The Best Type of Martingale Roulette System

Many versions of the Martingale Roulette System are available in case the original can’t cut it anymore. Even though people are aware that the classic Martingale only works with certain conditions, some are still willing to try other versions of it. The other types of the Martingale also work since they counter the disadvantages of the original. The variations in the system offer gamblers three types of choices. The best way to find out which Martingale strategy works best is to compare.

Original Martingale Strategy

The original system is the one where you place an initial bet and double the bet if that bet loses. The idea is for each doubled bet to cover the losses of the previous bets made. Winnings will consist of the sum of the bets plus the amount of the initial bet. After you win, go back to betting the initial minimum amount.

The advantage of this system is it is easy to follow if you bet on even chances. If you play using this system, you will make steady progress and win in small doses. The disadvantage is that you will need a reasonable starting capital. The risk is great if you are not familiar with the basics of this strategy.

Modified Martingale System

The Modified or Grand Martingale System is slightly different. The variation lies in the doubling of the bet. If you lose after your first bet, you double the bet and add another unit in the Modified Martingale Roulette System. For example, your initial bet is $1 and if you lose, the next bet would be $3. If you lose again, the following bet would be $7 and so on.

The advantage of this system is if you win, you end up with a higher payout than with the original version. The disadvantage is the same with the classic Martingale. Players also need to have ample capital to carry this out successfully.

Limited Martingale System

If you do not agree with the rate of bet expansion in the Modified Martingale, try the Limited Martingale instead. This system bears resemblance with the original, except that after three or four losses, the player needs to quit. This is the safer type out of all the three.

The advantage is a smaller starting capital compared to the other two. The risk of losing also lowers. The disadvantage, however, is time. Since you need to cut your losses once you reach the limit, the pressure builds up to win in a short period.


Other strategies like the Parlay or Offset System are like the Martingale, but are not versions of it. They only resemble the system but The Anti Martingale is the opposite of the original and requires players to double bets on wins instead of losses.

The ideal Martingale roulette system depends on financial resources, successful application of the system, and lucky streaks. If you are more familiar with the Martingale system, it is better to stick with this version. If you want a huge win using the Martingale, the Modified system will help you almost triple the payout. If you are not confident with your overall betting amount, but still want to employ the Martingale system, try the Limited Martingale version.

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