Playing Roulette: UK Casino Tips

Casinos host plenty of games that can keep anybody with a penchant for gambling within their premises. Roulette is one of the most popular casino game, just around the same level of fame as Poker, Blackjack, Craps, and Slots. Roulette became well-known for its simplicity, and the fact that it’s so easy to learn. You only get to know how to bet and you’re good to go.

Roulette in the UK

With its globe-spanning popularity, it’s not strange for roulette to become one of the hottest games in roulette UK casinos. Roulette as played in the United Kingdom is of the European variety. This means that it doesn’t differ much from the American version of game played across the Atlantic, save for the fact that it uses a wheel that features a single zero slot instead of two.
Thus, gamblers from outside the country – particularly those from the US – won’t find adjusting to UK roulette tables very difficult, and may even find it more advantageous as European roulette has a house advantage of 2.7%, far lower than that of the American variant.

How to Behave in UK Casino Roulette Tables

Sure, it’s so effortless to switch from any other roulette variant to European roulette. UK casinos however, not the aforementioned game, is what one will really need to adjust to. You’ll need to behave properly in one of these gambling establishments, if you want your day in the casino to go smoothly. Here are some basic table manners you should remember before even placing your chips:

1. Do not take a seat if you’re not playing.
As a rule, seats are reserved for players only. Never sit down on one unless you are willing to pay and play the game, regardless of how tired you find yourself to be. Taking a seat in the roulette table without the intent of playing is considered impolite, and the offender is asked by the dealer to give way to actual players.

2. Pay attention to the dealer.
The dealer is one of the most important elements of roulette. Pay attention to what he says, especially while betting. It’s all over once he announces “No more bets.” Consider him an emissary of the casino’s gods, as his is always the final word in roulette.

3. Do not touch your chips after the betting period.
Betting in roulette UK tables usually last for a minute, but the dealer still reserves the right to close the table whenever he wishes after that duration. Within that time allotted for betting, you can change your bets however much you wanted but beyond that, keep your hands off the table, unless you enjoy being charged of cheating.

4. Be civil.
Remember, you are playing around people who also wish to enjoy their game. Thus, keep your civility intact whatever the case may be. Be glad but don’t be loud when you win, and avoid cursing whenever you lose.

5. Tip the dealer.
Whenever you leave the table after a win or if you’re simply feeling generous, do not forget to tip the dealer. Unlike in the US, you’re not obliged to give a tip, but still, follow what’s customary tipping as a sign of courtesy.

These are but the basics of how you should act in a UK roulette table. Don’t take any of these for granted as they may figuratively save your life. Indeed, it’s always best to learn roulette etiquette before you proceed to play the game.

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