Top 3 Dangerous Roulette Tricks to Win

Using roulette tricks to win can mean two things: the honest ways to win at roulette and the opposite of that. Roulette players that use underhanded ways to secure a win are not that sly. Most do not have bad intentions. Sometimes the passion of beating the game takes over. It could also be a case of mad genius waiting to strike. Roulette presents that opportunity among other things.

The Use of Weighted Balls

You would most likely need an accomplice for this to work. Roulette players are not the only one that use roulette tricks to win. Some ingenious ideas came from the casino too. This may seem shocking to some, but a few establishments use weighted balls if business is slow. Then again, roulette is already a game of chance with a house advantage that makes cheating needless.

Reputable casinos do not resort to tactics at present because the game can be one-sided. The player, on one hand, would need an inside man to pull something like this. Upon meeting that condition, the weighted ball should do its job of landing on a certain section of the wheel. This trick is easy to pull off in less famous casinos rather than 4 or 5 star hotel casinos.

Betting Late

Out of the many underhanded stunts to beat the house, this is by far the most amusing. The dealer would no doubt realize what the player is up to after a couple of times betting late on purpose. This type of trick just might work in a few rounds, but not always.

The player will not really need much of anything to pull this off. This simple technique would only require keen observation when the ball slows down. It also calls for impeccable timing and nerves of steel to go against the dealer.

The player would then bet 4 or 3 numbers close to the winning outcome. A roulette player who cares little about appearing cool and smart is the perfect candidate for such a trick. They would not have to worry when the dealer catches them and literally slaps their hand away seconds before the gaming surveillance throws them out.

Sleight of Hand

This trick goes by many names. One of them is the old switching of the chip trick or the drunken man stunt. The drunken act is optional, but you will need to have magician hands. It is a skill easily learned. Drinking, however, is not a pleasant sight in roulette tables and you can resort to other means of deception.

Pulling off this trick requires two chips. One should have low units, while the other a whopping amount. The first one is a chip that the dealer sees and the second is the trump card. If you lose a bet, pull out the chip underneath and prepare for people to gawk because that is taboo. When someone protests, feign ignorance common to amateurs. If you win, pull out the one on top. Out of the three roulette tricks to win, this is one of the trickiest.

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