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Are Roulette Machines in Bookies Rigged?

Gambling is a form of entertainment where one plays against chance. Many love to gamble for the enjoyment they can find from it, as much as for the money that they can possibly make by putting their luck to the test. Gambling comes in so many varieties, but only a handful has come to prominence. Among these top games of chance is roulette, a game popular to casino gamblers worldwide.

More often than not, many people associate roulette in all its incarnations to online and offline casinos. Indeed, roulette is almost what you may call a signature game of these gambling establishments. However, the game is not limited to these sprawling casinos. It can also be played in betting shops run by bookmakers, who are more popularly known by the term “bookies”.

Who are These Bookies?

Bookies are people who take bets at odds they and the bettors have agreed upon. In other words, the probabilities are all fixed in such a way that the bookie profits regardless the case. Bookies straddle the grey line of legality however. These bookmakers’ betting shops have seen freedom and legality in the UK and many other countries, but are restricted or shunned as illegal dens of vice elsewhere.

While most bookies specialize on sports events like dog and horse racing, there are many who offer games of chance that are normally found only in online and offline casinos. Among the games featured in bookies’ betting shops is roulette. Roulette games offered in these shops, like many of their other bookies casino games, is played on fixed odds betting machines or FOBTs, popularly known as roulette machines.

The Bookies’ Roulette Machines

Roulette machines in bookies are popularly known to have been rigged in order to give maximum advantage to the bookmaker. Or are they? There are many people who are still in doubt about this as the story has quite a few sides to it.

Bookies who run betting shops will often claim that their machines are not rigged. Many of them will tell you that their roulette FOBTs are just the same as online roulette games. That is, they produce results according to the outcome of a random number generator program. This may be true in legal, highly visible betting shops, but doubts come to mind when speaking of obscure, shadier ones.

Players meanwhile will confidently claim that all roulette machines in bookies betting shops are totally rigged. Online roulette forums are abundant with topics asking whether or not roulette FOBTs are cheated to favor the bookies more. The common answer is yes, and that’s often coming from professional gamblers with first hand experiences on these machines. They’d often present anomalous spin results that’s evident of machine bias, and even suggests betting tactics that can supposedly beat the FOBTs. The most popular of these is sharking, a method we have discussed before.

In conclusion, are roulette machines in bookies rigged? We say not all machines are. You see, while there are so many shady bookies that are out for your money, there are also some who are highly visible and are strongly bound by the law. Such are those that can give you an honest roulette game. Look up roulette forums and websites to find such shops – you surely won’t fail to find one.

Can You Win in Roulette Machines in Bookies?

A game of roulette is one of the most popular games in a casino. It is being played not only in land based casinos, but also in online casinos and roulette machines in bookies. Everyone of us must be familiar with a land based casinos as we see them everywhere and online casinos are the online versions of a casino that players can access online. A roulette bookie is a term not all players are familiar with.

What is a Bookie

Bookie is a shortened word for bookmaker. A bookie is a person who accepts cash bets for any type of gambling in sports or races and pays off a winning bet. This person can either operate legally or illegally. It is therefore the responsibility of those placing their bets to make sure that they go to a legally operating bookie if they want to make a bet.

One thing bettors must understand when they deal with bookies is that they operate in such a way that they will make profit from all the bets, regardless if the bettor will win or lose. Although we usually see the bookies receiving bets for sports like basketball and races like horse racing, there are also some of them who accept bets for roulette.

How a Bookie Accepts Bets in Roulette

A bookie usually operates in a shop where people come in to make their bets. In these shops, some bookies also accept bets for roulette and other casino games. Roulette machines in bookies are played using fixed odds betting machines.

As mentioned, a bookie operates for profit. Hence, the big question now is whether or not the machines are manipulated in favor of the bookmaker to make more profit. This has really made roulette in bookies very controversial, hence it is less popular than its online counterpart.

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Similar as Online Roulette

Bookies would usually dismiss rumors of their machines are highly manipulated in their favor. These bookmakers claim that the fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) are operated like that in online roulette where the results are always determined by a random number generator program. Some roulette players feel confident that these claims might be true for bookies who operate legally, but they always feel skeptical towards those who operate without a license.

For other players, however, whether or not the bookie has a license, their machines are totally unreliable and must not be used. These are usually some topics that you would often read when you visit roulette forums. These statements are of course made by seasoned players of roulette who would not want to risk betting their hard earn money on these machines. They would rather go to land based casinos or check out their favorite online casinos to play roulette.

If you have not tried playing roulette machines in bookies, then you may have second thoughts after reading this article. Nevertheless, remember that we are not concluding all these machines to be manipulated by the bookies themselves. In the end, use your personal discretion if you should decide to risk trying it out. Don’t forget that this game can be addictive and you must never put your entire life savings into it.