Four Ways to Predict Roulette Winning Numbers

It is interesting to see many roulette experts that claim their system can predict roulette. Most of these methods that forecast roulette patterns are often illegal means. Even software that determines the winning numbers for online roulette also has operational limits.

Calculating the winning numbers through sheer observation is twice as hard. This feat requires an acute visual awareness and years of practice. It may not be important how these methods to calculate an outcome are accurate or flawless. What matters most is that it gives roulette players hope in believing the game has weaknesses. That is why the following are popular ways to find the winning roulette numbers.

Pocket Computer or Roulette Software

A device that can predict roulette patterns could come in the form of a phone app or a wearable gadget. You may end up buying the software that goes with the device, but you will get the same package deal. These devices record the spins or times the speed of the wheel to come up with the nearest number predictions.

The player just has to click a button when the zero reaches a certain point. Using software for online roulette offers the same automated experience except for quicker results. One caveat is that both methods are expensive, even if you create the program yourself.

Using the Power of Physics

Using a pocket computer to find the winning numbers would be meaningless if you do not have a practical understanding of physics. Even if you were using plain observation to gather data, you would still need physics on your side to manipulate results. With ample knowledge of velocity, you can predict where the ball will land. Finding the velocity is the result of determining the speed of the rotor and the time the dealer releases the ball. With the help of a tactful pocket device, you could greatly increase your chances of forecast.

Dealer Signature

Determining the winning roulette numbers does not have to employ science alone. If you have no interest in finding out just how good you are at wielding gadgets or applying physics, try another option. Put your skills of observation to the test.

The dealer signature is a roulette tactic that is as old as finding a slanted or tilted wheel. Some dealers are already veterans where they have their own style of releasing the ball. This reality supports the possibility of roulette prediction. If you can find that unique dealer signature, you just might stand a chance of winning. Even if you are lucky enough in finding a dealer that unconsciously throws a ball with a certain pattern, you still have to make sure if there is really something worth exploiting there. For all you know, it is just a stunt to make you play roulette in that table.

Betting on Popular Numbers

Experts declare that there are no popular winning numbers in roulette, since any number has the same odds of coming up. However, others believe you can find those popular numbers. The catch is that you have to conduct some research by standing around tables all day to predict roulette numbers that come up several times.

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