How to Test the Mayer Roulette System and Roulette Wheel Simulator

The Mayer roulette system uses a series of numbers as a guide to placing bets. The design of the system once targeted roulette in land- based casinos. However, it works even better online. If a system that reaps low rewards at low risks appeals to you, this is the perfect choice. Roulette players who plan to use this system would need a bankroll that ranges from 100-200 units. Securing the bankroll is a concern for later. You first have to understand the method, run tests on a roulette wheel simulator, and record your findings before you can use this system confidently.

Understand the Mayer Line

The Mayer roulette system employs a Mayer line, which consists of single units. This line determines the stakes. Placing even money bets is also necessary. You cannot change the bets, even if you lose. If you place units on black, you have to stick to it the whole time. The only thing that changes is the stakes or the number of units that you bet.

To find out how to calculate the betting units used in the system, you must first understand how the Mayer line works. Reading the instructions is not enough. You have to plot it on paper, so you can easily follow the process. Arriving at the correct number sequence is simple if you take time to learn the math. It involves tallying units from left to right, crossing out, and adding numbers to the line.

Find a Simulator

After learning how to place your bets following the Mayer line, the next step is to find a roulette wheel simulator. You can search for simulators online and find plenty of ways to replicate a roulette game. Some roulette players might not find testing the system necessary. The author also made it clear on the E-book that he already ran simulations.

The reason you should conduct your own tests is that the spin results given by the author assume ideal scenarios. Testing requires random results, not classic examples. The E-book contains instructions on what you should do when you lose or win.

In reality, however, you do not always lose or win. Roulette players experience losing streaks at times. The system seller claims that a series of losses is unlikely to happen, but a few roulette players say otherwise.

Record Your Data

Running roulette simulations would be useless if you do not keep your findings. You will be able to use the data to determine the effectiveness of the Mayer system. It does not matter how you record it. The important thing is that your conclusion about a roulette system has ample proof.

You can choose to record your data by writing it down a piece of paper or notebook. It is the ideal approach since it is easier to jot down any notable changes in your findings. A spreadsheet might be more convenient for those who are skilled at using it.

Test Again

After recording the results, you need to run another test. The goal is to compare different results from testing the same roulette system. To get different results from the first test, use a different roulette simulator. Going to another site that offers roulette flash games is ideal. You can also recreate a roulette game using a real wheel, and test the Mayer strategy on it.

Relying solely on the findings presented in the roulette system guide is risky. You need to conduct more tests to find a common pattern. That pattern will help you decide if the claims about a certain system are truthful or not.

Decide if the System Works

The final step is interpreting the results of the tests using the Mayer roulette system. You can determine the success rate of the system by comparing results to find a winning pattern. Although testing strategies and recording the results take time, the process is worth it.

Some roulette players find it easier to discredit roulette systems as a whole. However, it can be more profitable to learn about them. First, you have to understand how a system works. After that, you need to run tests using a roulette wheel simulator and analyze the results. You might find information you can use, even if you do not end up using that roulette system you tested.

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