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Live Roulette – Another Alternative to Casino Roulette

Have you ever played roulette? If you’re into casino gambling, then we’re pretty sure you have tried that game at least once. All that talk about the game and the crowds that gather around the roulette table has probably already struck your curiosity, prompting you to try the game out. If you haven’t done so yet, or are simply unfamiliar with it, then let us introduce everyone’s favourite game to you.

Casino Roulette at a Quick Glance

Roulette is a classic casino game that’s over two hundred years old – you heard it right, this game is way older than that Civil War veteran in your neighborhood. The gambling sport was conceptualized in the 18th century around the idea of the roulette wheel, which is actually one of Dr. Blaise Pascal’s attempt at creating a perpetual machine. It has become popular since then, became the staple of the few casinos back in the day and eventually spread throughout the world.

Roulette is played on a table and wheel set up, using different colored chips for betting and a small white ball to determine the winning wager. Around eight players can participate in a spin, each of whom will place their stakes on the roulette board. Meanwhile, the dealer spins the wheel and once the ball is rolled, he/she announces “no more bets”, which means that no more stakes can be placed and those bets on the table can no longer be moved. The winner is then determined by whichever slot the ball falls into.

Now roulette comes in two flavours, European and American. They both have the red and black numbers 1-36 and a green 0, the only visible difference being the extra green slot labelled 00 in the American version. American roulette is dominant in casinos in the Americas, while its European counterpart is played in Europe and the rest of the world.

Play Roulette Away from Casinos

At present, people have a few options to play roulette. The first one is going to bustling land-based casinos and play in actual roulette tables together with other roulette players. The other is to play roulette in online casinos, a cheaper alternative that’s suitable for gamblers who don’t want to endure the daily inconveniences of a land-based gambling establishment.

Despite being the same game as that played in land-based casinos, online roulette lacks the atmosphere that makes their land-based counterparts such lively places. Many roulette enthusiasts who prefer playing the game online, but with the same atmosphere as in land-based casinos do not prefer this. They’d rather settle for land-based gambling establishments and endure all the difficulties of playing therein.

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A Third Option: Play Roulette Live

Prior to the creation of online casinos, there was and still is live roulette. This type of roulette can be easily described as a go in-between of the game’s online and land-based versions. Live casino roulette allows you to play in a land-based or television casino, with the winner decided on an actual wheel spun by a human dealer. However, as in online roulette, you don’t have to be present in any of those locations if you decide to play live – you only need to play wherever you have an access to the Internet, or wherever you feel like getting hooked up to your phone.

Like the typical online version of the game, live roulette can usually be played through a downloadable client. However, unlike online roulette clients that are near devoid of any form of communication, the player is usually provided a video and audio feedback while allowing him/her to communicate with the dealer and possibly other players. Often, bets are placed via an interface provided in the client.

Play Roulette on Television? Why Not?

Live roulette can also be played over the television through roulette shows. Betting and other interaction in these shows are usually done via the telephone or, more recently, through an online client. Most of these shows feature live dealers and a real roulette wheel to simulate the feel of playing against land-based casinos.

It really is fortunate that live roulette has adapted to the changing times and has become a good if not better alternative to fully-automated computer-controlled online roulette. This should be your solution when faced by the dilemma of wanting to play roulette online, but with that good old casino atmosphere, not just some animated computer-generated atmosphere.

Play Online Roulette for Money: Some Online Roulette Tricks That You Can Use

In life, we make a lot of choices. The choices we make play a very important role in our lives. In playing roulette, players do the same thing. The choices a player makes when they play online roulette for money, greatly affect their odds of winning or losing. Most online roulette tricks that could help players win more games are almost the same. If you take examine it carefully, you will notice that most roulette systems are improvised or modified versions of an already well known system. While most roulette players will look for new ideas, they have to check on proven and time tested systems.

Knowing If the Odds Are In Your Favor

A player who seriously wants to play online roulette for money must not only know the mechanics and rules of roulette, but the odds as well. When playing a game of online roulette, choose a roulette wheel where your odds of winning are higher. There are two types of roulette wheels, the American roulette wheel and the European roulette wheel.

The two different roulette wheels differ in the number of slots available in the wheel. In the American roulette wheel, there are the numbers 00, 0 and 1 to 36, making it a total of 38 numbers. Meanwhile, for the European roulette wheel, you will find the numbers 0 and 1 to 36, giving it only a total of 37 numbers. While the American version only has a difference of the double zero added to the numbers, this has already increased the house edge from 2.7% to 5.26%. The chances of winning is then much higher if a player chooses to play European roulette.

Focus on Outside Bets

One of the things that you need to familiarize yourself with, when playing roulette, is the different types of bets that you can make, your odds of winning for the different bets, and the amount of payout each bet gives. Most online roulette tricks would tell you to focus on outside bets. The chances of winning are much higher, although the payouts are higher for inside bets. Players realize that it is better to win more often, rather than win rarely and get higher payouts.

When using outside bets, however, make sure that you have three important things. The first thing that you will need is a roulette betting system that you can rely on. The second thing that you will need is a sufficient amount of funds for playing the game. Last, but not the least, you need to have an accurate device that would help to provide you with hints as to where the ball would land next.

Observe Your Fellow Players

As you play online roulette for money, you eventually realize that these machines make use of random number generators to select the winning number on which the ball must land on at the end of each spin of the wheel. If you are playing live roulette online, you will be playing along with other players online. Grab the chance to observe how the winning players behave and be keen on the game strategies that they use. You can try to incorporate it with your own strategy. Roulette players call this the chameleon strategy. The chameleon strategy is a type of strategy used by players who tend to mimic the betting patterns of winning roulette players or experts.

Select a Winning Strategy

When you already know what your odds are at an online roulette game, it is best to select a winning roulette strategy. Most online roulette tricks would tell you that a strategy which encourages players to make intelligent bets are the most effective.

You have the option to choose between time tested strategies and newly developed ones. Just make sure that you have done enough readings on how to use the strategy you have chosen and read several reviews about it before you use it for a game of roulette. You may also try it out on free online roulette games. This way, you are able to test it out without worrying about losing your money.

Roulette players have their own reasons for playing the game. Some play for fun and recreation, while others play online roulette for money. Whatever your reason is for playing this game, enjoy every minute of it.

Free Live Roulette vs. Free Online Roulette

If you decide to play roulette online, you get to choose from two types of roulette. The most common types are live roulette and random generator roulette. Their differences lie in form, advantages, and disadvantages. You can find them both online with the same rules that apply to land casinos. You can also find sites offering free live roulette and free roulette play by random number generator.

Free Play

Live roulette online streams from a casino to your computer. Meanwhile, ordinary online roulette is the type where a player interacts with a 3D roulette wheel. Both online roulette types do not require you to leave the house to enjoy the game.

When it comes to free play, it is easier to find and access the more ordinary type of roulette rather than free live roulette. Although you cannot participate, you can still access a preview mode. Before deciding which type of online roulette is ultimately better, also consider the pros and cons of each.

Live Roulette Advantages

1. Provides a Real Roulette Experience

Many people choose live roulette not only for convenience, but also because players find it more realistic. Live roulette is better than playing roulette alone and clicking the spin button. With live roulette, it feels as if you are leaning excitedly on the table along with the dealer and other players.

2. Using Roulette Systems is Easier

A pro roulette player uses a strategy to win at roulette. The most effective roulette systems rely on closely observing the movement of an actual ball. Online roulette that relies on a random number generator is almost invincible to these types of tactics.

Live Roulette Disadvantages

1. Other Players

Although live roulette online offers a variety of options, you will most likely end up playing roulette with others. If you have your own playing style, other players also bet at a pace different from your own. This could affect your overall online roulette experience. If they lag behind you, it could leave time to second-guess yourself.

2. Finding Free Play

You cannot readily access or interact with a live roulette session without putting down real money. Others offer no deposit bonuses and allow you to play roulette, but only if you register. The preview mode is sometimes not available in some countries and is unreliable if your internet connection is unstable.

Online Roulette Advantage 

You Can Practice Playing Roulette Countless Times

With ordinary online roulette, you can easily choose instant or free play without having to bet real money. You do not even have to fill in the online registration. You can just go to any online casino that offers free play and have fun trying out systems that do not require taking advantage of dealer signature or other parts of the roulette table.

Online Roulette Disadvantage

It is Not as Engaging

Ordinary online roulette can be appealing at first, but after a while, you will crave for a real casino experience that free live roulette offers. If a player would rather play alone, then the opposite of live roulette should meet his preference. Other than that, it is not as interactive as live roulette.

Live Roulette Online – Playing in the Casino Without Going to the Casino

Gambling is one very expensive hobby, yet so many people are attracted to it. For them, the go-to place to find authentic fun and excitement are the casinos. Looking at one of these gambling establishments, one will definitely stop wondering why these people opt to go to casinos to play games of chance. The bright lights, neon signs, pleasing music and cheerful gambling crowd all make for a very lively and dynamic atmosphere that can probably exist nowhere else.

The Casino Game Roulette Takes the Spotlight

Perhaps the biggest attraction in every casino is that simple game played on those crowded little tables. This gambling sport is no other than roulette, a centuries old game that has captured the hearts of the gambling masses. The game is so simple that it has become so appealing. You simply have to place your bets on the labeled red or black tiles on the roulette table, watch the wheel spin and see the ball roll until it finally lands on the winning bet, all the while exhilarated by the suspense.

But what if you can’t go to the casino but really wanted to play roulette? What if, say, there is virtually no gambling establishment in your area, or if there is one, you end up not going because of all the hassle you’ve been expecting to go through? You might be thinking of playing in online gambling sites, but then most of these websites offer clients or browser games that, even with that simple chat box at the corner, are far less lively and social than land-based casinos.

Another Alternative is to Play Roulette Live

Fortunately for you, not a few of these virtual casinos offer live roulette online. While most online versions of this game are played in a computer generated environment – complete with a graphic roulette board and fully animated wheel and ball – whose winners are determined by a random number generator, live roulette games are played against actual dealers in actual land-based casinos. In essence, you are playing roulette in a land-based gambling establishment with other players and the dealer without being physically present.

To play live roulette online, you’ll need either the online casino’s downloadable client or an up-to-date browser running the latest versions of Flash and Java. Most live roulette games are required to be played via a Windows-based client, but it always is preferable to play Java-Flash versions of the application due to its many advantages: they do not require installation and can be run from most known operating systems.

Live roulette’s gameplay is basically the same for both online and live players. These gamblers place their bets on the roulette board or its interactive graphic depiction in the case of online players. The betting continues until the dealer closes it well after or prior to spinning the wheel, and a bet wins if the ball falls on its corresponding slot. Online players receive a real time video feed all throughout the game, and can communicate to the dealer or other players via instant messaging, live sound stream, video chat or any combination of these.

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Live Casinos are Within Reach

The Internet may be a really vast place, but it’s not that difficult to find Internet casinos that offer live roulette online games. A quick web search can yield millions of results, most of which are online gaming establishments that offer the said game, or sites linking to at least one of these casinos. Be wary of scammers and malicious sites though – always play in the most trusted ones, which means casino sites that are highly rated, has a large player base, and those that declare their financial rules and figures.

Once you’ve kick-started the habit, you’ll find that there are many advantages with playing live roulette online. For one, you save fuel or various commuting fees, since you no longer have to travel. You can also study some of the many strategies you can find online and simultaneously experiment on them real time. To top it off, you no longer need to dress up or deal with the distracting crowd, and can play at any place where you are most comfortable and with access to the Internet and at any time of the day you wishes to.

Live roulette definitely made us enjoy roulette in a fascinating way. It allows us to play the ever-popular casino game without necessarily leaving our comfort zones, all the while letting us experience the exciting and active atmosphere of land-based casinos. If you want to play roulette, but want an alternative to land-based casinos, we sincerely urge you to find a good gambling site to play live roulette online.