Three Easy Roulette Betting Strategies without Using Mathematics

Most roulette betting strategies require you to have a broad experience as a casino player or a math genius. You do not have to be either one. Many roulette tactics without any complicated math in it are available.

If you do not think that having a betting strategy is important, think again. It is great to play a game of roulette for fun since you will at least have realistic expectations about the game. Some people find it even better when you use a strategy. They feel as if they have control over the game that way. You do not have to resort to difficult strategies so you can somehow predict how the game would go. All you need are easy, no math strategies.

The Paroli

If you are observant and notice hot streaks quickly, the Paroli betting system is for you. When you play roulette without a specific strategy, you rely on instincts. Betting on a hunch makes it easy to find hot streaks. All you need to do to use the Paroli system is to place your bet on an even money outcome such as odd, even, red, black, high, and low. If you lose the first bet, continue to place the same amount of bet.

Do not change the amount of bet until you win. When you do, that is when you double your bet. The Paroli relies on grounds that roulette wins and losses can occur in streaks. Gamblers can end up with a larger payout when betting more on winning streaks.

Biased Wheel Betting

This is one of the ultimate roulette betting strategies that does not involve math. It is simple since all you need to do is find a wheel that has a bias caused by physical imperfections like a fret in the walls or a slight in the setup. If you can find yourself a biased wheel, the rest is gravity.

The biased wheel betting system is not foolproof though it seems easy enough to carry out. You have to track the winning numbers over a certain period and only then, you can find a bias. Sometimes it is not even a bias since numbers that occur frequently over a small sample of spins is because of chance.

Dealer Signature

This next betting strategy requires spending hours in a casino to observe a dealer’s ball spinning behavior. You have to watch out for two types of dealers. The first is a veteran dealer who knows they have a rhythm going when spinning the ball and consciously employ the same action. The second one is a dealer that unconsciously spins the wheel and ball with the same speed and velocity.

When you find the perfect dealer, observe the release of the ball along with the movement of the wheel. From this, you can determine the number of revolutions the ball makes before dropping into the wheel. Predicting which zone the ball will land then becomes easier.

Win Roulette without Math

You don’t need an extensive knowledge in math or have a calculator handy to choose from roulette betting strategies. Keep in mind, however, roulette strategies don’t work every time. It depends on many technical factors. Most times, it depends on pure luck.

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