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Roulette Strategies that can Get You Profit

If you’re into casino gambling, you’ve most likely have experienced at least one loss in roulette. It can’t be avoided really, since roulette, like many other games in the casino, is a gambling sport and is governed by chance. Roulette has rather high odds of winning when compared to other casino games but still, the probability of losing is equal to or even outweigh that of winning.

So is there any single way to increase your chances of beating the house? This question may have been bugging you ever since you’ve noticed you are actually losing more money than you can win in roulette. Well yes, there actually are proven methods, not to help you win that spin, but instead profit in roulette or at least keep that hard-earned money at the end of the day.

Can Strategies Win Roulette

Before we begin, allow us first to point out that there is no such thing as a strategy that can guarantee a consistent win even for just a few spins, nor is there any system that can tell you what exactly is the winning number. Roulette, as previously stated, is purely a game of chance. Even if you are some sort of mathematics prodigy and study it thoroughly, you’ll more or less arrive at Einstein’s conclusion around half a century ago, stating that “the only way to beat roulette is to steal the money when the dealer’s not looking.”

Four Effective Roulette Betting Strategies

There are four proven roulette strategies that you can apply to your bets, each with its own pros and cons. Read on and see which one best fits your playing style.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale system is the most commonly employed of the four roulette strategies. As of now, it already has numerous derivatives, some of which have been put up in the Internet for sale. This system is progressive, meaning you start out with really small bets then gradually increase it after every loss until you hit a win, after which your bet is decreased if you managed to make consecutive wins. This makes the whole strategy risky, as your bankroll may hit rockbottom even before you can make the correct bet. However, it only takes one win for you to recover all those losses plus gain a profit equal to you’re the amount you put into your winning bet.

Labouchere Strategy

The Labouchere is popular with seasoned roulette veterans for its simplicity and the sound mathematical theory backing it up. However, this is only applicable to even money bets like odd and even. To begin with, you first have to write down a line of small starting bets, like 3-1-2-3-4-1-4. Take the numbers at the left and right ends of the line – 3 and 5 in this case – and the sum of those numbers (8) will be the amount you’re going to bet for your first spin. Cross out the two added numbers in the event of a win. Otherwise, keep them as is then write down their sum after the rightmost number. After you’ve crossed out all numbers, you’ll profit by the sum of all numbers in your original line.

Paroli Strategy

The Paroli system is also known as Reverse Martingale for a reason. Unlike Martingale, you’re not decreasing your stakes after a win. Instead, you increase it and keep on progressing. The Paroli can potentially get you better profits than the Martingale, though you may lose all your gambling money faster. Aggressive and cash-strapped players will be very happy with this strategy, which is best used when betting on dozens, columns and lines (three-number inside bets).

Fibonacci Strategy

Amongst all the listed roulette strategies, the Fibonacci is the one whose name we’re most familiar with, assuming you’ve been listening to your high school Algebra teacher. As the name suggests, the progression used in this betting strategy is derived from the Fibonacci sequence. That is, you get the next bet increase by adding the two other bets before it. This system is a lot safer than Martingale, but leaves a rather small room for profit.

The systems we’ve just detailed above are all tested and proven by experienced roulette veterans. Sure, you can profit using any of these provided you’ve met the right circumstances and Lady Luck’s favor, but these are without flaws so never treat them as silver bullets. Finally, remember that to actually win in roulette, a combination of prudence and self-control is the key.

Is The Roulette Martingale a Winning Roulette Betting Strategy?

Anybody who steps inside a casino only has one goal in mind, and that is to win big. Among the many games that can be found inside a casino, roulette is worth discussing because the probability of winning is quite high. The best selling point of the game is its 50-50 odds of winning, not to mention the simple game design and mechanics. Faced with this fact, players think that this is an easy to win games and are convinced that they can earn an income from it. This prompted a lot of players to try out the roulette martingale, hoping this roulette betting strategy can give them more wins.

A Short Discussion of Roulette Betting Strategy

Different gamblers use different methods to try to win in a game of roulette. There are even some who resort to cheating or make use of gadgets that can help get calculated results. However, the majority of them believe in roulette strategies. Roulette strategies are primarily designed to help roulette players get a win by following some simple guidelines. An example is the roulette martingale that requires players to have consecutive wins. Otherwise, players will need to double their bets after every losing bet.

Most roulette strategies do no teach players where they must place their chips on the roulette table. The strategies actually help them determine when they must put their bets and how much they need to wager. Simply put, these roulette strategies do not rely on luck, but rather uses a mathematical theory which may involve some probabilities and theories.

Aside from finding reliable and working roulette strategies online, players are also faced with bogus or fake strategies that are being sold to them. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for players to determine which one they must trust and use for their gameplay. The safest thing to do is use one that has been around for quite sometime, like the Martingale.

Can the Martingale Be Considered a Winning Strategy

If you are interested to know if the Martingale can help you get more wins at roulette, then read on. Before anything, we need to know how this strategy operates. It is best described as a negative progression strategy. Simply put, a player will have to double a bet after every losing bet. Players are usually advised to start with a small amount to bet. After getting a win, a player will have to start again on the initial bet.

At first glance, the Martingale may sound like a strategy promising a guaranteed win because players only need to get one win to earn profit.However, players need to realize that when using this strategy, it is important to have a good amount of funds for playing. Consecutive loses can easily rob players of their bankroll.

What we are basically trying to point out is that the roulette Martingale can work as a roulette betting strategy if luck would have it for these players. Meaning, whether or not a player uses this strategy or not, he or she will still have the same chance of winning or losing. Nevertheless, it does not totally mean that one has to disregard the use of the Martingale, as it can provide players with a structure to follow when playing the game.

4 Roulette Betting Tactics

Roulette can be easily won, if not for its high house advantage. This characteristic, apart from the simplistic and fast-paced game design, is what drives many to play roulette. Many, in fact, play roulette solely for the sake of winning instead of mere enjoyment, thanks to the few who made their names by “breaking the bank”, or winning all the money in the table.

As such, many can’t help but ask about what should be done in order to win roulette. Some may argue that one should just do nothing but rely on luck. Others meanwhile, think that the roulette wheel can produce a certain pattern of spin results, and the player can win if he can figure it out. Still, some advocate that one can win by predicting the results through the laws of physics.

What Should Really Be Done to Win?

With a bit of thinking however, the most logical conclusion on the problem of winning – that is, making profits – in roulette lies in no other than the way one places his or her bets on the table. That’s not where or what, but how, and here’s why: relying on luck won’t do anything at all, the theory of roulette wheel patterns is no more than fallacious baloney, and roulette wheel prediction is extremely hard to put to practice and only works on paper.

Betting Tactics to Win Roulette

So what roulette betting tactics will give the best possibility of winning in roulette? These are the following:

1. Put your stakes on even-money bets.
Even-money bets are those exclusive pairs of bets wherein one can win while the other loses – in other words, bets with fifty-fifty chances of winning. Well that’s not exactly the probability of winning outside bets in roulette, which comes at a little over 73%, thanks to the presence of the zero which is never covered by roulette’s even-money bets. Still, this is the highest you can get from the game and something you just can’t take for granted. Such bets are the red, black, even, odd, high numbers, and low numbers slots.

2. Bet on dozens and columns.
Dozens, which refer to horizontal groups of twelve bets, and columns, referring to a dozen bets arranged vertically, are also recommended bets. This is mainly because they cover a lot of space in the table, which is also the point of even-money bets.

3. Place bets on numbers within certain sectors of the wheel.
Wheels in European and some American casinos are often divided into certain sectors within which the ball may land. Betting on most or all numbers within these sectors will likely give your chances of winning a boost, especially since your bets aren’t that scattered all over the wheel.

4. Use a roulette betting system.
Roulette systems, though still dependent on chance, are built upon mathematical calculations that ensures profit if their relatively simple conditions are fulfilled. For instance, you’ll only be required to win once with the more aggressive strategies, or a set of times for slower ones. In any case, you get better hopes of making profit, provided that you are lucky enough.

True, you can’t beat chance when playing roulette. However, you can take advantage of the probabilities involved and increase the possibility of winning roulette.

Roulette Strategy – The 5 Most Commonly Used

If you happen to be interested in gambling and are looking it up online, you’ve probably heard all this talk about roulette. If so, you’ve probably noticed thousands upon thousands of articles dedicated to the game, and even websites offering you to play roulette for free or for a fee. Roulette truly is popular and loved by many casino goers, thanks to two main characteristic that makes it stand out amongst other casino games.

How Come Casino Roulette is so Popular?

The first one is the game’s simplicity. Unlike other casino games, roulette is rather uncomplicated. Its simple mechanics make you do no more than place your bets, see the dealer spin the wheel and roll the ball, and hope that the little rolling thing lands on the slot that represents your bet. You may win big or small, but that’s just a bonus, considering how excited you can get during that spin.

The second is the fact that the game offers a relatively higher chance of winning than in some other casino games. In all versions of the game, the odds of winning are at a little above 40%, which would mean about two wins for every five spins. The house edge – or the amount the player loses for every single bet – in most casinos is also pretty low at around 2.7%, though it can be as high as 5.3% in American gambling establishments.

Common Roulette Strategies

Many people have tried to beat the game given how winnable and simple it is. While some are patient enough to look for biased roulette wheels or are hopeless enough to resort to cheating, others create and develop roulette strategies. The legitimate ones amongst these strategies aren’t meant to point you to the exact winning spot where you should put that precious bet. Instead, they merely dictate when you should bet and how much you should put at stake for every spin.

There are five common roulette strategies, and four of these – Martingale, Labouchere, Paroli and Fibonacci – are deemed most effective. Here is a rather brief summary of each.

1. Martingale

The Martingale is a roulette strategy that’s most commonly used by many roulette players. It basically features negative progression, which means that you’ll have to reduce your bet after every win. However, you’ll need to increase your bet after every loss, which makes it very risky as you might run into a long losing streak before you can get a win.

2. Labouchere

This strategy features a cancellation process, where you start with a line up of bets. The sum of the left- and rightmost bet in the lineup shall be your first bet, and the two added numbers should be crossed out in the event of a win. In case of a loss however, the sum is then placed at the end of the line and no numbers have to be crossed out. Renowned for its solid mathematical backing, this is considered safer than the Martingale, and is best suited to even-money bets.

3. D’Alembert

Another commonly-used roulette strategy, the D’Alembert is quite similar in progression to Martingale, except that if you lose, you’ll have to increase your bet by one and if you win, you’ll have to decrease your bet by one until you’re back to your starting stakes. This strategy is applicable to even-money bets.

4. Fibonacci

If you are familiar with this system, it’s because the Fibonacci is based on an algebraic sequence of the same name. The progression is decided by the sum of the two consecutive bets prior to it, e. g. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, and so on and so forth. Like the last two betting strategies, this is best used on even-money bets.

5. Paroli

The Paroli is also known as reverse Martingale system. In this strategy, you’ll have to increase your bet after every win instead of decreasing it. This roulette strategy is best used on dozens and column bets.

Now the question is, can these systems actually win roulette? The simple answer is “No, none of them can.” While these betting strategies can help you know when and in what range you should bet, these strategies can’t really beat the house. As Albert Einstein, perhaps the greatest mind of the last century, said it, “The only way to beat Roulette is to steal the money when the dealer’s not looking.”