated for ten years – that is, having basic layout and outdated graphics – move on and find a different online roulette site. Websites with too many popups or are seemingly forcing you to download their client are also best avoided.

2. If downloading from file sharing sites, check the comments and ratings.
Legitimate file sharing sites tend to feature a comment section and allows users to rate their downloads. As such, a safe roulette download will typically have a four to five star rating and zero comments that proclaim it as unsafe.

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3. Check the file size.
Typical online roulette client installers come at around 1Mb. A roulette download that’s only a few kilobytes huge should be avoided as it might be a nasty script that can tamper with your computer. If it comes at several hundred megabytes meanwhile, it’s either a bloated version of the real thing or a whole city of malware. Either way, avoidance is still the wisest decision.

4. Check the file extension.
Oftentimes, file extensions make great warning flags of an impending malware infection. If the supposed client comes in .com, .exe, .scr, or .vbs, you better think twice before downloading it. Having a browser antivirus extension helps a lot in screening downloads with any of these common malware extensions. Safe downloads usually come in plain or compressed folders which you can easily scan in your desktop.

Before downloading a roulette client, it is always best to determine if it is a legitimate roulette download or not. It’s better to be patient and safe than have your PC infected with tons of malware due to a moment’s mistake.