Sequential Roulette System: Would European and Chinese Roulette Players Like It?

If you have been playing roulette for quite sometime, you have surely heard about roulette systems and roulette strategies. It is what most roulette players use every time they play their favorite game in their favorite casinos, whether online or at land based casinos. Although it does not really guarantee these players a hundred percent win, they know that strategies like the sequential roulette system, can guide them properly when they select where to bet and how much to bet. This strategy for playing roulette is something that most European and Chinese roulette players would be curious about.

An Explanation of the Sequential Roulette System

This system was developed by Balvinder Sambhi. According to Balvinder, he used this system and actually won £28000 in a span of two months. This is what triggered the Grosvenor Casino group to ban Mr. Balvinder Sambhi from playing in their casinos. According to several publications in UK that published this story, Balvinder never got any explanation from the casino why he was banned.

After being banned, Mr. Sambhi thought that it is time for him to impart his knowledge to players who are interested to learn how to get more wins at roulette. European and Chinese roulette players, as well as players from different countries, became interested to learn about the sequential roulette system.

When you use this roulette system, you are actually using a progressive betting system that makes use of the sequential probabilities present in the roulette table. The main thing that a player needs to do is to gather a number of results to be able to find a sequence, that can help them turn the odds to their favor.

A Big Bankroll is Needed

This roulette system is not something that every roulette player can afford. Players who want to try out this system, will need to have a bankroll of at least £2500. If you do not have enough savings, then don’t even think about trying out this system. You would not want to waste your life savings into something that you are not yet sure about. Still, if you are interested to find out if the system would really work, you can try it out when you play free online roulette games.

How To Get a Guided Explanation of This Roulette System

A book titled “Sequential Roulette” is actually sold by Balvinder Sambhi. For players who are interested in learning how to use this type of roulette system, the book is available online. It is actually being sold on Amazon UK, and the brand new books are sold for £218.59. There are also used books that are sold for a cheaper price of £144.87. Amazon US does not have stocks for new books, but there is a used book available for $389.27. Looking at the reviews on the Amazon website, however, it is not something that you would really be excited to purchase. Nevertheless, you cannot really be sure if these reviews are from people who actually bought, read and tried what is written in the book.

This roulette system also has its own website, and you can try to visit this website to get some information about the system and the author. Do not expect to get a detailed explanation about the system through the website. It will just explain to you what the system is, but not tell you how to use it. Hence, it is best to browse the entire website first, before you decide to purchase the book.

Roulette enthusiasts can also try to look for the ebook version of this roulette system. If you are lucky, you may even be able to find a free downloadable copy of the ebook. The thing is, you will not be able to verify if the ebook copy is the same as the hard copy of the book that is being sold in Amazon.

There is only one thing that we can conclude, the sequential roulette system can be one of the many roulette systems that players can utilize as they play the game. As to whether European and Chinese roulette players will like it, remains to be seen. The book itself is pricey, and we know that the system requires for a player to have a big bankroll.

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