Online Roulette Cheats: Can it Help You Get More Wins?

While kids enjoy playing online games with their peers, adults can also have something that they can keep themselves busy with online. There are now a number of online casinos that are easily accessible to gamblers online. There are also several casino games that players can enjoy, but one popular game is online roulette. Players enjoy it so much that they sometimes look for ways to use online roulette cheats to get a fair share on the game.

Online roulette was introduced just recently, unlike the original roulette game that can be played in land based casinos that started way back the 18th century. Although it is something new, it has continued to gain popularity among casino players, that even those who frequently go to land based casinos now prefer playing online. The reason, the convenience they get when playing online. Players no longer need to go through the trouble of dressing up and traveling just to be able to play their favorite roulette game. Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can easily access it from your computer, when you have an Internet connection.

There is not really an extremely big difference in the feeling of thrill a player gets in playing online roulette or roulette in a land based casino. The same rules are followed. The only difference is that there are online roulette cheats and software that players can utilize to help them decide on their bets. Cheating is not really something that we would recommend when you want to play roulette. However, over the years, some players have really tried to get away with it and here are some of the ways they tried:

1.    Past posting  – This is a type of strategy pulled out by a player after the dealer has called no more bets. The player actually puts the chips on the number where the ball landed. Remember though, that it would be difficult to distract the dealer and there are some casino staff who might be watching for those trying to cheat.

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2.    Magnets – This strategy would involve a team of people. The idea is to make the ball land on a particular section of the wheel.  A person must be seated close to the roulette wheel as possible, and this might be done by a person sitting on a wheelchair, posing as a disabled person.  This can be very effective but once the casino suspects something, and finds out, you will be taken out and might be banned for life.

3.    Biased  Wheel – If you think about it, this would not be technically called cheating, as you are just taking advantage of any flaws on the wheel. Players bet on the number where the ball has been constantly landing because of the flaw on the wheel.

4.    Connivance with a dealer – If you have a friend who works as a dealer in a casino, you can probably pull this off. The problem is, the management of the casinos might notice how this dealer has been losing a lot and investigate by checking the cctv cameras and find out you are constantly taking a win on the same dealer. The dealer might lose the job an you might also be banned from the casino.

Whether you are trying to win in an online casino or land based casino, remember that you must play it fair. While you may enjoy using online roulette cheats and get some wins, you cannot guarantee that the time will come when you will get caught and not be able to play in casinos both online and offline.

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