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The Best Roulette Strategy

Not even non-gambling folks can deny the fact that every gambler wants to win roulette. For those who know the game, this is a natural behavior, seeing how roulette can be seemingly easy to win when one places bets on certain spots, like, say, black or red. While some simply put their money on the table and hope for the best of luck, others make use of the best roulette strategies that can possibly turn the game to their favor.

These strategies are focused more on how much money should be spent and when one should throw in that certain amount rather than on which betting space should one put his or her bets. As such, strategies do not mean to predict where the ball is supposed to stop, but rather guides the player on the way to profit.

Common Roulette Strategies

There are many of these strategies, although only five are well-known and widely used. The first is the Martingale, a betting system known for its negative progression. It is rather aggressive betting-wise, making the player double the bets each time he or she loses then reset it to the amount of the initial wager. This method actually nets profits after a single win, although it can easily kill the bankroll of the unlucky ones.

Next is the Cancellation or Labouchere strategy. Here a player needs to make a list of small bets, the start and end of which should be added to make the first bet. If this loses, the player adds the bet to the list. Otherwise, its addends are crossed out or cancelled. This goes on until all numbers in the list are exhausted. This strategy, if successful, can net more than twice the amount that was lost, but gets very risky on the long run after several losses.

Another is the Fibonacci system, which is based on the integer sequence of the same name. Here a player also has to make a list, starting with an initial bet, followed by the same, then a number that’s the sum of the two before it. These will be the player’s progression, wherein he or she will have to take a step forward in the series for every loss and two steps back for every win. The process – which can be slow and thus quite safe – is repeated until a profit is obtained.

The fourth is the Reverse Martingale, where the player has to double his or her bet after a win, or add one unit to it after a loss. This is riskier than the original Martingale, but then it nets a larger profit for all the risk involved.

The last one is the D’Alembert, another negative progression strategy. Popular as the Martingale, it is by far safer than all previously betting systems, as one only has to increase or decrease the bet by one unit, after a loss or a win, respectively. The downside is that it may take long before profit is achieved, as one has to win the same number of times one has lost.

Which is the Most Effective?

By now, you probably will ask, “Which among these is the best roulette strategy?” Before we proceed to answering that, let’s first recount the facts: roulette is random and have the same odds of being won or lost, with or without a strategy. Strategies can at best give structure to the game and help you conserve your bankroll.

The best strategy should be the one that suits you best. Of course this isn’t an objective assessment, as none can be made anyway. After all, these strategies are more or less the same, play style being the sole dividing factor.

How to Find the Best Online Roulette System

Even after more than two hundred years, roulette is still a big hit in casinos. Millions still play it in the hopes of making a big win, which is entirely possible if one happened to be blessed with a good amount of luck. The prospect of winning is truly one of the biggest charming spells of roulette, attracting many players to the table despite the high house advantage that many veteran gamblers despise.

Roulette players have different methods to win the casino game. The most popular of all these are roulette systems, which are a step above your usual roulette strategy. Roulette systems are no more than a set of rules and roulette strategies that help the player make bets in such a way that profit is eventually achieved. These systems saw prominent use in online roulette, where they are often handled by third party software.

What is the Best Online Roulette System?

Online roulette systems are popular on their own, and because of that, a lot of gamblers certainly can’t help but ask, “What is the best online roulette system?” Unfortunately, we can give the answer that there is not one that trumps the rest in terms of beating roulette. In terms of helping you play better however, assessing what is the best online roulette system can be very subjective. If you’re having trouble in your choice of system, here are some guidelines that you may follow:

1. The system should fit your preferences.
Your preferences are always the first thing you have to consider when selecting an online roulette system. Know how you’d like to play your game and see if the system matches your play style and taste.

2. It should match how much you are willing to spend in roulette.
Determine how much you are willing to shell out in a roulette game then check if the system can go along with it. If you’re careful with your bankroll, avoid online roulette systems that use aggressive negative progression strategies. If you are willing to spend a lot in order to win in one shot, then systems that take a slow-but-sure approach is not the one for you.

3. It should neither be scam nor sham.
The system you ought to choose is one of those that actually work as promised and not just something made to rip you off. These scams can be easily identified by ludicrous promises that are not true to the nature of online roulette, i. e. giving guarantees that the system can beat the game. The system should also not adhere to the common belief that the game has a pattern, as systems like that are immediately broken by roulette’s randomness.

4. It may be either free or inexpensive.
Really, you should not spend a lot on a roulette system, as many of these can be easily learned online for free if you know where to look. Avoid expensive systems unless it is recommended by many other online roulette players.

Online roulette systems can give your game a structure and helps you play in a way that you’ll eventually gain profit. They can never guarantee wins. As such, you don’t need to make long deliberations when choosing what online roulette system is the best for you. Just go with your preferences, and make sure you’re not buying into a scam.