Roulette Bets: Know the Good and the Bad

There’s probably but a handful games of chance that can compete with roulette in the simplicity category. Some even come off as more fun and has simpler rules, yet roulette, with its centuries of existence, managed to stand out. This fact made roulette very popular to gamblers of all ages and social disposition.

Indeed, roulette requires minimal player interaction. This is no more than placing bets aside from receiving the wins if there happens to be any. Everything else, from spinning the wheel to distributing the wins is done by the dealer. This makes betting very essential in the casino game roulette.

In roulette, you don’t simply make the same type of bet as everyone else. Despite its simplicity, this game has a ton of variety with regards to its betting system. They’re nothing complex as well, as they simply denote how much betting spaces on the roulette table do your chips cover.

This said, it should be noted that whatever types of bet you make affects your probability of winning. Thus it’s best that you learn how to distinguish the bets where you have better odds of winning and those where you are basically submitting whatever chances you have to the house advantage.

Best Bets

Let’s start with the best roulette bet. These bets cover much of the table and does not focus on a single betting space. These are as follows:

1. Even-money bets.
These bets have the highest winning odds in roulette, and naturally has the lowest payout. These are bets placed on the red, black, even, odd, low numbers, and high numbers betting spaces. Regardless their payout, these bets – particularly the color ones – have become the default wager in every roulette system simply because they have the best chances of winning

2. Columns and dozens.
These bets both cover twelve numbers in the table, and their sole difference is how their respective numbers are laid out on the table – dozens are merely four consecutive horizontal rows of three numbers while columns cover twelve bets in a straight vertical line. These have the second best winning odds, spawning strategies dedicated to this type of bets.

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3. Sectors.
Sectors are groups of numbers based on the roulette wheel and are often given emphasis in casinos featuring European roulette, where announced bets placed on these groups are part of the game. As these bets are based on their arrangement on the wheel, these have good odds of winning, especially when playing on a rare biased wheel.

Worst Bet

While there are great winnable bets in roulette, there are also bad ones that, despite typically having a high chance of winning, can help you lose money quicker than donating to the house. Well the last one’s an exaggeration, but we’re pretty sure you get the point. Such are inside bets, particularly an isolated straight up wager. Yes, they do pay out big, but the risk of losing is very high. Making such bets without much luck in hand, as previously mentioned, is simply selling yourself out to the casino.

In conclusion, low-paying outside bets and sector bets trump over inside bets in terms of winning. The catch is that winning small amounts more frequently is always better than seeking to win a big rare reward.

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