How to Play British Roulette like the Greats

British roulette is not just a game. It is also a sport with a larger cash prize. The physical aspect of the game lies in constant practice. Just like any type of sport, the more talented players become professionals. If you want to play roulette like the pros, you have to get to know them first. Their playing styles can serve as inspiration to enhance your skills in playing roulette. If you can obtain the talent or winning move of these famous players, you are a step closer to roulette fame.

Have the Luck of Chris Boyd

Some people want to strike it rich without lifting a finger. Chris Boyd at least saved up money. Going to the casino to make a crucial roulette spin was his dream. He walked in at Binion’s Horseshoe Club with $220, 000 and bet it all on red. He won twice that amount after a couple of practice spins.

His win all comes down to luck. Besides that, you would have to find a casino that is willing to accommodate special request bets. You also have to find a casino that is nice enough to ignore the double zero on the wheel as you bet your life savings on one game just like in Chris Boyd’s case.

Have Enough Money like Joseph Jagger

If it were only legal to bribe a British roulette dealer who will spin the wheel in your favor, life would be easier. However, playing roulette would be pointless that way since you will always know the outcome. If you cannot use your money to bribe someone, use your money for roulette research instead. That is what Jagger did and the payback was worth more than his investment.

Like Joseph Jagger, you need a smart hunch and enough people you can pay to look into every casino on hand. Jagger pursued the notion of an imperfect wheel by hiring people to verify it. He finally secured relevant data and found a wheel that showed bias towards nine numbers. Knowledge is power and he used the information he collected to win.

Follow Charles Wells’ Strategy

Most of the roulette players featured so far have been one hit wonders. Charles Wells is the exception. He kept winning all the money at every table in one casino for eleven straight hours.

Wells later revealed that he used a type of Martingale system couple with some luck. You do not have follow in his footsteps completely. You can use a strategy and a lucky trinket or charm. Stealing money to gamble it is doubly criminal stunt that makes winning at roulette unsatisfying.

Think Like Christian Kaisan

Christian Kaisan, a famous professional roulette player sees roulette as a physical and mental game. If you can secure values, then you will be able to predict where the ball will land. Pulling of a feat like this in real life or online is more difficult than it sounds. You need to have more than just a deep understanding of the game. You will need to change your way of thinking on how to approach British roulette completely.

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