Roulette Machine Cheats and The Associated Risks

Roulette comes in forms other than the one you’d find in land-based gambling establishments. The game is not only diverse in terms of physical design and gameplay, but also the medium on which it is played. What gets the most attention these days is roulette played in digital media.

Live Roulette Alternatives: Online Roulette and Roulette FOBTs

Online roulette is the most popular alternative. As its moniker suggests, it is played over the Internet and not in a physical casino. It has become well-known for bringing roulette to the online masses, specifically to those roulette enthusiasts who cannot afford to play the game in the casinos.

Another alternative to live casino roulette are roulette fixed odds betting terminals, or roulette FOBTs. These are roulette betting machines that can be found in betting shops run by bookmakers. This form of roulette is not legal in many countries around the world due to the fact that it has odds fixed in such a way that the bookie takes more benefit. Nevertheless, roulette machines enjoy steady popularity in the UK, as well as in many other countries where bookies can legally operate.

In any case, roulette never ceased to be known as a game that can be won when played “correctly”. People eager to win money in roulette made use of strategies and systems that can possibly help them beat the game if luck allows it. Others do away with what’s legal and decide to do what works best: cheating. Indeed, it’s the only effective way to win roulette, as everything else depends on luck. This is especially true in the case of heavily-rigged roulette machines.

2 Roulette Machine Cheats

There are but a few roulette machine cheats. These all hinge on the fact that roulette played on FOBTs are software and that these machines have rigged odds, and thus predictable patterns. The most prevalent tactic used by roulette FOBT cheaters however, is the use of hidden hacking tools.

These hacking tools are basically small computers that are connected to the betting terminal. They are connected to the hardware in whatever way possible. These computers then find their way into the roulette software’s programming, altering the odds in favor of the cheating bettor. These hacking tools are hard to come by in the market, as legit developers tend to put them to their own personal use only.

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Another popular cheating method is prediction systems. The ones considered as cheats are those developed around the same algorithm as the FOBT’s roulette software. Most of these come off as questionable however, both in terms of legitimacy and effectiveness.

Cheating a roulette machine is very risky, as the penalties of being caught cheating the FOBT always involves imprisonment and permanent ban to all bookies and casinos. Fines are also taken from the swindler, and this varies according to local gambling laws. In addition, bookies tend to file lawsuits however much the amount was stolen from them, adding up to the cheater’s financial burden.

Now the lesson here is that it is entirely possible to cheat a roulette machine. However, that illegal practice should never be acted out as the consequences can be financially straining. Staying on at the good side of the law may not earn you quick money, but at least you won’t risk going down the poverty pit fast.

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