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What is the Roulette Assault?

The roulette assault is a new roulette software that has impressive features. This software is fully automated and can actually make 250 spins in a span of one minute. Through the years, there have been various types of software developed by roulette players and enthusiasts themselves, with the hope of getting a better result when playing roulette. Today, more and more roulette players are getting interested about the features that this new software can offer for roulette players. The stunning features of this software will be discussed in this article.

Systems Used by The Roulette Assault Software

This software offers a sleeper system, as one of the several systems that players can use. However, the sleeper system is used in a different way like other automated systems may have. It actually waits for a number of misses on a board section before it starts making bets using a progressive system.

There are also other systems that this software uses, apart from the sleeper system. There is the so called six point divisor system, double dozen system, and progressive singles system. The good thing about this software is that it provides players the option to customize your wager in such a way that it would suit their personal budget.

The Foreplay Mode

The foreplay mode is another feature that this software offers. In this mode, a player can test out the software without actually making real bets. The software is set up in such a way that it spins the wheel and gathers the numbers for data while it plays in a fictitious game. The game is played within the software as it keeps track of the possible balance and settings for betting a player has selected.

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Betting History

Another feature that is available on this software is the Betting History feature. This feature is very handy for players who want to record thousands and thousands of real money spins in order to check if a particular system will work for them. Players are given the option to tweak any system or setting in the software once they have recorded a sufficient amount of spins. They can run it on the analyzer of the software to figure out if the particular system will work to their advantage or not.

Software Update

The software has also been updated that it can now be used when playing in various online casinos. Prior to the update, users of the software had to play only in playtech casinos as the software would not run in other online casinos.

Are you interested to give the roulette assault software a try? There is actually a free trial with no obligation to purchase. The software can be downloaded freely an used for a trial period before players purchase it. There is a money back guarantee which purchasers of the software can avail of should they not be happy with the software.¬

The Martingale System: How Do Roulette Systems Work?

The Martingale System is said to be one of the first roulette systems that were developed and was believed to have been formulated way back during the time when roulette was invented. Despite the game’s evolution, it is a system that has stood the test of time. Roulette can sometimes be referred to as a game that needs a lot of luck. Players can either have good or bad luck while playing. Clearly, everyone prefers to have good luck to win. Although players are aware of this, the majority of them prefer to use a roulette system when playing the game. It is a popular component of the game, but how do roulette systems work?

Players Have Several Options

There is no need to bring a lucky charm with you when you want to play roulette and win. It also does not matter if you are good at playing roulette. It is just impossible to win every time the roulette wheel is spun. However, one very effective tool used by those are able to win more games at roulette is knowing what their options are.

If you are curious to know if roulette systems can help you and also want to find out how do roulette systems work, you must know that there are a number of roulette systems out there. Familiarizing yourself with each one and having a complete understanding of how it works will help answer your question how each of them works.

The Martingale and Its Popularity

Roulette players can choose between traditional and modern roulette systems if they are looking for something that would help them as they play this game. We have the traditional roulette systems that include the Martingale, Labouchere, Paroli, D’Alembert and Fibonacci.

Aside from using roulette systems, players can also utilize some roulette software like the roulette bot pro, roulette killer, roulette assault and break roulette software to help them analyze data. Using it in conjunction with a roulette system makes it much easier to choose what number to place a bet on, with a higher probability of winning.

The Martingale System was developed back in the 1800s. The system was not really created to be used in roulette. It was to be used for a coin game where players need to get the “heads” to get a win. Nevertheless, people thought it would work with a game of luck like roulette. When using the Martingale, a player has to double the amount of the previous bet made, every time a game is lost. The reason behind this, is for a player to immediately get back the amount lost in the previous round, while providing profit which is equivalent to the initial bet.

Available Variations of the Martingale

Even if the Martingale had been already a good system in itself, over the years, variations of this roulette system were developed, but still had the original idea of progressive betting involved. The Grand Martingale System is one variation. It is basically a luxurious twist of the original version. It involves adding one unit or more to your doubled bet after making losing bet. Hence, if a player initially makes a bet of $5, instead of just doubling it to make a $10 bet, a player must make a $11 or $12 bet. Indeed, it is a type of system that must be used only if you have a huge bankroll. Consecutive losses will easily wipe you out of your bankroll.

The other variation of this system is the Reverse Martingale. As the name suggests, it is the opposite of the original way a Martingale betting system is made. In this variation of the system, a bet must be doubled after a win, and not after a loss. So if a player bets $10 and wins, the player should double the bet for the next spin to make it $20. Once a player looses a bet, then the player needs to go back to the initial betting amount.

Even if The Martingale System could not provide a guarantee for a player to win every time they play roulette, it is a good system to use to ensure that players do not walk out losing a lot of money. Knowing how do roulette systems work is just half of what players need, they also need to set their budget before playing the game, so they know when to stop.


Roulette Assault Review – How to Find the Best Online Roulette System

Even if roulette is a game of chance and has the reputation of being unbeatable, players can use roulette strategies to get more wins. Players who are able to find the best online roulette system, definitely have an edge over other players who do not use a system. Especially now that players can already play roulette online, new roulette systems have been developed for playing the game online. One of them is the roulette assault. If this is the first time you have heard of this and you are interested to learn about it, it is best to read a roulette assault review.

Makes Betting a Lot Easier

If you are still looking for the best online roulette system, it may come as a surprise to know that the roulette assault is a relatively popular choice. Nevertheless, no matter how popular a particular system may be, it is still best if you look around for an unbiased roulette assault review. Reviews can easily be found online, and it provides interested players with the information they are looking for. This is also a type of system that is not given for free by its developers. It is a paid system, so it would be safer for interested buyers to read about the product first before spending for it.

The roulette assault is an automated system that sort of works like the roulette bot and helps players in placing their bets on the roulette table. However, price wise, this software is much cheaper than its competitors. You will read about this fact when reading reviews about the roulette assault. You will also discover that it has several programs coded into the software that lets you set up the system, depending on how much budget you have for playing and how you want to place your bets. Other features also include the auto restart when a stop loss is reached. Users can also just with one press of a button, save and load settings, and also set a high and low setting for even bets.

What To Expect from The Roulette Assault

If you are buying the roulette assault software because you want to have a guaranteed hundred percent win every time you play roulette, then you have the wrong reason for purchasing this software. Just like any other roulette system that is being sold online, this software does not guarantee a sure win and you cannot find an online review about it that will assure you of getting a win every time you use it when playing. When you use this program, you will need to strategize your game, input in the software how you want to play your game, run the game and observe.

Again, if you are looking for the best online roulette system, you might want to check a roulette assault review online. Read some of them before you decide on purchasing it. What we can conclude is that the roulette assault can be a very useful tool for trying out different roulette strategies.

A Quick Review of Roulette Assault

Non-gamblers will most likely be led to believe that roulette is a complex game. This casino game, frequented by both high-end and common casino patrons alike, is actually a rather simple betting activity. One only has to make a bet, after which the dealer spins the wheel and rolls the ball in order to determine the winning bettor. It really is quick and short, making it one of the most fast-paced games of chance in every casino.

Roulette’s simplicity has made people think of it as a winnable game. This is further reinforced by the fact that one can make wagers on even-money bets like black and red. These bets are known to have the highest winning odds in roulette, which comes at around 45 to 47%, depending on the version of the game that’s being played.

As such, many try to deliberately win the game through plenty of varying methods and tactics. In the online gambling world, the most popular way to “beat” roulette is the use of online roulette systems. These roulette systems are software that were developed as a means for a roulette bettor to get consistent wins in the game. One of these systems is Roulette Assault.

An Overview of Roulette Assault

Roulette Assault is a roulette bot, or a system that automates roulette betting compatible with the game platforms by primary software provider Playtech as well as those of iGaming, RTG, and Vegas Technology. It is noted for its striking similarity to the Roulette Bot Pro, another system which we might cover in the near future. However, Roulette Assault is known to have more strategies encoded in its programming and is a lot cheaper than the previously mentioned software.

The Roulette Assault is highly customizable, and you can fully configure the system to match your preferences and bankroll. You can input a combination of figures into the software so you can play the game as safe or as aggressive as you want. In addition, you can choose whatever system matches your preferences and you get a total of five options for this matter.

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Does the Roulette Assault Work?

As a software product, yes, it does work. As a roulette-winning tool however, it’s just like any other system. It sadly cannot guarantee wins regardless of the user configuration. Roulette Assault can never affect online roulette’s odds and rather comes the other way around. Roulette is a 100% random game where you certainly won’t win if it’s not your lucky day.

However, this software can be very useful at testing systems, thanks to its free spins option that can be tuned up to as fast as a rapid fire 200 spins per minute rate. This is called the spin analyzer, a very helpful tool that can help you understand which system will be the best for your table behavior and what bankroll can you allot when using a certain system.

If you’re looking for a system which can help you win at roulette, then the Roulette Assault is not for you. However, with five systems in a $47 package that you can easily test in the software application, this roulette bot is recommended as a powerful tool where you can test various roulette systems and determine how you should bet in the future.

Roulette Bandit Torrent: How to Bet on Roulette Using The Roulette Bandit System

The most basic thing that a roulette player must learn is how to bet on roulette. While players can just use their available chips and place them on any number they like on the roulette board and hope to get lucky, there are some strategies and systems that could help them make the right bets and win. It is a fact, though, that no system or strategy has been identified to provide a player with the winnings that they want, but some of them provide players with a guidance on where to place their bets. One well known system is called a roulette bandit system. The roulette bandit is a betting system which can help a player in placing a bet on roulette. You can acquire this by looking for a roulette bandit torrent for downloading.

Since there are several betting systems available for players to use, we would not be able to discuss all of them here. For the purpose of discussing one of them, our main focus is a system called roulette bandit. How can a player bet on roulette using a system called roulette bandit?

A Basic Introduction

It is an extremely simple system which would inform the player the right time to place a bet and on which slot to place a bet. It is one of the five systems that is being used in the roulette assault software. With the roulette assault, a player has the choice of applying the roulette bandit manually or automatically.

Roulette bandit works by looking for any obvious patterns or sequence, using a default threshold of 9. However, this threshold may be adjusted according to the preference of a player. This threshold is important, because a player must always wait to reach the threshold before placing a bet. For example, if you want to make a bet on red or black, using a roulette bandit system, a player must wait for a color to come up 3 consecutive times and must be followed by the other color. If this pattern happens 9 times (or depending on what threshold you select), that is your go signal to bet on the color that appeared consecutively.

Informative Materials

To get an in depth explanation about the system, there are several sources available online. In the roulette assault website itself, there is an explanation of how to bet on roulette and win using a roulette bandit. eBooks are also available for downloading to help you understand the benefits of using such system. A roulette bandit torrent is also available for free downloading.

If you are a person who does not like browsing through various reading materials, you can also try to look for video tutorials on how to use the system. There are videos online that will teach you how to input the right settings for the system if you use it with the roulette assault software.

Advantages of Using the System

This system can be used automatically or manually. For those who want to use it automatically, a software like the roulette assault may be needed. This makes it easier to track any sequences that you may be looking out for.

In using a roulette bandit, a player does not need to use a huge amount for betting. This means that if you make use of this system and lose, you won’t be losing a big amount either. Hence, it is a safe system to use for those who are afraid to lose big. Another advantage of this system is the steady results that it brings.

Disadvantages of Using the System

It is not enough to just focus on what advantages the system can bring to the players. To fully evaluate the system, it is essential to also discuss the disadvantages. There are actually minimal advantages seen on this roulette system. Some players find it difficult to understand the mechanics used in the system. Also, because you do not have to bet a huge amount when playing, some players have the impression of earning slow when they are using this system.

Learning how to bet on roulette and getting an assured win may really appear to be initially difficult. However, if you try to use a system like the roulette bandit and practice with free online games, you will eventually find a very effective method to help you get more wins. Understanding how a roulette bandit system works can definitely help point you to the right direction when deciding on what numbers to bet on, and looking for a roulette bandit torrent download is not difficult either.

Roulette Assault Scam: An Online Roulette Software Reviewed

It is the popularity of online roulette that prompted several people to develop and introduce their own online roulette software. There are advantages, as well as disadvantages seen in the proliferation of a variety of software. It gives players the advantage when they have a lot of choices. For others, however, it becomes a problem when they have difficulty identifying which ones are real and which ones are not. Some software has been labelled as a scam. An interesting popular software is the roulette assault. While the software provides players with a lot of features to help them when playing roulette, there are talks about a roulette assault scam.

Every time you hear talks about a scam, you need to be extra careful. However, you also need to verify if there is truth to such rumors. To protect yourself from any scam, it is important to be well informed. Let us then discuss what this software is before we make any conclusions.

The Roulette Assault Discussed

The Roulette Assault is a software or computer program that aims to help players perform several things they need to do when playing roulette. Among the things that this online roulette software can do is play roulette on your behalf. By adjusting a few settings, the software can take over and you just watch as it plays the game for you.

Aside from playing the game on your behalf, the roulette assault is also capable of allowing players to use a number of roulette systems. The roulette systems that can be used with the Roulette Assault software are Sleeper, Roulette Bandit, 6 Point Divisor, Progressive Single, and Double Dozen. The Roulette Assault can also be used in gaming platforms online, like Playtech, iGaming, Realtime Gaming and Vegas Technology.

Another thing that the software can do is the gathering and analysis of data. This feature may be used when you are using any roulette system that needs some data analysis. You an also use the software to help set a limit to your stop loss and profit goal. This is a very useful feature, if you are wary about possibly encountering financial problems as you play roulette.

When you hear about a software that can do all these things, you would definitely want to get yourself one. However, you also have to be on guard to avoid a Roulette Assault scam.

Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed with a Roulette Assault Software

If you take into consideration all the features available with the Roulette Assault that has been discussed here, you will most definitely conclude that the software is not a scam. However, if you still have doubts and want to make sure if the software would be able to perform as it has promised, then you have to do some things before you decide to purchase or use it.

Since you already have access to the Internet, make full use of it by researching about the software. Go online and look for some reviews, comments and feedback from users. You may also check out with roulette forums and ask for the opinions of other forum members. Some of them may have already used this software and perhaps you could make use of their experiences to gauge whether it is a scam or not.

Most software comes with a free trial. Take advantage of the free trial and really utilize the software during the period. With the free 2 days trial for the Roulette Assault software, you will be given enough time to evaluate whether there is truth to the rumor or not.

Looking for the best online roulette software may be a tough thing to do. Remember that a lot of people earn a living by scamming people online. If you do not exercise precaution, you might be the next victim. Scam victims are people who just dive in and purchase any product online without really doing enough research about the product and the seller. To avoid a roulette assault scam, check out several sources of information online, and test the software for free.