5 Unique and Fun Roulette Varieties

Roulette is enjoyable by default, but it can still be further modified in such a way that it further elevates the fun one can get from the game. It’s not just a tweak in a single rule that we are talking about. What we’re referring to can be a change in one entire aspect of the game or a drastic transformation of roulette.

Fun Versions of Roulette

There are actually some people who have managed to redesign roulette into fun varieties. These variants often retain the name roulette simply because it is played with a wheel that may or may not be similar to the original. These are the following:

1. Bauernroulette
As its name implies, this is a German variety of roulette. The most striking characteristic of this roulette game is its ironic lack of wheel. It is instead played with a shallow bowl with eight small holes carved into it with four chambers outside the depression. There are six colored balls in this variant, and it is spread across the table by a moving top. These balls will either end up in one of the small holes or chambers. The payout is then decided by the value of the hole or chamber one placed a bet on and the color of the ball.

2. Shot roulette
Also known as shot glass or drinking roulette, this is a popular non-casino variant. Here a ring holding 1oz shot glasses surround the wheel. The game is played like its casino counterpart, but instead of receiving a monetary reward, the winner gets to drink from the glass corresponding to his or her bet.

3. Word roulette
Like the shot roulette, this is another just-for-fun roulette variant. In word roulette, letters substitute the numbers on the wheel. Several balls are rolled consecutively during a spin, each landing on a single letter. The players then have to make words out of the letters where the balls have landed.

4. Le Multicolore
No, this isn’t a catchphrase from a rage comic, but the name of what is essentially the lovechild of billiards and roulette. The wheel in Le Multicolore is a color wheel with numbered sections that the players can bet on. A cue ball rolled using a pool cue decides the winner in a spin. The payout is then determined by the number in the colored section on which the ball has stopped.

5. Truth or Dare Roulette
Last on our list is another just-for-fun roulette game. It’s not that this variant isn’t as great as the previous ones however. In fact, Truth or Dare Roulette is quite a popular mobile and PC application. All bets in this variety are basically even-money. After a spin, winners are safe while the losers do a dare for another player or simply answer a question. Zero is still present of course, and whenever it comes up, the players are allowed to simply move on to the next round.

If you are someone already hooked to casino roulette, you can try one of these variants just for a change of pace. By then, you’ll see that roulette can still be very entertaining even if you don’t win money from it or even if it doesn’t look like something you’d find in casinos.

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