Five Careers That Teach How to Cheat Online Roulette

If you search for information on how to beat roulette, you will notice a repetitive pattern. You will find this pattern in players that teach and dispense advice on how to cheat online roulette. They are experts in their chosen fields and not just in the game of roulette. It is easy to understand how someone can make money in roulette simply by going to work. Here are 5 chosen careers that can help you learn about online roulette and even teach ways to beat it.


Working as a scientist pays off in beating games of chance. Average roulette players can only imagine using the laws of nature and scientific formulas to beat roulette. Scientists can work out a winning system whenever they want. They are always the ones headlining breaking news about roulette. However, a slight confusion comes up regarding which type of scientist you have to be in order to tilt the odds.

The answer is that it does not really matter. What matters is you know basic physics or even better, a practical understanding of chaos theory. Even if you are still a student in graduate school, you stand a chance to beat roulette with science.


It does not take a mathematician to learn how much profit you will win on an even money wager. It does take a mathematician, however, to know how to cheat online roulette. In 2012, a famous mathematician who turned the odds against the house broke his silence on how he pulled off cheating in a casino. He used a wearable computer and took advantage of environmental factors that affected the landing of the ball. With live dealer roulette, a mathematician can obtain similar values such as the velocity of the ball without concealing gadgets.

Software Expert

This is a popular occupation of system sellers claiming to have the best online roulette strategies. Bonus points to those who work in programming the random number generators of online roulette casinos. It is the best cover to have in order to analyze online roulette and narrow down its weaknesses, if there are any.

You get more than you bargain for with this career. Roulette followers would see you as a hero, an inside man who can provide the real scoop on online roulette. Working as a programmer can give you the qualifications in making trustworthy roulette systems, even if it might not work.

Casino Dealer

Working with an accomplice, you can cheat online roulette as a live casino dealer. This cheating method is more popular and best applied in brick and mortar casinos, but it works for both types of online roulette too. Encountering roulette as the one who spins the ball can only help you make use of firsthand experience.

Roulette Expert

This is one of the rarest careers out there since it is difficult to become a qualified roulette pro overnight. Roulette experts do not need to learn how to cheat online roulette because they can develop authentic roulette systems anytime. Roulette experts rarely share their success stories and methods.

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