Why There Is No Such Thing as a Secret Roulette System

If you see a blog or video that promises to reveal a secret roulette system, resist clicking on it. A roulette system cannot be secret if someone decides to share or publish it online. Online and traditional roulette both share the same features. The house edge is constant and the same rules apply save for different online variations. Reputable casinos do not rig roulette games and there might be biases they cannot sometimes detect, but above all, it has nothing to reveal. If it has, someone will probably anticipate keeping the info concealed.

Secret System Videos for Roulette

A common form of the secret roulette system found online is in the form of a video. Two videos on different video sharing sites are currently available. They are by different authors and feature different strategies.

Another Martingale System

One of the roulette systems suggests a type of betting method that resembles the Martingale. The author claimed to win 100 dollars after a few minutes. What the roulette player in the video seemed to do is double the units on an outside bet, which is black in this case.

Gambler’s Fallacy System

Another video suggests the idea of a gambler’s fallacy. The one who made the video instructs other players to track past spins and use the history of roulette outcomes to come up with a winning strategy. He explains that the past spins in the video features numbers that belonged to the first and third dozen sections, but not the one in the middle. He uses that basis to place a bet on the section that is yet to come up. This is gambler’s fallacy since it suggests that players should believe that a result is due because of past results.

The roulette wheel and the ball has no memory of past spins. The ball will not suddenly land on black just because it is tired of landing on red numbers. The chances of a number coming up is still constant just as betting on both red and black on the outside makes you end up with the same number of units you placed on the table.

Roulette Systems that are Truly Secret

If a roulette system were truly secret, it would be one of those that do not sound like the Martingale or any offshoot of known systems. It has to be original and guarantee at least a 95% success rate. Most system sellers claim their betting method have success rates higher than that. What you find yourself looking at in the end is a slightly different type of progressive betting system.

Another point to consider about looking for a secret roulette system is the author or system seller’s purpose. If they can use the secret system they discovered to win millions on roulette, why would they share it? The answer is that it does not really work and the only way they can make money off a system is by selling it to people. Slapping on words such as secret and best roulette system comes easily.

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