Roulette Red Black

Roulette players know the fact that roulette is a game of chance and there is a 50-50 chance of winning the game. Nevertheless, millions of casino goers worldwide still continue to enjoy this game and sometimes even hope that this could pull them out of their financial difficulties. Some players even try the roulette red black betting system of betting as there it can only either make you win or lose for every spin of the roulette wheel.

A Roulette System that Works

Although roulette is a game of chance, a number of people still believe that there are ways to study its algorithm and that it can help them determine where the ball will stop the next time the roulette wheel is spun. The extraordinary feeling that these players feel at the wheel is spinning and while they patiently wait for it to stop and find out whether they bet on the right number gives them an unexplainable rush of adrenaline. Hence, there have been quite a few roulette betting systems that have been developed also by people who play roulette.

The roulette red black system is among the many betting systems that you will encounter. Those who are seriously seeking to win on roulette are also trying out this system. Aside from this, there are other systems, but you need to be very cautious as there are people who actually try to earn a living by selling fake roulette systems online.

Why This System Works

When you look at the roulette table, you will only see two colors, red and black. Betting on a the color red or black is among the options that a roulette player can use when deciding where to bet. Since there are equal numbers of red and black colors on the board, a player gets 50% chance of winning or losing.

The roulette red black strategy uses a system where a player will place a small bet on either the color red or black. If the player wins, then he just needs to continue placing the same amount of bet for the next spin. In case the player chooses the wrong color, then it simply means he loses the bet, then he must double the amount of this bet until he wins again and simply return to betting on small amounts.

As you can see, using this roulette red black system for strategizing your game does not give you a hundred percent guarantee that you will win the game. It basically boils down to how many times you will use it before you decide to call it a day. Also, be sure that you know the amount that you are capable of losing, simply because it just becomes more difficult to control your desire to continue betting even if you are already losing, the moment you start playing the game.

The 5 Types of Roulette Systems Forum Members

A roulette systems forum is more than just an online discussion dedicated to all types of roulette strategy or betting software. Although some roulette players want to avoid forums as much as possible, it is still a way to exchange information between peers. A forum is the best place to find answers about common roulette questions and concerns.

The answers can range from relevant to plain double talk. Others start a thread to promote personal interests such as their own roulette systems. With each person having a different agenda, you will meet different types of forum members. Which type of roulette player are you?

The Novice

Even though amateur roulette players ask questions often, they are more than just curious. The novice is a forum member who feels that the only way to win roulette despite a lack of experience is by waiting around in a roulette systems forum. Without doubt, this player is already familiar with well-known systems such as the Martingale and other progressive or flat betting systems. Spotting the novice in a forum is difficult, since some members can sound like an amateur roulette player at certain times. You cannot rely on checking the date a member joined since it can barely speak for experience.

The One Liner

This type of forum member gives out answers that do not exceed one sentence or a few words. They are a prevailing presence in almost any type of forum. They often give straightforward solutions that leave the roulette player who started the thread unsatisfied. Forum members that answer with simple one-liners can either leave an impression of being cheeky or simply unhelpful.

The Subtle Publicist

Every forum that features roulette has a good number of publicists, or to put it simply, system sellers. They are undetectable just like the novice, especially if they want to pass off as one. Their objective is to make people aware of a roulette expert, system, blog, software, casino, and merchandise.

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Publicists post the link of an online casino or a website and as a result, boost the click-through rate. It is somewhat difficult to spot a publicist because they provide detailed answers unlike the one-liner. Even though their answers sound skeptical, the tone of their posts is positive and helpful. That is why some members easily trust them.

The Mathematical Expert

This forum member uses math, physics, and statistics to explain why a system just will not work. Many find their posts impressive because some roulette players are not that good in calculating probabilities. Some of them only know how to work out the odds of certain bets and the resulting profit after winning a certain amount. Mathematical experts provide overly detailed answers, but their posts sometimes take up the whole thread.


The veterans are long-standing members of a roulette systems forum. With their broad roulette experience, they can give you a straightforward answer just like those that post one-liners. The difference is that they include a decent explanation. Veterans are responsible for supplying helpful answers that roulette players look for in a forum.

Online Casino Roulette: A Change Created by Constant Change

It has been more than two centuries since roulette has been introduced into the casinos. Since then, the game has gotten more and more popular, and has evolved into many different variations. Furthermore, roulette has crossed the oceans and spread all over the world, and just about every casino is incomplete without even just a few roulette tables. Indeed, roulette has become a staple of gambling establishments, the mere image of which is now representative of many casinos worldwide.

Not Everyone Can Play Casino Roulette

Despite its popularity, some people just can’t play roulette. There aren’t a few reasons for this, mainly the lack of access to a casino. Some are mere victims of circumstance and are unfortunate enough not to have one in their area. Some, despite the presence of nearby gambling establishments and the need to play roulette, refuse to go for one reason or another. This could be the fear of losing their hard-earned money or avoidance of the casinos inconveniences, like complying with dress codes or mingling with often unruly crowds.

Thankfully, there is now a solution to this rather common problem. As the Internet technology saw constantly increasing usage, various companies have expanded their businesses online and the gambling industry also jumped into the bandwagon. Hundreds of online casinos sprung up in a single decade, introducing online casino roulette to every Internet user. This practically eliminates certain necessities like commuting and complying with unnecessary casino rules.

An Overview of Online Roulette

Online casino roulette is governed by the same rules as its land-based cousin. In fact, the only real difference is purely superficial. On one hand, playing live roulette would mean sitting around the table, placing your bets on the board and hoping the ball lands on your wagers’ slots at the end of the spin. On the other hand, playing roulette over the Internet is just like operating a word processing program – you do everything with a graphical user interface complete with a fully animated wheel and ball, placing bets on a graphic roulette board and tinkering with the menus.

Online casinos usually offer roulette in two distinct flavors: American and European. The major difference between these two versions is the number of slots in their respective wheels, not to mention a few differences in the rules. While American roulette has 38 (0, 00 and 1-36), the European game has 37 (0 and 1-36). European roulette also commonly has the La Partage rule, where the player can either choose to recover half their losing bets when the ball hits zero or “imprison” it, that is, let the whole bet stay put for the next spin.

People Can Now Choose Their Roulette Game

Some people prefer European roulette because of its high betting odds given its 2.7% house advantage or the casino’s cut from your winning profits. Others prefer the American version for being so straightforward and thus easier to play. However, before the emergence of online casinos, gamblers can only avail of one type of roulette in their area. For example, players in the Americas can only play the American version while the rest of the gambling world is having fun with European roulette.

This changed as online casinos started offering both versions of roulette and other less known variants. Now, Internet gamblers can play either the European or American version of online casino roulette, or maybe both just to compare. The regional restrictions are gone and everyone from any place can now play roulette in any form they wish.

Some Online Casinos Offer Roulette Bonus and Other Goodies

Meanwhile, some online casinos offer free bonuses that their land-based counterparts are very reluctant to simply give away. These casinos have made roulette more accessible to everyone, including people below the upper middle class. Others also offer free roulette games which allow visitors, members or both to practice playing the game without suffering embarrassment or financial penalties.

Roulette has truly gone a long way from its humble beginnings. From a relatively unknown 18th century game, it has now become so popular and commonplace and, thanks to the Internet, its joys can now be enjoyed by anyone from any place and at any time they wish.

How to Win at Roulette Machines: Some Things to Keep in Mind

Roulette players need to accept that there can never be any type of mathematical strategy that they can use to figure out how to win at roulette machines. There are a lot of significant factors that must be taken into account to increase their chance of winning at roulette. Then of course, a lot of luck is also involved.  Players also need to go with their gut feel and use a lot of caution in handling their bets.

Before heading over to the nearest casino to play roulette, keep in mind some things that would help you figure out how to win at roulette machines:

1.    Play Roulette Games that Do Not Charge a Fee

There are actually some casinos that would require you to pay a fee just to have access to their establishment.  Do not be fooled by these casinos. Even if they say this is for a membership fee and show you some freebies that members get. In the end, you will realize that you are actually paying for the freebies and the establishment even earn from it.

People usually go to casinos and end up losing money. Wise gamblers know how to manage their funds and set aside a particular amount to use for gambling. Most gamblers fail to exercise control over their spending, especially when they are already intoxicated, and wake up realizing they already lost everything at the casino.

2.    Be Observant

When you play a roulette game, you need to be extra cautious and be observant. Never use a roulette strategy without studying the game first. If you are really serious about winning at roulette, you want to bet on the numbers that have been consistently winning. However, when you tend to over analyze the game, there is a tendency to miss some points and you totally forget that you also need some luck when playing the game.

3.    Keep on Practicing

Although it may be difficult to find free games in land based casinos, you can easily practice your roulette skills in online casinos. There are flash games which are free to play. Here you do not have to worry about losing your bets as you are not using real money. As they say, practice makes perfect. You may not hit a perfect win, but you can possibly increase your chances of winning with a little practice.

4.    Self-Discipline

Gambling can be addicting and roulette players need to have a lot of self-discipline when playing. We always hear some advice about setting a budget for casino trips. This actually helps you to not overspend when gambling.  You would not want to end up like other gamblers who have lost everything they own because they were not able to control themselves.

You may see several websites claiming they can teach you how to win at roulette machines, but if you are wise enough, you will realize these are but false claims. Just enjoy playing this game, but always know when it is time to stop.

The Truth behind the Roulette Sniper Scam

The Roulette Sniper Scam began because of humble hopes to defeat an unbeatable game. The idea of it is ambitious. Pulling a fast one against something constant such as the house edge is like waiting for jellyfish to die of old age. You can find ways to wait for the impossible. In the end, the house always wins and lives forever, unless someone changes the rules. Roulette Sniper offers a way for roulette players to have the upper hand.

What exactly is Roulette Sniper?

Roulette Sniper is software you can download on your computer or an application for smart devices. It works like a sniper by operating discreetly. The need to work behind closed doors is to counter any tracking moves by the casino.

This roulette software manages wagers and suggests where to place bets after calculating probabilities. You can think of it as a very smart organizer and calculator in one. It uses its own programming to tap into the online casinos algorithm and works around that to give you the advantage.

When you download Roulette Sniper, you have to tweak the settings to suit your playing style. You can also choose to access the casino through the software by clicking on a drop down tab. The software will appear as a toolbar hovering around the online casino window.

The Truth According to the Supporters

Online casino players who paid for a similar software claim that the Roulette Sniper scam is not what critics say it is. If anything, it made a believer out of them. The selected testimonies sound extreme enough for people to call it a scam.

Roulette sniper will run after you pay for it and download it provided it was from a legit source. Its efficiency against online roulette, however, is still a matter of debate. To those who support it, Roulette Sniper works.

The Truth According to the Critics

The critics of Roulette Sniper are mostly online casino players that have not tried it out yet. How can you truly call something a scam without trying the program firsthand? Critics who have had some experience with the software say that it did not make them instantly rich so it is a scam. The exaggerated ways of advertising this software can have almost any online roulette player look forward to a big win. When it does not happen in a short period that is when fraud labeling begins.

Other more informed critics insist that the software is nothing more than a collection of roulette strategies. Casinos, moreover, are quick to ban any tools that threaten the house edge. Roulette Sniper still goes unnoticed for more than 5 years now, which leads others to think it is a scam and not a flawless system.

The Truth

The truth of the Roulette Sniper scam relies on the ones who have used it. People have different playing styles, expectations, and goals in playing roulette. The truth is that this system will not make you win in roulette with just programming all the time. What it will do is suggest calculated bets and ideal wagers. No roulette system ever discovered is foolproof as roulette itself is completely random.

The Best Roulette Strategy: Does it Exist?

Roulette has been played by many casino gamblers. Most of those who have played roulette desired to win the game, thanks to roulette’s rather high winning odds in low-payout bets. This desire to make money in roulette is further fuelled by the popular notion that the odds of roulette can be influenced such that the game favors the player instead of the house. Many approaches were taken to achieve this, but so far, none showed solid results.

Roulette Strategies

Of all the methods used to win roulette, the most commonly employed is the use of roulette strategies. Strategies in this casino game aren’t akin to those in chess or Chinese checkers, which, in roulette’s case, will be like placing the right chips on the right betting spaces. Instead, these roulette strategies guide the player on managing the amount he or she has to bet, all in accordance with the outcome of the previous spin. This is often done such that the player eventually earns some profit.

Gifted roulette enthusiasts have invented many strategies throughout the casino game’s existence. These vary in terms of betting progression, and thus the way they guide the player on the way to profit. There are two types of betting progressions. The first is called the negative progression, wherein the player has to increase the bet after a loss. The other is the opposite and is aptly called positive progression, wherein the player only increases the wager after a win.

In addition, there are strategies that explicitly tell the player where to bet on the table based on the results of the previous spins. Typically, it tells the player to bet on a color whenever the opposite color came up several times in a row. Such strategies adhere to the Gambler’s Fallacy and are not really useful to roulette players for the reason that they do not take roulette’s randomness to account and instead assumes a pattern in the wheel.

What is the Ultimate Roulette Strategy?

The history of roulette saw the birth of many strategies. Some, like the Martingale, went off to become popular with casino gamblers. Others merely fall back to obscurity. This leads one to conclude that some strategies actually work while some failed to be effective enough to last. Nothing however can be any truer than the fact that roulette strategies are either logical or fallacious. Nevertheless, a great number of roulette players are still out in a quest to find the best roulette strategy ever.

So now, what is the best roulette strategy that can surely beat the game? Sadly, the simple answer to this is that there is none. We have two good reasons for coming up with this conclusion. The first is that roulette strategies are all at the mercy of chance, all the same as flat betting. Whether you use strategies or not, there’s still a chance for you to lose equal or a bit greater to the probability that you are going to win. The other is that how you bet or where you place your stakes can never alter the house edge and thus influence the odds to the player’s favor. The casino’s advantage will always remain unless cheated upon.

In conclusion, there is no such thing as the best roulette strategy. As such, your choice of one is dependent on your preferences and you should never rely heavily on whatever strategy you chose. They’re best used as guides to give structure to your game and not as the ultimate solution to winning roulette.

Roulette Table Layout

It cannot be denied that roulette is a very exciting casino game. A winning bet is determined when the metallic ball lands on a specific slot of the roulette wheel. In any land based casino, roulette draws a big crowd, and the same thing is true for online casinos as well. This game has several components, but a key component is the roulette table layout, as this is where the players lay down their bets.

Each player who wants to place a bet, must have their own colored chips and place it in an area on the roulette table to indicate their bets. It can be on any number or sections. They have to do it before the ball stops spinning or before the dealer calls out “no more bets”.

Understanding the Table Layout

It is not really that difficult to understand the roulette table layout. If you are playing American roulette, there is a total of 38 numbers on the board. This will include the numbers 1 to 36, 0 and 00. The most critical part is when the player needs to select where to put a bet. Deciding if it is better to go for the inside or outside bet, or to go for both.

Before you make that critical decision, you need to know that an American roulette table has a total of 18 black colored numbers, 18 red colored numbers and 2 green colored numbers. The numbers 1 to 36 are also laid out in three rows, while the 0 and 00 are placed on top of the three rows. The area where the numbers are located are referred to as the “inside”. Hence, if a player places a bet here, it is called an inside bet.

The other areas on the roulette table which are not located in the “inside” are called the “outside” and any bet placed here is called an outside bet. It can also be considered as the conservative area for betting, primarily because the risk of losing a bet is not so high. While the outside bet is safer, it also gives a lower payout for a winning bet.

The Roulette Wheel

Aside from the betting area, the table layout also involves the roulette wheel, which is located at the edge of the roulette table. This wheel has all the numbers and colors that are found in the betting area of the table. It is the responsibility of the dealer to spin the wheel in one direction, then throw a small ball in the opposite direction. The wheel and the ball will be in motion for quite some time, and when the dealer calls “no more bets” or waves his hand over the table layout that signals that players are no longer allowed to put in additional bets. Just a few seconds after, the ball would land on a particular number and the winning bets are determined.

A normal roulette table layout can accommodate around 6 players. The best area to stay in is in the middle, where a player can easily reach all the areas of the table for placing bets without the need for handing some chips to the dealer and asking where you want the bet placed.

Shot Roulette: Gamble for a Drink

It’s not a secret that many gamblers all over the world love roulette. After all, the game is just so thrilling after every spin, so much that just about anyone who has played it for the first time can’t help but get hooked to it. This can only be made possible by the game’s fairly simple idiot-friendly design, fast-paced gameplay, and good chances to win money.

Without the element of profit though, roulette can still be a very fun game. The excitement and thrill will remain, but only without the incentive of a reward. Now here comes the downside of this hypothetical version of roulette. Without the motivation coming from the possibility of making profit by accumulating wins, the game will quickly get boring.

Fortunately, roulette without the monetary reward can’t always end up boring. Once the rules are tweaked a little, you’ll find that no-cash roulette can also be a fun game in the long run, something that you’d even be able to enjoy at home. There are many, often obscure, just-for-fun varieties of roulette that makes this perfectly true. Take for example shot roulette, a game that gave a fun, alcoholic twist to roulette.

What is Shot Roulette?

So then, what on Earth is shot roulette? Shot roulette is the shortened form of the game shot glass roulette. That’s right, shot here does not refer to what you’d hear in a Russian roulette game, but a shot as in a small dose of good old liquor. To put it in a simpler manner, this is pretty much the same roulette game, the only difference being the fact that some alcoholic beverage is involved.

Shot glass roulette’s game set up differs vastly to that of the standard casino roulette game. The wheel, an ever present element, is still the main component of the game. Often, it is of the single zero European or French roulette variant. The basic design – a wheel with a prominent wheel-head held in a hollow bowl with a track for the ball near the rim – remains the same. However, it comes with the addition of a ring that holds sixteen 1oz shot glasses that represent around three numbers of the same color on the wheel. What’s lacking however is the good old roulette board, as betting in shot glass roulette is simplified to mere inside bets.

How to Play Shot Glass Roulette

The gameplay for this version of roulette still remains the same as that of standard casino roulette at its very core. The players first have to place bets. Now bets don’t have to be fancy here. You only have to select numbers of your choice, and no money needs to be placed on one. The wheel is then spun, and the ball is rolled as usual. If the ball lands on your bet, you take the shot glass where your bet’s number is inscribed and down that ounce of booze, which is basically the reward you get from this game.

Shot glass roulette is a great just-for-fun variety of roulette. There is no money involved and everybody gets a chance to drink from one of those numbered shot glasses. Everybody definitely wins in shot roulette.

6 Wise Roulette Gambling Practices

Roulette is a game noted for its simple set up and rules. The game doesn’t appear complicated, and frankly, it actually isn’t. Indeed, you don’t have to do anything else other than place your bets on the table. Everything else that follows is just as uncomplicated and rather straightforward. This simplicity earned roulette a very large audience that kept it alive for over two centuries and counting.

As previously mentioned, making a wager is the only participation the player has in a roulette table. Betting in this game seems quite simple. What else do you have to do but put some chips on one or more numbers, right? Betting in such a way that your bankroll lasts in order to eventually gain profit can be difficult. This is called money management.

Smart Way of Playing Roulette

Poor money management is often the reason why so many gamblers who could’ve had a chance to earn some quick cash went home with empty pockets instead. Indeed, many players adhere to rather bad gambling habits that eventually lead to bankruptcy. Such bad fate can be avoided thankfully, if you consider these roulette gambling practices:

1. Place bets systematically.
In almost every case, flat-betting is not recommended in roulette. You’ll need a progression system if you wish to gain profit, or at least, stay long enough in the table to enjoy the game. You can find various roulette strategies in the Internet. Aside from your preferences, there fortunately isn’t much to consider when choosing one.

2. Start with small bets.
When betting with a system, always start small. This is especially true with aggressive negative progression strategies that aim to make profit in a single win.

3. Set betting limits.
Limit how much you can put on the table. Typically, many gamblers prefer not to go beyond their bankroll, which is wise considering that this amount is usually nothing more than some excess fat from one’s overall finances.

4. Keep your winnings.
By now you have set the maximum amount that you can bet. Once you’ve won enough cash that your money exceeded your betting limits, remember to cash out your profits or put it in the bank. Either way should do one of the following: allow you to go home with maximum earnings, possibly negate the eventual losses, or cushion the impact of a losing streak.

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5. Don’t run after losses.
If you’re losing quite a lot and you’ve reached your bankroll’s limit, do not attempt to tap other funds to recuperate all the money you’ve lost. Instead, just tip the dealer and pack up.

6. Learn when to quit.
Roulette can be very enjoyable especially when you are winning. However, you should also learn when to end your game, or you’ll end up like many before you who played too long, got addicted, hit a losing streak, and then ended up with nothing more than the shirt on their backs.

Roulette truly is a fun game but it can only be truly enjoyed if you know how to gamble wisely. Follow these great roulette gambling practices and you’ll not only find the utmost fun in roulette, but also get a better chance to make profit.

Roulette Bandit Review: What You Should Know

A Roulette Bandit review will not be complete without explaining the system. Providing a mental picture on how Roulette Bandit works can be tricky. Many users of this system who read the eBook still do not know how to use it properly. The 18 tactics covered in the eBook asks for a great deal of time to understand depending on the player’s grasp of detail. Encoding values into software where Roulette Bandit is available seems to be the most convenient option.

How It Works

The system works on basic principles, which are sequences and streaks. If using Roulette Bandit as it is without software helps, first you need to bet on even chances like red or black. The next step is to wait for that red or black bet to occur in succession of threes.

For example, you bet on black. The ball lands on black three times, but on the fourth spin, it lands on red. On the next three spins after, it lands three times on black again. That counts as two rows and for the system to work, you need to reach five rows before betting. This pattern is ideal, but it is the basic scheme of the system. A demo video that is an hour long is available, but is just as complex as the eBook.


When it suits your roulette playing style, a Roulette Bandit review and using the system itself can be worth the wait. If you were the type who plays for long-term wins then this system would work for you. Roulette Bandit is also perfect for people who enjoy betting on sleepers rather than hot streaks. When you have reliable software that auto calculates the system, then Roulette Bandit can be a definite advantage.


Even with help from a roulette software, some online players still require to understand the Roulette Bandit system first. That is where it can get confusing especially for beginners. If you are not familiar with most roulette strategies then it can be difficult to follow. Even if you do manage to master each 18 tactics and utilize it successfully, you need to monitor streaks closely. If you do not, it is easy to make a mistake and you can lose.

This system is not ideal for betting short term. If you know when to cut your losses, Roulette Bandit would not be the best strategy to use. You would be better off using a Limited Martingale system. You win a little over your initial bankroll,l but at least it is a definite win. Winning using the Martingale may depend on money management skills.

Should You Purchase a System or Software?

If you enjoy testing newer roulette systems and contacting the author every time something goes wrong, then it would be best to purchase a system. You can also apply the Roulette Bandit system without any help from a type of programming. It would be a bit complicated and you might have to purchase the eBook. If you can find it, a free torrent is available. You can also check out the video but reading a Roulette Bandit review will save you more time.