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Play Free Roulette Game for Plain Old Fun

It’s plain and simple a part of human nature to test one’s luck. Gambling thus grew out of this age-old behavior. From ancient religious lot-drawing practices to actual games where people can earn money, gambling has already gone a really long way, establishing itself in gambling houses which later gave way to casinos.

Of all the gambling sports, roulette is perhaps the most played and most popular, even becoming a staple and symbol of virtually every casino. In case you are wondering, this immense popularity can be attributed to roulette’s simplicity and the high chances of winning the game, both of which keeps players coming back for more spins.

With all those said, you won’t be surprised to find roulette tables crowded by gamblers whose noise and varied demeanor give life to every spin. Sure, some eventually leaves the fancy table, but in a moment, you’ll just notice them coming back. You can’t blame them though. Roulette is simply an exciting game, and every spin is packed with an inexplicable thrill you probably won’t find anywhere else.

No Free Roulette Wheel Game Exist – Or So It Used to Be

It is a plain fact that in roulette, you need to pay in order to play. Those chips used to play the game come with a cost, one casino gamblers probably won’t resist. In other words, the game is no more than an expensive form of entertainment. For this, you have to remember that casinos are also business entities, and they have made a milking cow out of roulette for its fame.

Well you can’t just help but wonder if you can play a free roulette game – such is every gambler’s fantasy and every roulette enthusiast’s dream. The most anticipated answer for this question is both a no and a yes. No, you can’t do it in land-based casinos, given all the aforementioned facts above. However, yes, you can play the game for free, but only if you have an Internet connection. Let’s take time to discuss the latter.

Roulette is Now Among Free Casino Games

As you’ve noticed, online casinos have sprung up during the past decade. The rapid and continuous rise of Internet usage, has given so many businesses a new opportunity to market and sell their products and services, and those in the gambling industries didn’t risk getting left out. These casinos that have been floating all over the Internet allowed the masses to connect to the World Wide Web to play the game, which was once limited to those of the higher social standing.

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Now many of these online casino sites allow you to play at least one free roulette game. How is it even possible? Well for one, most online gambling establishments offer free bonuses for new players. By bonus, we’re referring to a limited sum of free credits you may use to purchase chips needed to play the game. A good thing with this is that you are often rewarded actual cash whenever you win, and you don’t have to spend your money if you’re still getting the hang of the game. However, the downside is that you’ll need to sign up to these websites, which usually involves giving away your credit card information.

Play Roulette as a Free Online Game

Fortunately, some brilliant individuals have created free browser-based roulette. These free games usually have a simpler interface than what you can find in client, and feel more like the usual Flash minigames instead of an actual gambling activity. Most of the time, you don’t even need to sign up just to play the game, which is great if you don’t intend to give away sensitive information like your e-mail address and credit card number, and you only want to play the game for fun and nothing else.

Plenty of these free games are owned by online casinos rather than being independently developed web applications. You must therefore expect various advertisements urging you to sign up. These include distracting banners and pop up ads. Some sites even go so far as to nag you to sign up in between spins or simply stopping your game and requiring you to register to continue.

Things change as time does, thanks in part to many technological advancements we’ve experienced through the years. The Internet for one has drastically changed roulette. What once was a game for those who can afford going to the casinos has now been made available to everyone, thanks to online casinos that offer free online roulette.

Martingale Roulette Strategy: A Progressive Betting Roulette Strategy You Can Practice in a Free Roulette Wheel Game

From the time roulette was invented, players have always wanted to figure out a way to really beat the game. This has inspired several people to develop different betting systems and roulette strategies, with the goal of helping themselves and other players as well. We all know by now that we still have to see a strategy that will completely beat this game. Nevertheless, there are already strategies like the Martingale roulette strategy, which is a progressive betting roulette strategy, that has really helped several players with the way they play their game. Does this sound interesting to you? Try it out with a free roulette wheel game.

Free Roulette Games Online

More and more players enjoy playing this game online because of the convenience that it brings. Players no longer need to travel several miles just to enjoy their favorite casino game, or follow a dress code. Another thing that players enjoy about online roulette are the free games that casinos provide. Something that you will never see in land based casinos.

Professional roulette players have emphasized over and over again how important practice is if you want to be good at the game. It is not a problem to find a venue for practicing the game. Practice can be done for free with a free roulette wheel game online. Before online casinos proliferated on the world wide web, players only had two options for practicing. Either they practice with real money bets or purchase their own roulette set. Players found these methods very costly. Even if they used a progressive betting roulette strategy, it was not enough to guarantee for them to get more wins than losses.

The Benefits of Progressive Betting in Roulette

In casino games like roulette, playing with a strategy is very crucial. Having a strategy not only helps in guiding a player to place a bet with the highest probability of winning, but also allows them to minimize losses and maximize their chances of winning. Using progressive betting when playing roulette is considered to be a very good move.

This type of strategy is really easy, as the name implies, a player needs to increase the amount of bets when playing. The purpose of increasing the amount of bet is for the player to immediately get back the money that he or she might have lost in the previous bet and acquire a profit at the same time.

An Example of Progressive Betting

The Martingale roulette strategy is a very popular example of progressive betting. It is said to be the oldest type of roulette strategy that has ever existed. This strategy also has some variations, like the Grand Martingale Strategy and the Reverse Martingale Strategy.

Progression can actually be done in two ways. A player can use negative or positive progression. In using negative progression, a player has to double the bet made every time a bet is lost. This means if a player makes a bet of $5 and loses, then the player will have to bet $10 on the next game. The player needs to continue doubling the amount until a win is achieved. In case a win is achieved, the player needs to go back to the initial amount placed as a bet.

In using positive progression, a player has to increase or double the bet after a winning bet. This means that if a player places an initial bet of $5 and wins, the succeeding bet must be at $10. The player will only go back to the initial amount used as bet if he encounters a losing bet.

There is one thing that players need to realize, however, that progressive betting can be a logical way to minimize your losses in roulette, but it will not guarantee a win. Hence, you have to be really careful if you want to use either the negative or positive type of progression.

Roulette players need to realize that a progressive betting roulette strategy like the martingale roulette strategy can cost them a huge of money in such a short span of time if they do not learn how to control themselves. This is why it is really recommended to try progressive betting first n a free roulette wheel game online.