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How Good is Jackpot247’s Roulette Nation?

If you’re into casino gambling, you’re most likely prone to going to the roulette table to play for a few spins. Why, you and so many others can’t just help it – roulette is one fun game after all. Outsiders may find it strange, funny or even awkward that you enjoy a game where all you have to do is place bets and watch where the ball in the spinning wheel ends up. However, you and a multitude of casino goers know better.

So then, how come roulette is so enjoyable? For one, it is thrilling for a rather simplistic game. With eyes wide and breathing kept to a minimum, seeing the wheel spin and anticipating where the ball may land can give gamblers such inexplicable excitement, more or less equal to watching team sports and seeing your favourite team score a goal. In addition, roulette is a very simple game, as evident on its simple table structure and the straightforward way of how it is being played.

Roulette Games can be Played Away from the Casino

While many gamblers play this fun game in casinos, many still prefer to enjoy it online. In case you didn’t know yet, the rise of the Internet has given way to various web-based services, among which are online casinos that offer roulette. However, roulette played over the Internet is not without flaws. Most of these are single player video games that lack the real time player-to-player and player-to-dealer interaction that is prevalent in land-based casinos. Some resort to roulette forums and chatrooms to make up for this while others resort to live roulette.

Live roulette is basically playing roulette in a land-based casino from a remote location, all the while video feedback from the casino and interaction via live sound streams or instant messaging is provided to simulate an atmosphere similar to that of a gambling establishment. Unlike simple online roulette, these can not only be played via client applications, but also via television programs.

Roulette Nation: A Quick and Painless Overview

Jackpot247, an online gambling site, has a television channel named Challenge Jackpot that offers a live roulette show called Roulette Nation. This can be seen in Virgin Media channel 140 or in Sky channel 860 from 6:00 PM up to 4:00 AM. A live online streaming of the show is also available, allowing gamblers to play the game not only through the phone, but also through an online client.

You first need to register to the Jackpot247 website to play. Aside from the commonly asked details, you’ll need to input your credit card information so you better have one before you think of signing up. This is a 100% legitimate gambling website so you don’t have to worry about handing out such sensitive info.

How to Play in this Live Roulette Show?

Now as previously mentioned, you either need to watch Roulette Nation hooked to your phone, or Jackpot247’s online client to play the game. However, the downside is that whatever you choose will give you the same game, the only difference is that the TV version is presented by an actual dealer. Both TV and online versions of the game will have you play against a computer represented by an animated roulette wheel and bet on a graphic roulette board.

This may upset you, as it takes away the lively land-based casino atmosphere – in a live roulette game, you’d often expect the dealer to spin an actual wheel and not a simulation of which that’s no more than a visual pretense to mask the computer’s random number generation process. Add to this the near lack of bonuses and you might end up forfeiting the show and go about looking for other live casino games. However, their website makes up for this by offering free spins, as well as many other games, free or otherwise – only if you sign up that is.

How You Pay and Get Paid after Winning Roulette

If, at this point, you are wondering how payments and payouts are made, then you have to know that this is where the credit card details you’ve entered during the registration process comes in. Profits are deposited directly to your bank account, as are deductions taken straight from it. Just remember to update this information in your Jackpot247 account whenever you switch banks though.

Depending on your preferences, Roulette Nation may or may not be a fair deal. However, one thing you can count on the show is its legitimacy, which takes away worries of getting paid late or scammed.