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Live Online Roulette and Its Perceived Disadvantages

In this age of the Internet and global connectivity, plenty of possibilities can be found in the digital dimension called the World Wide Web. Such includes the online trade and transactions the modern world now enjoys, among which are your usual money transfers and an innovative way of buying and selling called e-commerce. Aside from these productive activities, recreation and entertainment can also be found online, among which is roulette.

Online Alternative to Casino Roulette

Roulette went online thanks to the emergence of casinos all over the Web. These gambling establishments effectively made roulette more accessible to the masses, thereby adding more roulette enthusiasts to the casino game’s massive existing player base. Online casinos changed how roulette is played, as players no longer have to head to the casinos to play the game.

Online roulette is only different to its live counterpart in the sense that it is played by just one player on a downloadable online roulette client. This client emulates an actual roulette game, going so far as to involve realistic graphical elements in order to enhance the immersion. Player actions are directed by mouse clicks and menus instead of the more personal approach in land based casino roulette tables.

Often, casino gamers playing online roulette will find the game off and wanting. Online roulette simply lacks the human element and the excitement of playing alongside players. A variety of the game’s Internet incarnation known as live online roulette attempts to make up for this.

Live Roulette and Its Drawbacks

Live online roulette is played on a client just like the default online roulette game. However, it features a real time video and possibly audio feed from a host casino. In live online roulette, you are technically remotely playing in a land-based casino, and you can practically interact with the dealer and other players. The spin is also done in a real roulette wheel and table and, given the strict measures in land-based casinos, you’ll be sure that rigging is inexistent.

We’ve previously tackled the advantages of this form of roulette. Like everything else though, it also has its own set of advantages and these are the following:

1. Slower gameplay.
As the game is played in real time, live online roulette may feel a lot slower than the standard online roulette. In the latter, you can take long in your first spin, though everything should proceed smoothly after that since you control when the wheel should be spun, whereas in live roulette, you’ll always wait for the dealer to spin the wheel which will take up to a whole minute.

2. Roulette systems are made impractical.
The fact that live roulette is played with a physical wheel nullifies the effectiveness of online roulette systems. The reason is that these systems work on the premise that online roulette is software and therefore may work according to a set pattern. You can use the same systems manually applicable to land-based casino roulette however.

3. No freebies besides the bonus.
Playing roulette in casinos will get you freebies like alcohol, light snacks, and comps. You don’t get any of those when playing online roulette live.

Live online roulette’s disadvantages can be said as superficial. As such, it remains a great alternative to standard online roulette, a form of roulette suited to those who prefer to play in private and not to casino gamers used to the casino’s lively and dynamic atmosphere.

Live Dealer Roulette: Bringing the Human Element Back to Online Roulette

Roulette is a very exciting and thrilling casino game. One simply can’t help but feel the adrenaline flow during every spin, when each player is anticipating his or her bet to win. The excitement inherent to roulette is among the traits that brought its popularity, alongside the fact that the game offers players a rather high chance of winning.

Roulette is popular enough that it has spread worldwide in its two centuries of existence. In the recent years, the game was brought to the Internet by online casinos, further swelling up its already massive existing fan base. To many, online roulette is the only alternative to the popular live game.

Online Roulette is Roulette Without a Dealer

Online roulette is basically played in the same way as its counterpart in land-based casinos. However, it is played on a roulette client rather than a physical roulette table. These clients often depict a faithful, computer-generated semblance of the wheel and the board, which are functional elements of the user interface. In addition, it also features various menus and numerical figures that are almost always relevant to the game. Also, online roulette is a single player game and lacks a dealer.

The lack of a dealer in online roulette games is fine with many gamblers, but there are still those that are troubled by it, citing the removal of human element in roulette. True, playing with a real dealer makes you feel more like playing against the house than simply sending commands to a hard-coded roulette program.

Live Dealer Roulette Games

Nevertheless, those who prefer playing with a human dealer away from the casino don’t need to worry any further. Despite what many would like to think, online roulette played on a client is not the only way to play roulette without going to a land-based gambling establishment. You can always choose to play live dealer roulette games. You have two options for this.

The first one is through online casinos that offer live online roulette. To make it simple, this is pretty much the same as the typical single player online roulette. The only difference is that your client is connected to the host casino from which you are supplied with a live video feed of the dealer, the roulette wheel, and table. You are basically playing in a land-based casino from your home, and with the classic dynamic casino atmosphere to boot.

The second is through roulette programs on television whose dealers are often the hosts themselves. These are basically game shows aired on casino TV stations. You can play this version of roulette by interacting with the dealer via phone or, more commonly, the TV casino’s Web outlets. Roulette programs enjoy great popularity in the UK but unfortunately aren’t available in many other countries due to legal restrictions.

Online roulette is a boon to the gambling industry, but not everyone seems to be pleased by it owing to its lack of a dealer. Fortunately, there are alternatives to supply the demand for live dealer roulette. These alternatives not only bring the human element back to online roulette, and thus the dynamic casino atmosphere.

Live Online Roulette: Your Substitute to Casino Roulette

For veteran casino players, there is nothing comparable to playing in a casino where they get to interact with fellow players and feel a different kind of excitement when playing games like roulette. Although evolutions in technology have paved the way for the creation of online casinos, these players still prefer going to a land based casino if the time and opportunity permit them to. Nevertheless, there are now online casinos that offer live online roulette and it provides a very similar experience to playing the game in a land based casino itself.

There is something about playing in a brick and mortar casino that players look for when they play roulette. As they go inside the casino, seeing all the players busy with their favorite games. Everyone is dressed up and in a party mode. This is the reason why a lot of people would not bother traveling far just to go to a casino. However, not everyone has the chance to go to a casino, so they will have to settle for online roulette or live roulette online.

The Difference Between Online Roulette and Live Roulette

As the term suggests, online roulette is a game that is played online. It is something that players can access through online casinos, if they have their own computer and Internet connection. Players are given virtual chips, which have an assigned denomination. Players will need to place their chips on the virtual roulette table to indicate their bets. The is also an automated dealer and the winning numbers are determined by a random number generator.

In a live online roulette, there is a real live dealer. The player will be seeing a real time video and audio feed of the dealer. This means the player will have to pay attention to the dealer, just like when playing in a land based casino. The dealer will also be dealing with various online players. The only difference is you do not see those players, like you do in a real casino. However, the fun part of a live roulette game online is that players are able to interact with the dealer. This means the social part of the game is more or less similar to playing in a land based casino.

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Live Roulette VS Casino Roulette

There are many advantages that live roulette brings to its players. It actually saves them a lot of time, money and effort. There is no need to dress fancy and travel to a casino just to be able to enjoy a roulette game. While playing in a real casino, players will also be forced to spend for food in case they get hungry and still want to stay and play.

With a live roulette, a player can easily run to the fridge or pantry and check for any available food that he may consume while playing. There is also no need to worry if you drink alcoholic drinks while playing, as you will not need to worry about driving home drunk and getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Live online roulette is indeed a great alternative to playing in a real casino. With an almost similar fun and excitement experienced in a real casino, there is no doubt that more and more roulette players now play the game at the comforts of their home.