How to Win Roulette in Casino with the Genuine Winner Roulette System

The Genuine Winner roulette system sparked excitement in the roulette community a few years back. The author of the system and its competitors argued in forums often. It was not long before roulette players joined in the debate. Some believed the system seller, while others sided with the competitors. The rest remained skeptical and stuck with their ways on how to win roulette in casino. Can you really win using a roulette computer without alerting casino security?

What to Expect

The author of the system claims you can. To know how to beat roulette with this system, you first need to know what to expect. You can expect profits according to the system seller. Before that, you have to learn to use the roulette computer and the strategy. One of the strategies you can learn is visual ballistics, which is a type of prediction method to gain an edge.

The Tools to Help You Win

The roulette computer involved in this system should predict where the ball lands. If you want proof, you can check the tests shown in videos. Despite the amount of evidence provided by the system seller, others still doubt it.

Some still need to see more tests. The author of the Genuine Winner roulette system addressed the issue and asked just how many tests he should run to prove that it works. This only means that to get more proof, you have to purchase a subscription to learn all about it. The roulette computer is free.

The Principle of the System

If you want ways on how to win roulette in casino settings then you need a roulette system that runs on physics. The working principle of this system is also physics. It includes factors such as the trajectory of the ball and the speed of the rotor among other things. A device that secures and analyzes needed data for roulette prediction can help you gain an advantage.

How to Prevent Detection

When players hear about systems that use a roulette computer, they either discard it or think about a prison sentence. When you consider the risks involved, the latter is possible. However, the system author also teaches how to blend in with the other roulette players.

This system will genuinely teach players how to avoid detection. He instructs that after you acquire the values you need, you exit the gambling floor, access software, and obtain the betting charts. On top of addressing all your concerns on the FAQs section in the roulette physics blog, you will receive unlimited personal support from the system seller himself. The FAQs cover most of the questions that might burn in your mind after learning about roulette computers.

Payment Option and Refunds

What the author does not cover on his blog are the reasons for the refund conditions and the strict payment method. Some people might wonder why the author only accepts wire transfer and not credit card payment. Some might also wonder about what ‘reasonable effort’ covers in the refund conditions. A few might wonder about these things, but are too afraid to ask. Asking might appear as challenging the author and not a lot of people are keen on doing just that.

After all, he can choose any payment that he wants since it is the product of his research. If players want to purchase, then they have to agree to his terms. With refunds, it can be tricky business. In this particular case, it is risky business. The amount asked and the qualifications that you have to meet, this system is the perfect example of a risky investment.

Though it is arguable that this system checks out, you can suppose from the rigid payment options and refund conditions that it might not be fraud. It is, however, questionable. Unless you purchase this system, conduct tests, and prove the claims, then you might continue to question it.

Worth the Price

Buying the Genuine Winner roulette system can be worth the $2,100 if it works for you. Put evidence aside and what both the authors and competitors say. It all boils down to whether you are satisfied with certain means on how to win roulette in casino sites. Then again, satisfaction where you are reasonably happy about a purchased product is a vague concept.


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