Shot Roulette: Gamble for a Drink

It’s not a secret that many gamblers all over the world love roulette. After all, the game is just so thrilling after every spin, so much that just about anyone who has played it for the first time can’t help but get hooked to it. This can only be made possible by the game’s fairly simple idiot-friendly design, fast-paced gameplay, and good chances to win money.

Without the element of profit though, roulette can still be a very fun game. The excitement and thrill will remain, but only without the incentive of a reward. Now here comes the downside of this hypothetical version of roulette. Without the motivation coming from the possibility of making profit by accumulating wins, the game will quickly get boring.

Fortunately, roulette without the monetary reward can’t always end up boring. Once the rules are tweaked a little, you’ll find that no-cash roulette can also be a fun game in the long run, something that you’d even be able to enjoy at home. There are many, often obscure, just-for-fun varieties of roulette that makes this perfectly true. Take for example shot roulette, a game that gave a fun, alcoholic twist to roulette.

What is Shot Roulette?

So then, what on Earth is shot roulette? Shot roulette is the shortened form of the game shot glass roulette. That’s right, shot here does not refer to what you’d hear in a Russian roulette game, but a shot as in a small dose of good old liquor. To put it in a simpler manner, this is pretty much the same roulette game, the only difference being the fact that some alcoholic beverage is involved.

Shot glass roulette’s game set up differs vastly to that of the standard casino roulette game. The wheel, an ever present element, is still the main component of the game. Often, it is of the single zero European or French roulette variant. The basic design – a wheel with a prominent wheel-head held in a hollow bowl with a track for the ball near the rim – remains the same. However, it comes with the addition of a ring that holds sixteen 1oz shot glasses that represent around three numbers of the same color on the wheel. What’s lacking however is the good old roulette board, as betting in shot glass roulette is simplified to mere inside bets.

How to Play Shot Glass Roulette

The gameplay for this version of roulette still remains the same as that of standard casino roulette at its very core. The players first have to place bets. Now bets don’t have to be fancy here. You only have to select numbers of your choice, and no money needs to be placed on one. The wheel is then spun, and the ball is rolled as usual. If the ball lands on your bet, you take the shot glass where your bet’s number is inscribed and down that ounce of booze, which is basically the reward you get from this game.

Shot glass roulette is a great just-for-fun variety of roulette. There is no money involved and everybody gets a chance to drink from one of those numbered shot glasses. Everybody definitely wins in shot roulette.

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