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A Comparison: Play Roulette Live or Roulette Video

We are very fortunate that technology has brought us a lot of convenience. Throughout the years, we see additional developments and it has definitely improved our way of life. A very noticeable indication of how it has affected the way we lived is the increasing number of people doing business online. There are several other things that people do online and this includes playing a roulette video game. Most roulette players enjoy the game and play roulette live in a casino, but there are also other ways to enjoy the game, and we will be discussing it here.

Gaining Access to Roulette Through Video Games

A lot of people know that roulette is a game that can be found in a casino and how it looks like, but not a lot of people know that this classic game started way back in the 18th century when a French mathematician was creating a perpetual motion machine. Since then, roulette has gained millions of followers worldwide, especially with the creation of a roulette video game.

The creation of online casinos made roulette more accessible to players all over the world. While playing a video game follows the same rule, even if one decides to play roulette live in casinos, there are a lot of other aspects of the video game that makes people enjoy it more. Players like the convenience they have when they just play from home. In fact, they can access the game whenever and wherever they want, as long as they have their laptop or computer and they have access to the Internet.

Enjoying and Playing the Game for Free

Another perk of playing a video game roulette is finding online casinos that allow you to play the game for free. Several online casinos offer deals for players who want to sign up, as part of their marketing strategy. Some casinos provide you with play money for playing the free games. Meanwhile, there are also casinos that provide bonuses like a double or even a triple of the initial deposit. Some games are also available for download and may be available for offline play after downloading and installing the software on your computer.

These free games are beneficial for both the newbie and professional players of roulette. Newbie players can use it as a training ground before they venture into the real game. Professional players on the other hand, can use free games for trying out new roulette strategies or systems.

Whether you want to play roulette live or a roulette video game, it does not really matter because you are practically having the same game experience. You can play in both venues, depending on what your needs are for the moment, or you can choose to play the video game because it is more convenient. You can also choose to play live because you want to be surrounded by a loud crowd. It really depends on your personal preference.

Live Online Roulette and Its Perceived Disadvantages

In this age of the Internet and global connectivity, plenty of possibilities can be found in the digital dimension called the World Wide Web. Such includes the online trade and transactions the modern world now enjoys, among which are your usual money transfers and an innovative way of buying and selling called e-commerce. Aside from these productive activities, recreation and entertainment can also be found online, among which is roulette.

Online Alternative to Casino Roulette

Roulette went online thanks to the emergence of casinos all over the Web. These gambling establishments effectively made roulette more accessible to the masses, thereby adding more roulette enthusiasts to the casino game’s massive existing player base. Online casinos changed how roulette is played, as players no longer have to head to the casinos to play the game.

Online roulette is only different to its live counterpart in the sense that it is played by just one player on a downloadable online roulette client. This client emulates an actual roulette game, going so far as to involve realistic graphical elements in order to enhance the immersion. Player actions are directed by mouse clicks and menus instead of the more personal approach in land based casino roulette tables.

Often, casino gamers playing online roulette will find the game off and wanting. Online roulette simply lacks the human element and the excitement of playing alongside players. A variety of the game’s Internet incarnation known as live online roulette attempts to make up for this.

Live Roulette and Its Drawbacks

Live online roulette is played on a client just like the default online roulette game. However, it features a real time video and possibly audio feed from a host casino. In live online roulette, you are technically remotely playing in a land-based casino, and you can practically interact with the dealer and other players. The spin is also done in a real roulette wheel and table and, given the strict measures in land-based casinos, you’ll be sure that rigging is inexistent.

We’ve previously tackled the advantages of this form of roulette. Like everything else though, it also has its own set of advantages and these are the following:

1. Slower gameplay.
As the game is played in real time, live online roulette may feel a lot slower than the standard online roulette. In the latter, you can take long in your first spin, though everything should proceed smoothly after that since you control when the wheel should be spun, whereas in live roulette, you’ll always wait for the dealer to spin the wheel which will take up to a whole minute.

2. Roulette systems are made impractical.
The fact that live roulette is played with a physical wheel nullifies the effectiveness of online roulette systems. The reason is that these systems work on the premise that online roulette is software and therefore may work according to a set pattern. You can use the same systems manually applicable to land-based casino roulette however.

3. No freebies besides the bonus.
Playing roulette in casinos will get you freebies like alcohol, light snacks, and comps. You don’t get any of those when playing online roulette live.

Live online roulette’s disadvantages can be said as superficial. As such, it remains a great alternative to standard online roulette, a form of roulette suited to those who prefer to play in private and not to casino gamers used to the casino’s lively and dynamic atmosphere.