Roulette Killer Review: Paid Roulette Killer Download vs. Roulette Killer Free Download

Some gamblers prefer to play roulette online, compared to playing in a land based casino. Aside from the convenience of being able to play the game without leaving the premises of their homes, they love the fact that they are able to utilize some roulette software. Software that they can use as they work with some complicated roulette strategies. The roulette killer download file is a software installer that players often look for is said to be a very efficient roulette software.

As you go online and try to search for the website to get the download file, you will also be able to read about some of the features that it can provide for the players of roulette. This software is actually available for $49.95. Nevertheless, for players who feel they cannot afford to spend that much money for a software, a roulette killer free download file is also available on other websites. When opting for a free download over a paid download however, players may notice some differences. This roulette killer review will help you evaluate whether to get the paid or free version.

What is the Roulette Killer Software?

It is necessary to learn what the roulette killer software is before you start looking for those download files. This will eventually help you decide whether or not you need to start looking for a free or paid download file, , aside of course from reading a roulette killer review. According to some write ups that can be found online, the roulette killer software was developed by Andy Veerhoven, a 25 year old student.

Andy claims that when he played online roulette games using this software, he made $10,000 for a month. If this claim is for real, then roulette players will be scrambling to get their hands on this software. With a $10,000 winning every month, you will no longer need to worry about dealing with a boss in an office, meeting deadlines or where to get the money for paying your monthly bills.

How Does the Roulette Killer Software Work?

Those who already know how it works, search for a roulette killer download file, because they believe it can help them with their game play. The software collects a certain amount of information from the roulette spin results and roulette history. After gathering the said data, it makes calculations in order to predict the results of the next spin.

Deciding Whether to Get the Free or Paid Roulette Killer Download File

Sometimes, players find it difficult to decide whether to get the free or paid file to install the software. This is because both are available for roulette players online. While players may have two options, they may not be able to full enjoy the software. So before you decide which one to get, you need to know that you can get the paid software for $49.95, but you may also get the free download without paying for it.

For the paid version, however, the developer of the software offers a 56 day (8 weeks) money back guarantee. This means that if you used the software and did not experience a win, you are free to return the software and you will get your money back.

The money back guarantee is not available for the free download file, because it is basically available on several websites online. Sometimes, though, it can be a problem for players trying to locate a website where they can download it. Add to that, some website owners put the wrong files for downloading. Hence, there may be instances when they are actually downloading a different or fake software instead of the real roulette software that they are looking for.

Computer malware can also be a problem. Before even thinking of downloading any file, check first if you have an updated anti-virus software. Make sure it is working before you even start downloading the file. After downloading, you will have to check the file for any computer malware or viruses embedded in the installer. When you are downloading the paid installer, you will not have to worry about these viruses.

In the end, after you have read a roulette killer review from various sources, everything really depends on what you want. If you are too cautious and would not want to risk downloading a file that may damage your computer, then get the paid roulette killer download file. On the other hand, if you are confident that you know how to protect your computer from harmful malware, and you do not wish to spend for the software, then go ahead and get the roulette killer free download file.

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