Choosing the Best Free Roulette Bonus

Free roulette bonus is not a shallow gimmick online casinos use to attract more players. It might seem like a trap, but only if you do not know which bonus works for you. You should choose online casinos that offer bonuses, which suit your playing style and monthly roulette budget. With many options offered, it can be difficult which online casino to choose. Knowing the types of online casino bonuses for roulette is just the first step. If you feel as if you are not getting a good deal with your current online casino, you can look for other casino bonuses that have less complicated payout terms.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the most common free roulette bonus you will encounter. If you are hesitant about putting in a deposit, this will put your mind at ease. This bonus is perfect for roulette players who are yet to sign up in online casinos.

Do not be surprised if the bonus casinos offer is not in the form of currency. You will most likely receive a 50-100% bonus and not a solid $10 bonus depending on the amount you deposit. If a casino offers 50% upon sign up, it means you get half of your deposited amount as the welcome bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

Other names of this bonus are Free Play or Free Spin Bonus. You are not required to deposit money to get the bonus. There is no catch except for the bonus itself. It is comparably marked down compared to the other bonuses. You will get the bonus along with your winnings if you meet the requirements.

If you are looking for a drawback, it is not in the deposit since there is none. You would most likely find it in the wager requirements that state the conditions you have to meet in order to withdraw the bonus. These conditions take the form of time limits or a minimum number of bets.

Bank Bonus

Casinos offer this bonus along with the welcome bonus. If you use a certain form of payment method or make deposits through a particular credit card company, you would get another bonus. This benefits the casino and the affiliate company with free advertising. More importantly, it also benefits you since you can have two bonuses if you choose to avail of the welcome bonus through an initial deposit.

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VIP Bonus

You get this type of bonus if you have played long enough and collected points in a certain online casino. A more common name for this gaming premium is Loyalty Bonus. This is ideal for people who enjoy playing roulette for extended periods. They could cash in on the bonus with every bet. Most online casinos have a system where a specific amount wagered is equivalent to a certain number of points.

Choosing the Best

The best free roulette bonus depends on what you are looking for and not on the percentage alone. Some online casinos offer over 100% worth of additional bonus based on the original deposit. However, the wagering requirements are something to watch out for since it can make payouts tricky.

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