How to Beat Roulette Machines: Sharking

Roulette is a two hundred year old gambling sport. It has been played by countless generations and changed over time, adapting to various cultural changes and technological innovations. A product of such changes that we can see today is the fact that roulette can be played over different media. By default, we can play the game in live casinos, but we also have alternatives like online and TV roulette. There are also the bookies’ roulette machines.

Roulette FOBTs

Roulette machines found in bookmaker-run betting shops are also known as fixed odds betting terminals or FOBT for a good reason. These machines do not follow the standard casino odds, but instead had their probabilities adjusted such that they’d favor the dealer. In the end, they are always designed to turn in bigger profits to the betting shop than standard casino roulette would.
Most roulette machines are programmed in a way that the player will lose during a certain cycle and given a chance to win in another, thus the label fixed odds. One can then say that these FOBTs are not entirely random and as such, many sought to learn how to beat roulette machines.

The “Sharking” Method

One method to win against the roulette machine is called sharking. In this technique, you basically observe a gambler on that particular machine. Notice the pattern of wins and losses so you’ll know when and where to bet. Soon after determining when the winning cycle is, you take over as the “shark” and nab the wins.

Before getting into the arduous observation process, you first have to look for the right machine, and by “right”, we mean one that can be easily exploited. The first thing you have to look for in a roulette machine are repeated results, to get an idea of which space or section you should bet on. Next, you should observe players for consistent losses, which indicates that the player has just entered the cycle where he or she is intended to lose. Once you’ve seen the same player finally win, take over the machine and get “lucky”. Also, you have to see which machine acts up time and again. Broken or aged machines are more predictable, as they’re prone to slowing down.

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However, the observation process can be very tricky. You have to carry it out without being suspected of sharking, lest you run the risk of getting kicked out of the betting shop. As such, learn how to blend in and most importantly, multi-task. Pretend to be playing something else, particularly on a different machine overlooking your target FOBT. Notice the behavior of that machine’s bettors and once you find one lose constantly then just leave, don’t immediately hop in. Wait for a few minutes before “randomly” taking over the machine and bagging the subsequent wins.

Sharking is just one of those methods on that answers the question, “How to beat a roulette machine?” This article is vague at best on this, as it’s meant to define the method rather than teach it. If you’re looking for a more detailed explanation of sharking and other methods to win at roulette machines, you may either wait for our future write ups or find one elsewhere in the Internet. Until then.

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