Roulette Winning Tactics You Can Use in Bookies Roulette

Bookies roulette is a more challenging type of roulette compared to the one you play online or in upscale casinos. Finding a way to get the advantage against roulette in the bookies means you have to deal with a few setbacks. One is finding a way to beat advanced roulette gaming software. The other is the fact that no other software can beat roulette machines in the bookies since it is not stored on any drive. Despite a few curbs, some roulette winning tactics can help you win a fair profit even though it seems impossible to beat the bookies.

Consider the Betting Shop

The first tactic has something to do with your favorite bookies roulette shop. The reason for this is that you can never really win at roulette if you play at a betting shop that bears a questionable reputation or negative feedback. Most critics of popular betting shops are often disappointed that roulette players have yet to receive decent compensation for all those hours logged in placing bets. It is up to you to give a certain betting shop the once over and prove whether they rig roulette terminals to harvest money only and not pay out.

Give the Roulette Machine a Look-see

One of the roulette winning tactics that you need to act on when you arrive in the bookies is to check the machine. The reason for this is that some roulette cheats work only for some terminals. Most betting shops use their own roulette terminals, but the rest get their machines from other manufacturers. The more popular bookies have roulette machines that use the same software while others have different programmers. That is why it is easier to find available cheats for machines in branded bookies compared to roulette game terminals from not so famous local shops.

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Focus on Other Games

You would be surprised to know that some of the roulette cheats do not focus solely on beating the game, but rather the machine itself. If you are a regular player at one of the big three bookmakers, you know about demo play cards. These cards are the secret to earning instant cash from betting terminals. All you have to do is to acquire one of those cards and load it up for demo play only.

The catch is you have to use it on games that are not so random or ones you can estimate is about to pay out. You have to keep playing until you reach a certain number of free demo credits. Once you do, the machine would have gone through a thousand units’ worth of play and you can win huge profits easily after exhausting the demo feature.

Spot the Line and Do Not Cross It

Roulette winning tactics can only help you win against betting terminals to a certain degree. The above roulette cheat is not even available anymore and other tactics are most likely illegal. You can find helpful cheats to bookies roulette all you want, but you lose more if you try something foolhardy such as resetting the machine by pulling the plug.

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