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A Review of the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy

There are a lot of roulette strategies that roulette players can find online if they are really serious about beating this game. Most of them give a slight assurance of winning. There is a new strategy however, that claims to provide  97.75% chance of winning and it is called the maximum advantage roulette strategy.

Roulette players look for strategies that will surely be a moneymaker. This new strategy is said to have been tested and proven to work. Not one that they would use to for gambling,then either come home a loser or a winner.

What it Claims

As mentioned earlier, it is claiming that it has been tested 100% to work. Aside from that, it also claims to let you earn an average of 30% of your total bets in an hour. It is also said, that earnings are  doubled  if the system is used in an online casino, where the game is done faster.

How it Works

The advantage roulette strategy is said to be a completely unique system. This means it is not a new method that is just taken out of old methods like the Martingale strategy. All you need is one bet at a time. There is no need to double your bet after a loss or raise your wager after a win.

A controlled risk betting strategy is used in this type of roulette strategy. This of course controls the risk of losing more money. If two players were to play at the same time and start at $5 bets, then eventually end up losing consecutively up to 8 bets, the player that uses advantage roulette only loses $120, while the player who is using martingale ends up losing $1275 already.

This strategy makes use of a unique method for determining where a player must place a bet which is most likely to get a win. This is called the Adaptive Pattern Betting Method. This method is said to be a proven way to place a bet with a very high level of confidence.

Why it is Better than Martingale

With the Martingale system, you are trying to recuperate your losses by doubling your bet, but it can work to your disadvantage if you have a continuous losing streak and you can no longer double your bet because of the house limit. With this system, you only hit it once then you leave the table, simply because you already got what you came for.

Can we now say that this is the dream system players have been waiting for? Well, it is not 100% guaranteed. Unless it is 100% guaranteed to make you win, we could not really say you will get what you want from the roulette table, which is to win. There is still a chance that you might still end up losing. It is still a game of chance and you can use advantage roulette to help you possibly get a win the first time you place a bet on a number that makes you really feel confident to win.