How to Beat a Roulette Machine with Gadgets

If you can learn how to beat a roulette machine with another machine, you would not have to rely on strategies alone. When it comes to legality, authorities still ban the use of gadgets, though they almost deregulated gambling laws 8 years ago. If a roulette player uses an electronic device to manipulate or predict roulette outcomes, the standard casino penalty still applies. The casino reserves the right to kick you out, ban you from the terminals, or throw you in jail. It still helps to know what your options are even if it stands on the other side of the law.

Google Glass

Google glass is a wearable gadget that provides an excellent way on how to beat a roulette machine. It can control devices and furniture within range. It can broadcast anything from your hand in poker to automatically finding a bias in the roulette wheel. What can Google glass not do?

Once this device reaches widespread use, people will wear it all the time. As it stands today, security staff asks players who signed up for the explorer program to take off Google glass before stepping on the casino floor. Even though there is no legislation regarding this device yet, it can give roulette players a strong advantage when the time comes.

The advantage is everything. You can use Google glass to beat the house edge of not just roulette, but other casino games as well. There are 2 disadvantages. One is the dorky look, but Google plans to work with the biggest eyeglass company in the world to correct that. The other is using it will not be so subtle. It is easy to tell when someone takes a picture, record videos, and uses other functions with glass.

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Roulette App for Android

Google glasses will not be available until early next year, but that does not mean roulette players cannot make use of the apps. Thanks to the same company that will launch the glasses, roulette strategy apps make things easier. The player has to download the app in their mobile. The next step is to head on to a favorite online casino where the app can act as your bankroll manager and overall strategist.

The user of the app just needs to put in parameters based on their chosen strategy. Options range from systems that are low risk and high risk to low gain and high gain. It also analyzes the results and advises the user what to do according to those odds. This app installed on gadgets is ideal for amateurs rather than experienced roulette players.

Roulette Cheating Machine

A roulette-cheating machine refers to the first wearable gadget that answered the call to how to beat a roulette machine. This gadget has a concealed computer, hidden earpiece, and a digital time recorder to measure velocity. Another variation is a clicker that determines the speed of the ball and the wheel when it slows down. An mp3 player or mobile device conceals the computer running the gadget. It also comes with an earpiece to instruct the player what to do.

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