Mixed Roulette Reactions to Different Roulette Results

The different roulette reactions of players are comparable to the frustration, and sometimes surprise, that comes with hitting a golf ball. Not many roulette players are aware that they react to a roulette outcome. If they had enough time to look at other players and not the movement of the ball or wheel, they would notice it. Once the different roulette results appear, most players are too distracted to care about how they look like. Here are common reactions players have after they see spin results.


Surprise is one of the roulette reactions of amateur roulette players when they win. Critics of this game of chance talk about how roulette is unprofitable. It will come as no surprise if interested roulette players stay away from it. When they decide to try it out once for the sake of trying, they would be slightly pleased with how easily they could win by sticking with outside bets or even money wagers. The reality of how effortless it is to win at roulette despite what most experienced players say about it would be something they will not expect at all.


For both amateur and veteran roulette players, disappointment at most roulette results is a common reaction. Pessimism towards roulette is an expected mindset and often, the norm. It is safer to expect the worst even though some schools of thought specializing in roulette outcomes discourage attracting negative results by thinking about it.

This also depends on how you view the game of roulette. Some experienced players would know better, but amateurs do not know at all until they encounter a spin that does not go the way it should. You can take steps to prepare for what could happen in a roulette game so you will not be frustrated with the game.

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Amateur roulette players feel a mild type of surprise after winning. Veteran roulette players, however, would be shocked if they won a single number bet by sticking with it all night along with practical outside bets. Roulette players with experience tend to go off the road of disappointment quite a handful of times.

When they do win on a bet they do not see coming after a string of losses, the feeling is just like winning the lottery. No one really expects to win, but when it happens, it is an unbelievable experience where the appropriate reaction can only be astonishment. Betting straight up on a single number and that number winning is nothing short of an incredible stroke of luck that would challenge logic.

Aloof and Casual

This is the category of roulette reactions where many poker and roulette players belong to especially if they have had experience with casino games for quite some time. Whether they choose multiplayer live dealer roulette online or roulette in brick and mortar casinos, they remain composed since they rely on something more than skill or luck. They rely on strategies that make use of expected roulette results. No matter what happens or what one roulette spin decides, they know where to place their bets next.

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